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SIR.--AMONG the various evils gion would not extend its influence, into which the false liberality of the and tend to infuse a sacred spirit times betrays men, few perhaps into the minds of their pupils. will appear more surprizing to the History, Geography, Classics, Namind accustomed to judge accor- tural Philosophy, whatever might ding to the Scriptures, and the sen- be the subject, the Christian timents, (drawn, I am persuaded “ leaven would leaven the whole from the Scriptures) of persons lump.". It is true that such teachof established reputation in the ers as these are rare, and comparachurch of God, both in former ages tively few parents can secure the and in the present, than the prac- advantage of their instructions for tice of many professing Christians, their children; but men partakers and I fear even of some true Chris- in some degree of the same princitians, in placing their children ples may be found, and ought to under the instruction of Soci- be sought out and encouraged : nian, or otherwise heterodox school- and the principles, wherever they masters and school-mistresses. I exist, will produce their effect, presume the practice, among per- though not in an equal measure. sons of any religious thoughtful- And so will opposite principles. ness, is confined to the case of day- The Socinian takes a different view schools: and on that ground, and of men and of manners, of actions on the plea that religious instruction and of sentiments, of this world forms no part of the system,

and and of the next, as well as of God that therefore nothing bad is taught, and of Christ, from what the real the practice is excused. But oh! Christian does : and, if


would what low unworthy views must the not have your child's mind imChristian parent take--Ican hardly pregnated with a poison too conhelp saying, how low must he genial to all its own natural prohimself have sunk in the Christian pensities, you will studiously keep life- before he can content himself it aloof from such contagion. with such a miserable plea as this ! But it is quite in the early The very exclusion-systematic years only of our children,' some exclusion—of religious instruction, will say, that we avail ourselves and of the use of the Holy Scrip- of such instruction !' Here again tures, ought sufficiently to brand is an infatuation at once which is any school in the Christian's eyes, astonishing. Who would not wish so as to make him shun it as an to imbue even the earliest


of outrage upon principle, and a re- his child with Christian instruction, proach to the Christian name ! and to guard him against whatever But then, further, oh, what a mis- might counteract it? And has it erable idea is this, of religion, not passed into a maxim either true religion or false religion, extending its influence only to direct 'Children, like tender oziers, take the bow, religious instruction! Take such

And as they first are fashioned, always an instructor as the late Joseph Milner of Hull, or Mr. Clark of But the Socinian master is Chesham Bois, (of whom so inter- very good teacher,' and he is esting a notice occurs in the recently very kind and amiable man. Be published Memoir of the Rev. T.

it so: we will suppose he is the T. Thomason) and imagine, if you best teacher, simply considered as can, any branch of instruction to a teacher, within our reach. Here which, in such men's hands, reli- then God puts us to the trial,


6 a



Be it so.

are sown


whether, when our child's best in- by the parents as to prevent their terests are at stake, we will make selecting him for the teacher of their some sacrifice of his temporal ad- children! They cannot therefore vantage to his eternal good, by be so very bad !

be so very bad! Perhaps it is preferring a teacher of sound prin- only an old prejudice, the remnant ciples to one, in other respects, of of less liberal times, which so conhigher qualifications, but failing in demns them!'_Thus the influence this essential point. And do we

of Socinians is established; the refuse the sacrifice ? and deliber- way is smoothed to association ately “ seek first” for our child the with them in after life-and to the world, and not “the kingdom of promotion of their views - perhaps God and his righteousness ?” And

to the avowal of their principles ! can we in this course expect the

And all this through the sin-yes Divine blessing ? But the Socinian the sin-of religious parents !teacher is so kind and amiable.'

or While men SLEPT, the enemy It is a pity that Christ- came and sowed TARES AMONG ians should ever be excelled in this THE WHEAT, and went his way.” way, by men who want Christian The “ wheat“ may be sown at. principles. But it must be con- home, but at school the “ tares fessed, that sometimes it is so :

" AMONG it. and men of the class we are refer- Sir, in all this, permit me to say, ring to, appear to study and avail I am not delivering the sentiments themselves of this method of re- of an individual, however expecommending themselves and the rienced, but

