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Treasurer two pieces of money- distributed to all who are to take the one gold and the other silver. part in the ceremony. They walk

From the feet-washing every one in procession to the high altar, hurried to an adjoining room to be preceded by the crucifix and two present when the Pope served candles, snuffed out, another emthese same pilgrims at dinner, blem of the darkness which covered which took place immediately the earth at the crucifixion. after. The dinner provided seemed On arriving at the altar a cup is an excellent one, and to my sur- given to each of seven of the prise the pilgrims made a hearty Canons of St. Peter's, who pour meal, notwithstanding the crowd the contents upon

the table of the which surrounded them.

altar, and then wash it with their The Pope served like a well- sprinkling brushes. These seven trained servant,

first furnishing are followed by a great many other them with water to wash their priests of various ranks, chaplains, hands, then helping them to the musicians, &c. who all go through various dishes, supplying them with the same process of rubbing the wine from time to time, and chang- altar with the sprinkling brushes ing their plates when necessary: which had been delivered to them.

T'he Ambassador of each of the When this is concluded the bason great Catholic states has the pri

with seven spunges

is vilege of naming a pilgrim, and the seven Canons who officiated this right is of some little value, as first, and they clean the altar with I believe each receives for himself them; the bason with seven towels the spoon, fork, and knife which

is presented last of all, and with he uses at dinner. In the after- them they dry it. The procession noon the Miserere is again per- then adore the three great relics formed in the Sistine, but on this described in the ceremonial of occasion the ornaments of the Good Friday, and after their dePope's throne are removed, and parture the assistants complete the the cushions taken off the benches cleansing and drying of the altar. of the Cardinals. The altar piece The sprinkling brushes used on is covered with a purple veil and this occasion are done up in the the crucifix with black, to denote form of a diadem, in memory of the the deep mourning of the church crown of thorns, and are much during the time that our Saviour sought after by the pious. lay in the tomb.

After the mass of this day the The Tenebræ and Miserere are altars in Catholic churches are all performed in St. Peter's each even- despoiled of their ornaments; the ing, as well as in the Sistine, but

altar-pieces and crucifixes are the music is less perfect.

covered, and no bells are used in There is however a singular the churches until noon of Saturceremony on the Thursday in St. day. In place of bells they return Peter's, the origin and meaning of during this period to the ancient which I am not able to explain. practice of using a wooden mallet It is the washing of the high altar to summon the faithful to church; with wine. A table is prepared and returning home this evening I beside the high altar, on which are met a priest at the head of a dozen placed six glass cups, and one of little ragged urchins, some having silver filled with wine, also a bason two pieces of hard wood in their containing seven towels, and ano- hands, which they knocked together containing seven spunges, ther, and others carrying mallets Service is performed in the chapel with which they rapped loudly at of the choir, and after it Asper- each door as they passed along the gilli, or sprinkling brushes are streets.


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The noted traveller Niebuhr re- purity and fouud a region where it lates the following anecdote of a might not dwell? or a people whom Bedouin Arab, illustrative of the did not bless, and to whose character of the Mahometan re- circumstances it was not adapted ? ligion, and affording no slight evi- Let the history of missions furnish dence of its human origin.

the answer Let it tell of the inOn being reproached for his numerable tribes of men in all the neglect of the duties inculcated in vicissitudes of climate, to whom the Koran, he said with a smile - the Bible now speaks in their own • The Koran was never intended for tongue, and is cherished for its my country. We have no water glorious hopes, and obeyed in its

- how can we perform the ab- holy precepts. lutions ? We have no money- How widely different in climate, how can we give alms ? The fast in language, in the customs and of Ramazan is superfluous to us,

habits of life, is our own country who fast all the year round; and from the land of Judea, where if God be every where, why should Christianity was first planted. Yet we go to Meccą to find him.' who can say it is unsuited to our

Every system of religion, enjoin- necessities, and impracticable by us, ing as essential part of its in all that constitutes it a rule of 2. practical duties, any particular kind duty from God, or a remedy for, and mode of external rites, subjects unholiness in man. Does it thrive!) itself to the same charge as does as an exotic here, or yield less 1 that of the Koran. It is not abundant fruit, other circumstances ""? adapted to be a universal religion considered, than it did under the 1 -- to be practised and exemplified milder sky of Palestine, and in the 1) by every nation under heaven, and midst of the scenery, and among :) by every man in every rank and that

people, where it had its birth? condition of life. But how is it Christianity, it is true, possesses with Christianity in this respect ? strong national characteristics... Is there a region of the earth where Her language, her costume, her ten its peculiarities will not permit it to features, are all Jewish, and betray take root ? Is there a human her eastern origin. But her spirit being from the degraded Hottentot - her essential character, is wholly under the scorching sun of the equa

olic, and alike adapted to every tor, and the equally degraded Lap- climate. Like man himself, for } lander amidst the polar snows, to whose good she came to earth, she , the wise men and the men of power is capable of inhabiting every clime, in civilized lands-is there one in- and blessing with her presence every dividual in all this wide range of people under heaven; and accord climate and condition, to whom the ingly we find amidst the snows of précepts and duties of Christianity Lapland; the jungles of Western are impracticable in any of their Africa; and the burning plains of essential features ? To this question, Hindoostan, holy men drawing near but one answer can be given.

unto God through Christ; enjoying Even were the universality of the communion with him in his ordi- , Christian religion less evident than nances, and looking for that blessed it is from the nature of its precepts, hope, even the glorious appearing experience, the best of all proofs, 1 of our Lord and Saviouri Jesus, has shown it beyond a doubt. Christ.

