Peatlands: Evolution and Records of Environmental and Climate Changes

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I.P. Martini, A. Martinez Cortizas, W. Chesworth
Elsevier, 28 mar. 2007 - 606 pagini
'In the past two decades there has been considerable work on global climatic change and its effect on the ecosphere, as well as on local and global environmental changes triggered by human activities. From the tropics to the Arctic, peatlands have developed under various geological conditions, and they provide good records of global and local changes since the Late Pleistocene.

The objectives of the book are to analyze topics such as geological evolution of major peatlands basins; peatlands as self sustaining ecosystems; chemical environment of peatlands: water and peat chemistry; peatlands as archives of environmental changes; influence of peatlands on atmosphere: circular complex interactions; remote sensing studies of peatlands; peatlands as a resource; peatlands degradation, restoration, plus more.'

* Presents an interdisciplinary approach, with an emphasis on Earth Science, and addresses the need for intergration between subdisciplines and the developing of new approaches
* Synthesizes the evolutionary, ecological, and chemical characteristics of major peatlands, as well as focuses on the environmental changes, from climate changes to surface ares changes due to human activities
* Covers topical studies of worldwide interest and provides examples from many different countries

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a concise guide to the volume
evolution and structure
Part B Selected characteristics of peat and peatland environments
Part C Peatlands as multisignal archives of environmental changes
Part D Direct human impact on peatlands
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Ward Chesworth is Professor Emeritus of Geochemistry at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He co-edited Weathering, Soils and Paleosols, and three volumes of the annual Hammond Lecture Series broadcast in part by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Malthus and the Third Millennium, Sustainable Development, and The Human Ecological Footprint. He co-wrote Perspectives on Canadian Geology. In 2003 he received the Halbouty Prize of the Geological Society of America, of which he is a Fellow.

Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph (Selected GSA Fellow in 2005)"Ward Chesworth's contributions are based on research as a geochemical petrologist focusing on soil petrology, defining conditions for sustainable agriculture through reducing stresses, demands, and abuses on Earth, including water, soil, and the environment. He has made major basic contributions to the application of geology for sustainable societies.

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