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on every Lord's day morning. This I go, where he may hear Christ preached, assert not unadvisedly or hastily, or in and him crucified, without the wisdom of reference to a few solitary villages and words or the inventions of man ? the time hamlets ; but because I know the fact, has come when men will not endure sound and feel that there is on all sides a doctrine, but after their own lusts heap rich harvest field for the labours of the to themselves teacher's having itching ears, devoted followers of the wily Jesuit, and turn away their ears from the truth,

Would that I could say that the state and are turned unto fables. The grand of Oxford in a religious point of view message of the ever blessed Jehovah is either presented an encouraging aspect. Where misstated, or in part suppressed or supplancan I advise the neglected Romanist to ted by awful heresies and special delusions

INDIA'S CRIES to British Humanity relative to Infanticide, British

Connection with Idolatry, Ghaut Murders, Slavery, and Colonization in India; to which are added, Humane Hints for the melioration of the State of Society in British India. By JAMES Pegg, late Missionary at Cuttock,

Orissa. Pp. xii. and 500. Simpkin, 1832. We noticed with decided appro

lument is produced to the company bation in our volume for 1827, or its servants. The Third Book Mr. Pegg's interesting pamphlet treats of GhaUT MURDERS ; that on the subject of suttees, and have is, the murders which take place since observed with great satisfac- by exposing sick and aged persons tion, his unwearied exertions on on the GHAUTS, or wharfs, landbehalf of British India. The ing places, flights of steps, &c. volume now before us is a repub- leading to rivers ; in many cases lication of the pamphlets which these poor wretches perish through Mr. P. has printed on different cold and neglect, in others they are occasions, together with conside- suffocated by pouring mud or water rable additions and improvements. down their throats, while in some Its contents are indeed most ap- they are actually thrown into the palling; but they loudly demand stream and drowned. The Fourth a careful perusal' at a time when Book treats of SUTTEES, or the the renewal of the East India burning of widows with the corpses Charter is under consideration, of their husbands. This is now We regret that our limits confine abolished by the British governus to a very brief outline of their ment; though possibly not entirely contents, and will not afford room terminated. The Fifth Book treats for a single extract. The volume of SLAVERY in India, which apis divided into six books : the first pears to prevail to a very consitreats of INFANTICIDE, from which derable extent, though it assumes it

appears, that not only in China, a milder form than Slavery in the the South Sea Islands, and other West Indies. The Sixth Book far distant regions, but that in advocates powerfully the cause of British India, at this very moment,

colonization in India. It is imTHOUSANDS of INFANTS, princi- possible to peruse the present vopally females, are annually de- lume without most painful interest ; stroyed as soon as born. The second what an awful discovery is here treats of BRITISH CONNECTION made of our national guilt! what WITH IDOLATRY; and clearly

and clearly abominations do we sanction ! Alas, proves that the existence of some, if we close our eyes to these iniand the prosperity of other, idol quities, and make no exertions for temples is really owing to the their removal, we may well expect sanction derived from British inter- . the judgments of God to be poured ference, by which considerable emo- out upon us to the uttermost.


MARCH 1833.



Paris, Jan. 29, 1833. When I met you and your friends sudden disappearance of this steady in Earl Street, I expressed my con- and estimable labourer, from this viction that Mr. Kieffer's health was vast and important field. We are seriously deranged, and that it praying, “ Send more labourers !” would not be possible for him to The Husbandman recalls one, long continue much longer his occupa- tried and well approved: but he is tions on their present scale. For the Lord of the vineyard, and has a some time past he has evidently deeper interest in its prosperity than declined; and when last with me,