RECORDED doctrines they profess. I would JUDGMENT of the most deservednot judge them, but rather recom- ly influential Christian ministers mend them to imitation in this through successive ages. I know respect. At the same time it may not å dissenting voice among be remembered, that men whose

such. But alas! it is the fashion views lead them to little internal of the age, even in the religious conflict, and little labour to sub- world, to pay little regard to such due the heart to “ the obedience judgments. The off-hand decision of faith,” may find sometimes of men's own minds-founded often more leisure to attend to the out- on the most limited knowledgeward manners -- just as the slight and inquiring, not-What does the and superficial man who figures word of God inculcate ? but what in society may be much more seems reasonable to me ? decides attentive to dress and appearance, every thing! But this is a porthan a man of far greater depth, tion of “the haughty spirit that and more really valuable qualities. goeth before a fall.” This spurious And then what is likely to be

candour and liberality have very the effect of all this amiableness much conduced to lower the standupon


young person thus trained ? ard of principles and morals in These attractive qualities of their society at large, and have induced teacher render him tenfold more multitudes to substitute the docdangerous to them. Their hearts trine of expediency in the room of are very probably won to him in the divine declarations. Stand ye the ardour of youth, and their in the ways and see, and ask for esteem for him increases as they the old paths, where is the good grow up. It is true, their parents way, and walk therein, and ye shall tell them his religious principles find rest for your souls. are not at all to be admitted. But

PRISCUS. those principles were not so viewed



It is very

SIR.—The observations of your which our hearts are said to be correspondent, L. N. in your num- purified, which spiritual cleansing ber for December 1832, p.479, upon is illustrated by the action of the importance of rightly quoting water upon our bodies—water is Scripture, makes me trouble you * the outward sign,' but unless with a remark or two upon the

accompanied by the inward and serious mischief which I think may spiritual grace, it is not that true arise from the following detached baptism which alone can profit quotation I lately met with, in I think the author of the little looking over a little work entitled, book in question is rather unguarded

Jones's Book of Nature.' It in some of his remarks on this subseems to be intended for children, ject; for instance in Lesson V. leading them to draw spiritual • On the fading flower,' is the lessons from the objects which sur- following sentence: He has given round them. The third lesson to me in my baptism that best given in the book, is, « On the robe, the robe of righteousness, ships of the sea,' page 5, of the which shall never change, but keep fourteenth edition, published by its glory like the sun that fadeth the Society for Promoting Chris- not - Lord, grant that I may keep tian Knowledge. At the conclu- unspotted the garment thou hast sion of it, a collection of texts is put upon my soul,' &c. given, as suitable to the foregoing true, this language is not stronger instruction, and among others, i than the words of our Church Pet. iii. 20, 21. “ Eight souls were Catechism, ' wherein (in baptism) saved by water : the like figure. - I was made a member of Christ,' whereunto, even baptism, doth also &c. and the author of the little Now it appears to

book in another part of it, says, me that these words, detached as Q. What doth the water of they are from those that follow, if baptism wash away? committed to memory by a child

A. The stain of sin. who has not the benefit of an en- Q. But water cannot do this of lightened teacher, or read by some itself? poor illiterate

person, would con- A. No, it is an outward and vey or confirm a very dangerous visible sign of the Spirit of God. and unscriptural idea, as leading Still I cannot feel that the them to rest their hope of safety passage I before mentioned, is upon their baptism. Whereas if quite unexceptionable, though Mr. the following words had been given, Jones in the questions and answers they would have qualified and ex- last quoted, and elsewhere in this plained those preceding ; for in little publication, shews the difthem we learn that it is “ not the ference between the form and the putting away of the filth of the spirit. He says some are not Hesh, but the answer of a good the better, but the worse for their conscience towards God, by the baptism : they forfeit the wedding resurrection of Jesus Christ,” garment,” (page 18.) When we which I understand to mean, that consider what a lamentable error it is not the outward washing of some rest in as to the efficacy of the flesh which can avail any thing, the form, we cannot I think be too unless we have that faith in the careful of the statements we make finished work of Christ, evidenced upon the subject. by his resurrection, which is the

S. J. A. work of the Holy Spirit, and by

> now save us.

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ON PEACE OF MIND. The Christian alone ought to speak luted. * Therefore let us not waste of peace of mind, for he only the days of this short life in runknows and enjoys it: it is only to ning after a phantom we never his true disciples, namely to such shall catch, and which flies the as are not of the world, (even as more rapidly, the more ardently he is not of the world) that the we follow it. The only way to be Saviour has said, Peace I leave happy in this world, is to renounce with you, my peace I give unto you ;

this world as the source of one's not as the world giveth give I unto happiness. you.

