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of death fell thick around you- tains no power by which the chain yet you were most mercifully pre- of sin may be broken, the favour served. Such a signal deliverance of God enjoyed, or eternal life calls loudly for gratitude. May secured; for “except a man be the spirit of God enable you to born again he cannot enter the testify it, “ not only with your lips kingdom of God.” Without this but in your lives;” and, should change, man is in his natural state, this grievous disease, which ap- which is a state of ignorance, of pears to be sent directly from the blindness, of guilt, and of alienaLord's hand, to scourge the nations tion from God. Rom. i. 21. to end. for their ignorance of, or apostacy Rom. iii. 10. to 19. John iii. 18, from the truth, return among us,

19, 20. Psalm Iviii. 3, 4, 5. as it has done in other places, may

There are still I fear many you be delivered from every fear, houses in this parish where family and in the full confidence of faith, prayer has never yet been estabe enabled to meet it, saying from blished, where daily mercies are the heart, “it is the Lord, let him received, where deliverances from do with ne what seemeth him trials are daily experienced, and good.” The cholera has not yet where there is no outward expresdone its work—its voice is yet sion of gratitude to God. Of whom heard—its march is proceeding

is proceeding among you can it in truth be said with speed and certainty; and, as of David, that “he returned to doubtless, many victims are still bless his household ?” 2 Sam. vi. destined to fall by its unerring 20. or, as of Joshua, whose holy stroke, while perhaps they are resolution is thus left upon record, passing on to their fatal doom, as as for me and my house, we will heedlessly and securely as did the serve the Lord !” Joshua xxiv. 15. scoffers and unbelievers before the or, as of Abraham, “ I know him, flood.“Be not ye therefore like unto that he will command his children them”- but institute a solemn in- and his household after him, and quiry into your present state, and they shall keep the way of the future prospects, by means of the Lord, to do justice and judgment.” sure testimony of the Sacred Scrip- Gen. xviii. 19. or, as of Cornelius, tures. Has the long suffering of that he was

devout man, and God led you to repentance? Does one that feared God, with all his the soul appear of more value than house, and prayed to God alway.” it ever did? Is there more care Acts X. 1. Say not, you have taken of it? Is sin hated ? Are its neglected it so long that you are advances more closely watched, now ashamed to commence it. and its assaults more firmly and Never be ashamed or afraid to do promptly resisted ? Is the Saviour that which is right, that which is humbly trusted in, decidedly fol- scriptural, that which is agreeable lowed, and boldly confessed? Is to the will of God. Say not, that his cause supported by your money, you are at a loss how to conduct it. your time, your influence, and Have you not the Bible, from your prayers; and are

which a chapter can be read disple” loved for his sake ? Are the tinctly and accurately? Have you Holy Scriptures read by you in not the book of Common Prayer, secret and in your families; and (if you do not possess any other are you careful to instruct out of manual) containing collects them your children and servants ? sound as to doctrine, so scriptural It is an undeniable fact, that for- as to expression, so beautiful as to mality is not religion, and that composition, and so comprehensive however attached a man may be as to matter, that they far transcend to the name of Christian, it con- all other productions of a similar



- his peo

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character. There is an inseparable children which are growing up connexion between prayer and

around them. Mr. Basil Gray praise, and if we ask not here, was cut off by a most unexpected how can

we join in everlasting stroke; but his mind had been songs hereafter? If we have not turned for a considerable time to here a real affection springing from the serious perusal of the Bible, love to the Saviour, for the mem- and in the last trying hour Christ bers of our respective families, was the strong rock of his confihow can we hope with them fully dence. The recollection of the to partake, and that for ever, of peaceful departure of two sons in “ the glory which will hereafter the possession of the same faith, be revealed ?O! beware of the could not but have produced a awful doom threatened in Jer. x. 25. cheering effect upon his mind. His

" the voice of joy and papers show that death was the gladness” be yet heard in the dwel- subject of his most serious thoughts lings to which “ salvation ” has long before its actual appearance. not yet come-and to which the The great secret of dying happily Saviour has not yet been invited. consists in living by faith in the

