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It is our aim in Abstracts of Canning Technology to cover all articles of a technological, chemical or bacteriological nature which are related to canning or would be of interest to those engaged in the canning industry. In so far as other subjects including agriculture, insect pests, plant diseases and engineering are concerned, only articles appearing in the canning trade papers are abstracted.

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1. Effective blueberry cleaner. Am. Grocer, p. 17, Mar. 23, 1927: Trade,

p. 18, Mar. 28, 1927.-A patent which has been dedicated to the people of the
U. S. so the process may be used without the payment of any royalties to the
inventors, covers a process for effectively removing niaggots, debris and unlit
berries. The process is not only effective but also comparatively cheap. Mag-
gots, maggot-eaten and otherwise defective berries are removed by the con-
trolled action of water and the mechanical crushing and grinding of the blue-
berries on each other while revolving in a hollow cyclinder with suitable
screen partially submerged in water. One machine will handle 350 to 500
bushels of berries in a day.

2. DeKalb cannery. Canning Age, p. 37, Jan.; p. 105, Feb.; p. 355, Mar.

1927. A description of the DeKalb factory of the Midwest Canning Corp.
illustrated with numerous photographs and diagrams. All equipment is on
a single level save as needed elevation is gained for cleaners and graders
through the employment of so-called mezzanine balconies. Peas and corn are
prepared in two distinct canneries sharing between them a warehouse and
steam plant. The article deals with the plant as a manufacturing unit, its
environment, plan, and structural features. Details are given of the pea
room and the corn room, indicating the layout of equipment, variations from
usual handling and processing methods together with mention of unique and
original ideas that will be of interest to those who pack either corn or peas.


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