,!; Lubina Where has Christianity gone in its

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THE UNPARDONABLE SIN. I ADMIRE the truly Christian spi- shall hereafter be given, but the rit of your correspondent H. o. on Holy Ghost will shortly be shed this subject in your June number, upon my disciples, enduing them and agree, generally, with his re- with miraculous powers--beware! marks. I have some hope, how- for if any resist this testimony, ever, that the following observa- and speak blasphemously of it, tions

may throw additional light this sin cannot be pardoned : this on the inquiry.

is the sin against the Holy Ghost Ist. Those whom our Lord ad- spoken of in these passages. dresses Mat. xii, 31, 32. Mark iii. 2nd. The Apostle, in Heb. vi. 28-30, and Luke xii. 10. did not, 4-6, speaks of another sin, or and could not then commit this rather a modification of the same, sin, because the sin of which they differing in this respect from the were guilty is marked in these foregoing, that it is accompanied passages as blasphemy against the with apostacy, there being in this Son of Man, with which the Lord case a felt influence of the work contrasts blasphemy against the of the Holy Ghost, a profession in Holy Ghost--the former they had consequence, and an after falling committed in attributing his mira- away; they who commit it are cles to demoniacal collusion and described as “once enlightened, agency; but the latter they could having tasted the heavenly gift, not then commit, because the Holy being made partakers of the Holy · Ghost was not then given; our Ghost, having tasted the good Lord performed his miracles by his word of God, and the powers of own inherent power as God. the world to come, and afterwards I with the finger of God cast out falling away,” such cannot possibly devils, no doubt the kingdom of be renewed again unto repentance, God is come upon you,” Luke xi.

and therefore their sin is unpar20. but it was part of his volun- donable, tary humiliation that he did not 3rd. The sin which the apostle publicly display the full evidence Paul speaks of, Eph. ii. 20-22, of the glory of his Godhead in his is similar in its nature, but as it own person on earth: he refers in appears to me, is chiefly applicathe passages

before and else- ble to nations, communities, or where, see John xv. 26, 27. to churches. The passage describes a future, fuller, and more public prophetically and aceurately the testimony in his , behalf, by the Protestant nations of Europe since effusion of the Holy Ghost. The the Reformation, and as they now former sin against the Son of man,

exist. These having escaped the was pardonable, and we have good Popish pollutions of the world, reason for thinking, that many through the “Knowledge of the who were guilty of it, did experi- Lord and Saviour Jesus Cbrist," ence the pardoning mercy of the

derived from the Holy Scriptures ; Lord, Acts ii. 36-42. our Lord's are now beset by those address is, I would say, a merciful speak great swelling words of vancaution, as if he had said, You ity, promising them Liberty; while have now ilbeen guilty of a great they are themselves the servants sin, in attributing this miracle to of corruption,” and are manifestly demoniacal agency; this is a sin hastening into that apostacy so against me, the Son of man, per- ' awfully denounced. Alas! I fear sonally; it is pardonable, because for England ! . you have not now before


T, G. ihe full and clear evidence, which Bayswater, July, 1833.


16 who

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ON THE EXPECTED REVIVAL OF MIRACLES. SIR,-I beg to offer a few obser- event, an exhibition by Satan of vations on the important topics spurious miracles—if I may call which


throw out for the con- that spurious, which may, neversideration of your readers at the theless, to a certain extent, be conclusion of the article on Mr. supernatural. Baxter's book, in your July num- The text on which they lay the ber; viz. 1st. Whether we have most stress, who contend for the any grounds for expecting any fresh probability of a revival of divine and extraordinary inanifestation of miracles is Joel ii. 28. to which the Holy Spirit. 2ndly. Is there you have alluded. The Prophet any ground to expect that the king- speaks in this chapter of that awful dom of God will come with obser- day of tribulation, which is convation ? are we justified in looking cluded to be the same as the day for an outward and visible sign? of Armageddon, mentioned by St. is there not rather reason to expect, John-a crisis of trouble, which, that the kingdom of Messiah will according to Joel, is succeeded by be set up in the world by the the glorious deliverance of Israel, silent, gradual, unostentatious pro- &c. The Prophet, then, after gress of his gospel ?