Another striking and gratifying Lord Jesus Christ. To-day then testimony to the value of the Sun- hear his voice-lay hold upon him day School instruction has

ap- now, and you need not fear any peared in the case of Mary, wife of the melancholy accompaniments of Dr. M Creery, of the 9th foot, of death, such as pain, sickness, who was indeed “ cut down like weakness, temptation, a flower "- and is now numbered wandering of mind. When the with the dead. The “ bread cast soul finds peace with God, there upon the waters” was found in her is no real cause for fear, because case after many days. Eccles. xi. the curse of the law is remo

moved, 1. and when the last enemy ap

and the utmost demands of justice peared, he had no sting for her. are satisfied by the perfect obe“ Strong in the Lord and in the dience of the Lord Jesus Christ; power of his might,” she was so that the triumphant challenge borne


under the most oppressive of the Apostle may be unhesitaweakness -and enjoyed a tran- tingly given, “ Who shall lay any quillity of mind which nothing thing to the charge of God's elect? could give but a view of the It is God that justifieth. Who is Redeemer by faith. Her influence he that condemneth? It is Christ was great in the circle in which that died, yea rather, that has risen she moved, and those who knew again, who is even at the right her best, bore the strongest testi- hand of God, who also maketh mony to the steady consistency of intercession for us. Who shall her character. The blandishments separate us from the love of Christ ? of the world lost their attractions Shall tribulation, or distress, or with her, for by the teaching of the persecution, or famine, or nakedword and spirit of God she dis- ness, or peril, or sword ? Nay in covered, what so many are un- all these things we are more than willing to allow, that the world

conquerors through him that loved itself is a vain shew—and that “ if ." Rom. viii. 33. to the end. any man love it, the love of the The grave has just closed upon Father is not in him." 1 John ii. 15. another servant of Christ, Doctor

Death has also removed the Alcock, whose unblemished charheads of two families, and has acter was before you all. If spoken loudly to those who may honesty of intention, if integrity in now be looking with much interest, all his worldly transactions, if affection, and expectation to the indefatigable exertion in the dis


charge of the arduous duties of his the truth, by the overturn of the profession, if steadiness in friend- Church Establishment, in greater ship, if anxiety to promote the vigour or activity than at the prehappiness of every member of his sent moment. Never

were the family-if benevolence to the poor enemies of godliness more sanguine -if these or any of these could in their expectation that all the have formed a foundation upon restraints which are put upon huwhich the edifice of hope might be man actions by means of the Bible, erected, he possessed them all, but will be done away, than now. his glorying was not in them. He " The foundations of the earth are was made a partaker of “ the wis- out of course:” the pillars upon dom that cometh down from above" which the fabric of society is erec—and having learned that he was ted, are shaken to the foundation; a sinner, he found that “in him and wherever we look, clouds and dwelt no good thing *—that he had darkness meet the eye, but yet neither righteousness, nor holiness, there is hope; not indeed from nor merit of his own, and that he human foresight, from human could be saved only through the counsel, or from human power, but merits of the Just ONE who, how- from the Lord of Hosts himself. ever despised or rejected of men, is He“ will work, and who shall let yet the Prince of life—the Lord it ?” He “ sits upon the whirlof glory.

wind and directs the storm." That In the course of the past year storm may destroy all existing we have heard much of Reform- establishments, and will, before it and it is desirable that every abuse ceases, subvert every false, antiin every department should be cor- scriptural religion, howeverenrected. But how can the streams trenched it may be in antiquity, be pure

while the fountain remains in superstition, in ignorance, and in corrupt? How can those who prejudice; but it cannot touch have beams in their own eyes, take those who have found shelter under the motes out of the eyes of others ? the rock, CHRIST. They are the How can those who neither know objects of a love that never varies, nor are influenced by the principles and of a watchfulness that never of truth, correct error ? How can ceases; and therefore they “ need those whose ruling motive is self- not fear, though the earth be reishness, consult the real welfare of moved, and though the mountains be their church or their country? The

carried into the midst of the sea.” great Reform is as yet unattained, Sanballat failed in all his attempts and but few are troubled about it. against Jerusalem, while the serThe Reform which can be effected vants of the Lord prayed unto him, only by the Holy Spirit, com- and were strengthened by him for mencing in the heart, and extend- their work; and so it will ever be ing through all the affections, and with the enemies of the truth. desires, and words, and actions ; Sooner or later a blast will come so that a new character, bearing upon them; God will assert his a striking similitude to that of own authority; he will plead his the Lord Jesus, is produced ; a own cause; he will make his Church character which meets with few a praise in the earth,