any of us. the detail of his complaints confir- Another letter states, med my belief, that if he could drag I write under a strong impression on till the spring, it would be neces- of grief, and just before the hour sary for him to pass many months for the post; not knowing if any in the country, and in repose. He body else writes. The kingdom of kept up however, pursued his course God on earth has sustained this of daily duty, and was as punctual morning a great loss, and the kingand as attentive as ever. Yesterday dom of God in heaven has gained a week he was out, went to the College citizen. Our dear brother and of France, but was too ill to give his friend, Professor Kieffer, is removed lecture : from thence he went to the from time to eternity ; and has Depôt, to give orders for the issue exchanged his earthly toil for the of Bibles.-Alas! he could not stand everlasting rest purchased by the to give his directions ; and having blood of that Saviour in whom be been met by Mrs. Kieffer, he was believed, and whose kingdom he conveyed home and to his bed : he endeavoured to promote with so has not since been able to rise ; much zeal, steadiness, and amiableand this morning, at two o'clock, ness of character. I loved him his earthly labours and sufferings dearly, and respected him much, ceased. He was calm, patient, and and wept over him. I only heard devout. Mrs. Kieffer informs me, this morning of bis illness, and went that his eyes were often lifted to- immediately to see him ; but was, wards heaven; and as long as his alas ! too late. I shall meet his strength permitted, he uttered audi- respected and friendly countenance ble ejaculations, expressive of his more on this side the grave. dependence and reliance on the May we all meet in the heavenly Lord. I am much grieved at the abode!





THE UNITED STATES. The Triennial General Convention of the Bishops, and Clerical and Lay Delegates of this church, was held at New York, on Friday, the 19th of October, and three following days (Sunday excepted); when various grave questions, deeply affecting the future prosperity and discipline of the church, were discussed with much Christian feeling, gentlemanly candour, and urbanity : and the convention closed with perfect harmony among its numerous members : the following are a few of the leading measures adopted.

Bishop Chase's resignation of the

episcopate in Ohio was, after mature deliberation, accepted by the House of Bishops, a canon being passed to prevent Bishops from resigning their sees in future ; (Bishop Chase has sold bis estate in Ohio, and purchased another in the territory of Michigan, whither he has gone to

The Selection from the Book of Psalms in Metre, (the New Version of Tate and Brady) recommended by the Joint Committee of the House of Bishops and of Clerical and Lay Deputies, appointed at the General Convention in 1829, was adopted.

The newly formed dioceses of Alabama and Michigan, were re



ceived into union with the Conven- mixed marriage. We have not tion: and the Canons of the church learned whether a prohibitory law were revised, and ordered to be actually exists, but the bigoted state printed.

of those countries is sufficient to On the 31st of October, FOUR account for the fact. The prejudices Bishops were consecrated in St. against Protestants are in full force, Paul's Chapel, New York, by the while the harmonising spirit of true Right Rev. WILLIAM White, D. D. religion is unknown.

Mr. Torrey Presiding Bishop, with the assist- has protested against this despotic ance of the other Bishops, who had act, in an appeal to the American been present at the General Con- Consul, which may probably lead vention, viz. the Rev. CHARLES P. to inter-national stipulations on this M’ILVAINE, D. D. to the Diocese subject. of Ohio; the Rev. George WASHINGTON DOANE, of Boston, to the The attention of our various MisDiocese of New Jersey; the Rev. sionary Societies has not yet been JOHN H. HOPKINS, D. D. to the directed sufficiently to this empire. Diocese in Vermont, which has Tbe cities of Rio Janeiro, St. Salvabeen detached from the eastern dor (or Bahia) and Perambuco, are diocese, and created into a distinct thronged with British merchants, see ; and the Rev. B. B. Smith, whose religious wants, we fear, are D.D. to the Diocese of Kentucky. but scantily supplied. The conduct The Consecration Sermon

of the English at the last mentioned preached from Isaiah lxvi. 21. by place, is described as being extremely Bishop Onderdonk, of Pensylvania. dissolute, while, bent as they are on