The world never speaks of Poor souls, that travail and are peace, but talks of pleasure, of heavy laden, who have so long joy, and of happiness; and so far sighed after freedom and bliss, and from these words answering to who have gained nothing from so peace, they are altogether different.

many efforts but continued disapIn a world such as this is, where pointments, believe those who have we know not what the next day or dragged themselves along this the next hour may bring forth, how wearisome road where so many can the possession of all its good briars grow. We too, have long things be otherwise than accompa- sought from the world a felicity it nied with trouble and disquietude, cannot give; we have felt loneor anxiety at least? The eternal someness of heart, an emptiness of and unchangeable treasures are the life, and an experience of the only ones that can be enjoyed in nothingness of earthly riches. We peace.

have suffered like yourselves : But it will be said, Is not hap- why should not you


peace as piness promised to man by this we have? Why should not you very thirst of it which dwells with- seek it at the hands of Him who in him ? Has his Maker given has bestowed it on us, who gives him a want which is never to be it to all that ask, and who is more satisfied? It is to be satisfied, desirous of bestowing it upon you without doubt, but that cannot be than you are of obtaining it? on this earth; this world cannot be

M. the place of our rest, for it is pol

* Micah ii. 10.

ISAIAH LX. Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”Arise, shine forth, thy dawning hour He saw the glorious morning star, Of light is come, lo ! Salem's tow'r, Rolling in brightness from afar ; With holy radiance streams;

He heard from heaven's height, The glory of the Lord is ris'n,

Glory to God by angels sung, The Sun of righteousness has giv'n

While through the earth that chorus rung, His never setting beams.

To hail the Saviour's light.
See on the mount the prophet stand, If such salvation's dawning gleam,
To heav'n he waves his outstretch'd hand, The radiance of its rising beam,
Bright his uplifted eye ;

What will its noontide be ?
Touch'd by a coal of living fire,

When in the sanctuary blest, The word of God his lips inspire;

Jehovah's glorious feet shall rest, His mission is from high.

And all his mercy see. The people sat in darkness dread,

No sun shall pour that radiant noon, Its blackest mantle o’er them spread, Lost in its brightness, shall the moon The long unbroken night;

In darkness pass away;
No hope, no pray'r, to raise their trust, The Lamb shall be its light divine,
When from above the vision burst,

The glory of the Lord shall shine,
Upon the prophet's sight.

In everlasting day.

E. N.


• Yet there is room."

letter as

MY DEAR FRIEND,— Accept this and danger of delaying to come

a token of sincere affec- to Christ for salvation. But those tion towards you, and as express- happy, holy spirits, are only ing the warm desires of my heart allowed the privilege of rejoicing on your behalf. I long for your over the repentance and conversion happiness, and that you may in this of sinners.

of sinners. It is the superior affliction find support and comfort. honour of the gospel and the Yet I would fain have you look friends of it, to whom it is reserved to the right source for it-you will to be the medium of persuading ever be disappointed if you look and beseeching souls to come to to any earthly prospects; there is the Saviour. Oh, I cannot but nothing on earth, that can yield rejoice on your account, that you solid peace or composure on a

are not excluded from this benefit. sick-bed—nothing but the work of I cannot but be glad in heart to the Holy Spirit on the heart think, that you are favoured with shewing the need of a Saviour, such visitors as long for your saland leading the soul to rest upon vation; as pray with and for

you; him, can afford any ground of con- and rejoice in your joy, and feel fidence or gleam of peace-every

the tenderest solicitude for your thing else that is worldly will sink everlasting welfare. Oh, pray for then-will become to the soul, yourself then, dear friend, look to what the foundation of sand did to the Saviour who has been urged the foolish builder; in the storm upon your notice, pray for the of Divine wrath that will burst Holy Spirit to teach you the need upon the self-deceived soul in the

you have of his regenerating inmoment of death, inevitable ruin fluence, and cast yourself as a needy will follow. Oh, my dear friend, sinner upon the bountiful provision let me affectionately conjure you of the gospel, which is able to save to be fully alive to the exi- to the uttermost, and which is now gency


your present state- at this moment as freely offered for it is not a trifling matter to be your acceptance, as if you were deceived upon: the interests of the the only sinner for whom it was whole world are trifling compared provided, as if you were the only with your eternal peace and pros- one that needed a Saviour : pects; the treasures of ten thousand worlds are insufficient to purchase

Now Jesus says, he'll cast out none,

That come to him by faith.' the blessing, the " one thing needful” that you now stand in need Let me hope that you


graof. Oh, do not rest upon any

tify the best desires of my heart, sandy foundation, any delusive and those of your

soul's best hope, any refuge of lies, any friends ; that you will do more, worldly wisdom, in a matter of that you will attend to the comsuch great importance as your

mands and exhortations of the everlasting destiny and well-being. gospel; accept the overtures of Angels would weep over you if

mercy made in the Bible ; and tears were allowed in heaven—they with all your heart and soul, under would fly to earth on wings of

a deep sense of your need, helpcompassion, if permitted, to urge

lessness, and guilt, cry, you to come to Jesus, and to ex

Black, I to the fountain fly, postulate with you on the folly

Wash me, Saviour, or I die.' JUNE 1833.

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