describing these events--the former In regard to the first point, I am of which is the winding up of the disposed to differ from the conclu- Gentile dispensation, and the latter sion you came to in your review of the opening of the millennial -conMr. Baxter, respecting the modern tinues, as if in regular order of manifestations. Certainly, those narrative, thus :

narrative, thus : " And it shall circumstances which you have se- come to pass AFTERWARD that I lected, might be the mere effects will

pour out_my Spirit on all of excitement; but then, what is flesh,” &c. To me therefore it excitement, but a secondary physi- clearly appears that we have at cal agency, through, or by means. least no right to argue from this of which a primary agent may act? passage, that a revival of miracles and then you leave some of the is likely to occur at any period more mysterious circumstances re- prior to that “ day of the Lord,” lated by Mr. Baxter altogether that “ day of darkness and gloomiuntouched; which circumstances

as also that time of the cannot be accounted for with any restoration of Israel, mentioned in degree of probability (as I think) connection with it. on the ground of mere excitement. In regard however, to diabolical But my object is not to review miracles, we have various testiMr. Baxter, neither his reviewer mony that they will occur immein the Christian Guardian; and diately previous to that time of therefore, I pass over this point, trouble, or even during it. Our and come at once to the question, Lord tells us in Matt. xxiv. that Whether we have any grounds for then

66 there

shall arise false expecting any fresh extraordinary Christs, and false Prophets, and manifestation of the Holy Spirit ? shall show great signs and wonders ;

I have arrived pretty nearly at a insomuch that, if it were possible, conviction (from what I have read, they shall deceive the very elect.' heard, and considered on this point) In Rev. xvi. the Apostle sees that there will be further three unclean spirits, like frogs, manifestation of holy miraculous come out of the mouth of the powers, previous to the advent of dragon, beast, and false prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ; but that which are explained in verse 14 to there will be, previous to that be “the spirits of devils working



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One passage

miracles, which


forth unto the had the most recently received kings of the earth and of the whole those gifts, there ceased also to be world, to gather them together to

an individual existing, who then the battle of that great day of God possessed abiding miraculous gifts. Almighty.” In 2 Thess. ii. speak- He does not deny that there have ing of Antichrist (whom I believe been occasions since, when indito be here the infidel antichrist, not viduals, through faith, or owing to yet revealed) St. Paul says that a signal interposition of God, have his coming is “after the working occasionally exhibited miraculous of Satan, with all power and signs power ; but this is evidently very and lying wonders.And “the different from that habitual exerSpirit speaketh expressly, that in cise of the power communicated the latter times some shall depart by the apostles, and enjoyed by from the faith, giving heed to the first Christians. The texts seducing spirits, and doctrines of cited by him in support of this devils speaking lies (i. e. which view, are very striking, but I must DEVILS speak lies) in hypocrisy ; ” refer those desirous of information, which seems to refer to those rather to the article itself. who shall be drawn away by this only I will refer to, because it deception. And finally, there ap- will also bear

will also bear upon that particular pears to be an allusion to the same argument which I have advanced. thing in 2 Tim. iii. 8, where the He argues from the latter part of apostle after describing the cha- 1 Cor. xii. First, that the apostle racter of the men who shall exist shows the superiority of “ faith, in the last day perilous times, says, hope, and charity, these three,” “ Now as Jannes and Jambres over prophecy and tongues, &c. withstood Moses, so do these also in that the former were then to. resist the truth,” which, seems to

abide, (now abideth faith, &c.) intimate, that they will endeavour whilst the others were presently to to countervail the truth by false fail,' and to 'cease;' from which miracles; that being the mode by he contends that tongues and the which Jannes and Jambres, who are miraculous gifts were not to extend assumed to be two of Pharaoh's beyond the apostolic age, but magicians, withstood the truth faith, hope, and charity

were. of God in the time of Moses. Secondly, he shows that the apos

I am chiefly indebted for this tle makes a further distinction beview to a writer under the signa- tween faith, and hope, and charity, ture of Tampetns, in the Investi- showing that the last was greatest ; gator, No. xviii. so that I com- which he contends is because it municate it rather in the way would still abide, when faith should of that information you invited, be swallowed up in sight, and hope than as original. The same writer in possession. If this argument be argues at some length, and (as it valid, it will follow, I think, that appears to me) irrefragably, that we are not to expect a revival of the miraculous gifts of the Spirit miracles in this dispensation, as were never communicated to any well as that they were to cease. individual, so as that he

My ministerial avocations will enabled to exercise them ha- not allow me to make a longer bitually; but through the instru- communication ; but if you think mentality or

in honour of an proper to insert this, I shall be apostle; and, consequently, that encouraged to take up on some fuwhen the apostles died, there ture occasion the second particular, ceased to be any individual capa- viz. the mode in which the kingble of communicating them ; and dom of God is to be established. when the last of those died who


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