Lately have been reprinted at the profits of commerce, the world to Protestant Episcopal Press, New come requires to be placed before York, the Bishop of Chester's • Apos- them distinctly and forcibly. The tolical Preaching considered,' also chapel, which is supplied by a late his · Practical Expositions' of Mat- naval chaplain, is thiniy attended, thew, Mark, and Luke.

nor is the ministry calculated to

be beneficial to souls. On the other AMERICA.

hand, the Romish clergy are pourAn order has been issued by the trayed as living in a state of abanMinister of War in the United doned profligacy; the Friars, who States, forbidding the introduction make a vow of leading a pilgrim's of spirituous liquors into fortresses, life, are continually racing on the garrisons, and camps. The ration finest blood horses; at the same of spirits which was formerly allowed time, the service is celebrated with to the soldiers, is abolished, and all imaginable splendour, and with will for the future be replaced, by exquisitively beautiful music. Rean allowance of sugar and coffee. spect continues to be paid to the The contractors are particularly for- habit of the priesthood and of the bidden to furnish the troops with monastic orders ; but religion, as a whiskey, and in order to enforce feeling and a principle, is fast this prohibition, no redress can be wearing out. In considering what obtained for debts incurred on ac- means would be most efficient in pro count of it.

moting religion among the British, By later intelligence we learn, we would suggest, that the residence that several of the American News- of a pious family would be most papers have refused to admit any desirable. Among dissolute people, more advertisements for the sale of a layman's example is often more spirituous liquors. Thus it is to be powerful than a minister's precepts, hoped, they will in no long time be and he has many ways of reaching brought back to their original use, persons, which the other has not, as chemical ingredients.

from being circumscribed by his BUENOS AYRES.

profession. When we remember Mr. W. Torrey, an

American what it pleased the Lord to effect missionary at Buenos Ayres, has among the British soldiery at St. been imprisoned by order of an Helena, we desire earnestly to see a ecclesiastical tribunal, and similar work wrought among our demned to pay a fine of a thousand merchants and residents in foreign dollars, for having officiated at a





The state of the clergy in Bavaria, is thus described in the preface to Dr. Pye Smith's Testimony to the Messiah. * Learned and pious members of the Papal church itself, are now openly proclaiming this principle, of deriving all religious truth from scripture, especially in the south of Germany ; in particular .... at Munich, Dillingen, Mentz, and Frankfort. The superstitions and errors of their church, though not rejected and even in some degree revered, yet occupy a place; while their understandings are enlightened, and their vigorous piety is sustained, by clear views of the great scriptural doctrines concerning grace, redemption, and the Divine person, by whom those blessings are communicated to men.'

There are now in the diocese of Augsburg from sixty to seventy Catholic Priests, of evangelical sentiments, but who instead of separating from the Romish church, contend earnestly for a reform

very low

within it, rather than break with it entirely by uniting themselves to the Protestantcommunion. A short time since, a parish containing a thousand souls, demanded and obtained, in accordance with the pastor, the sacrament in both kinds, and the use of the German language in divine service. They declared their resolution of becoming Protestants, if their request was not granted

Bavaria contains 5,394 public primary schools, and 498,000 scholars, with a population of 3,960,000 inhabitants. The whole number of places of instruction is 5530, and of the scholars, 500,000, or more than an eighth of the population. This fact explains the progress which Bavaria bas made in the last thirty years. Her clergy are the most Scriptural of any Romish country in Europe, and a class has been forming among them, which will materially tend to influence and enlighten the rising generation.

GENEVA. The Evangelical Society of Geneva few months. Further supplies have has sent several pious persons as

been called for beyond expectation, hawkers into the neighbouring and the number of hawkers has been French departments, well supplied increased from two to nine. It may with Bibles and Testaments. In reasonably be supposed, that in spite of many unfavourable circum- other parts of France, where the stances, and the opposition of a cer- Bible is a sealed book, the same tain class, and although the books probability of success exists, and were not to be distributed gratui- that the same benefits would result tously, still several hundreds have from sending hawkers into those been disposed of in the space of a districts.

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SPAIN. The Bible Society of Glasgow has form by the Society, and is calcufinished a revision of the Spanish lated for distribution, not only in translation of the New Testament Spain, but in South America, and by Valera, which is generally the Caroline Islands. We are inesteemed the best in that language, formed, on the authority of some although it has fallen into disuse. Spanish refugees, that a Bible is It has been reprinted in a convenient publisbing in numbers at Madrid.

A WESLEYAN Chapel has been es- which was est

in the sumtablished at Paris, in the Rue de mer of 1831, continues to maintain Bouley, No. 10. Divine Service is its reputation as a political, literary, performed in English, French, Ger- and religious journal. Some of its man, and Italian, by the Rev. articles have been reprinted as Charles Cook, M. Philippe Boucher, pamphlets and tracts. Every paper and Signor Luigi Giustiniani of is written with pious views, and Rome.

those which are devoted to spiritual. The Semeur (Sower) Journal, topics, are admirably calculated to meet the present exigency. A pub- been published, containing seleclication was greatly needed, which tions from the Fathers, the principal should carry religion into the fields Gallican divines, and the old French of politics and literature ; nor is it Protestants, whose works are exundue praise to say, that the pub- tremely rare. The passages are Jishers have succeeded in their task. arranged on the popular plan, of The experimental articles, entitled, one for every day in the year, and Confessions of a Young Man, are a an appropriate text is prefixed to faithful picture of the mind of many

each. The volume is valuable as young Frenchmen, at once roman- a collection of experimental sentic and profligate.

tences, and to the Christian student An interesting pocket volume, en- of the French language, will prove titled the Glaneur, (Gleaner) has

very useful.



ISLANDS. The Jesuits were four years in

to them conclusive, on the suppoOahu (one of the islands where the sition that their former system of American Missionaries have been worship was wrong. Their religion successfully labouring); so that the formerly consisted much in the intelligent chiefs have opportunity worship of BONES, and other Relics to gain some correct notions of their of their predecessors, and of various religious opinions and rites. Mr. living creatures ; in King's letter to the Maronites of taboos (or prohibitions) in respect to Syria, with THE EXAMINATION OF flesh and other kinds of food ; and in THE WORD of God, satisfied these rehearsing prayers and making geschiefs that the religion of the Jesuits tures before their IMAGES.

They was unscriptural; and that therefore argue, that if it was right attempt to introduce it among the for them to prohibit the use of the people was little better than former idolatry, it was equally right revival of the baleful superstitions to prevent the introduction of from which they had recently been

They have therefore disenthralled. The Missionaries peaceably removed the Jesuits to say, that the Christian chiefs at the Eali priria, as FOREIGNERS, whose Sandwich Islands have an argu- continued residence was ment against Romanism, which is






LETTER FROM A MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. The following leiter sent by a can- and anxious labours by their supdidate who has since been returned plications and benedictions. In the to Parliament, to a constituent situation which I have been called whose vote appeared doubtful, con- to fill, I need the wisdom of the serveys sentiments which deserve ex- pent, the boldness of the lion, the tensive circulation. We are in pos- harmlessness of the dove. May session of the names of the parties, “ the God of all grace” be my though we hesitate as to the pro- helper, and my guardian. May He priety of publishing them.

glorify Himself in me and by me! Sir-I feel greatly obliged to you I am nothing, and can do nothing for your very kind letter. I trust without Him. I can do all things when the poll-book appears, I shall through Christ strengthening me. have the pleasure of finding that How great is my consolation, how there has been no mistake, but high my privilege, that I may look that

your name has been entered as to this gracious Saviour, and cast you intended it to be. I assure you my every care upon him. I affix a great value upon the May his blessing be with you, favourable opinion of those who can my dear Sir, in your person, your pray for me as well as vote for me; family, your ministry. Believe me earnestly hoping that I shall be ever very truly and affectionately attended to the scene of my arduous yours.

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