" - Be still admirers here, but one which will then and now that he is God." meet with approval before the 6. Fear not”-“the Lord of Hosts throne of God. 66 If the tree be is with us; the God of Jacob is good the fruit will be good," and our refuge. not otherwise. Never, perhaps, Your very affectionate Pastor, was the antichristian confederacy,

and faithful Friend, which aims at the subversion of


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Where, far from Britain, underneath a sky
In which ant-arctic constellations reign,
The South Pacific heaves its ample breast,
Emerging from the bosom of the deep,
A social' group of islands rear their forms
Majestic, based on coral-circled shores,
Their verdant slopes, and cloud-capt pinnacles ;
In aspect lovely, fertile in the fruits
Of torrid climies ; oases green and fair,
Not on the sandy, but the watery waste.

In these there dwelt a race, of stature tall,
And muscular proportion, quick in thought,
Ardent in feeling; of ingenuous minds,
Sensitive pride, and courage unsubdued ;
But savage in their manners, in their hearts
More savage, in revenge implacable,
And ruthless in their hate ; deeply immersed
In foul idolatry's Egyptian night,
Fast bound in error's adamantine chain ;
Infanticides, and bloody worshippers,
With human victims of their deities,
That deities were not, but beasts and birds,
Fishes, and creeping things, and stocks and stones :
Inebriate, murderers, plunderers, evil men,
Who nought of goodness or desired, or knew.

Such was their picture once, but now, how changed !
A British vessel seeks those distant shores;
Not lured by thirst of gain, nor by the hope,
Adventurous, of Discovery's nobler prize;
But freighted with divine compassion, drawn
By love for perishing and guilty men.
She comes !-“How beautiful” the canvass wings,
That o'er the bounding billows of the deep,
Bore her, the dove-like messenger of peace !
How blest the winds, the favouring breath of heaven,
That waft her still along her destined course!
Britain sends forth apostles, to convey
The rays of sacred Truth, and Gospel light,
To those benighted lands, the murky clouds
To penetrate, and burst the Stygian gloom.
Yet long that light appeared in vain to shine;
The darkness comprehended not :- long time
They wept, they laboured, and they prayed, but seemed
To weep, to labour, and to pray, in vain.
At length the quickening influence from above
Descended ; the dry bones began to live ;
The sigbtless orbs were opened to the day,
The day-spring from on high. Before the ark
Dagon's vile image falls. A single chief
His idol's vengeance dared, his rites profaned,
The enchanted bond of superstition broke,
And found him impotent to inflict revenge.
The Chief's example-undeceived at length-
The nations followed ; to the moles and bats
Their worthless idols flung; began to pray,
With bended knees and suppliant hearts, to Him,
(The living God) who hears and answers prayer.-

And now the wilderness begins to bloom,
The dry, unsightly desert to rejoice,
And blossom as the rose : where sprang the thorn,
The bramble, and the thistle, now appear
The fir-tree, and the myrtle, and the vine.
The fiend-like savage now becomes a man ;
The dark, debased, and creeping intellect
Now casts its slough, and rises into life:
The spirit is renewed, the heart reclaimed;
And nature changed, brings forth the genuine fruits
Of Christian faith, and patience, gentleness and peace.
Those lovely scenes, no longer now deformed
With orgies foul and riotous misdeeds,
Present an aspect doubly sweet and fair,
And grateful to the eye of God and man.
Now meek docility receives its task
With gladness; eagerly, though slowly yet,
Pores o'er the instructive page, and loves to learn.
Civilized manners, useful arts, prevail,
And upright conduct, and ingenuous truth,
And kind, compassionate, concern for those
Who yet in ignorance and darkness dwell.

Such are thy triumphs, such thy first fruits, here,
Victorious Gospel! May'st thou still prevail,
And, “conquering and to conquer,” still proceed;
More deeply fixing, and more widely far
Extending thy dominion, till the earth,
In all its amplitude, obeys thy sway:
Till righteousness, and peace, and mercy reign
Supreme o'er all the kindreds of mankind ;-
Mercy, subduing hostile hearts by love,
Millennial Righteousness, and lasting Peace!

J. N. K.



SIR.-I have read with much wish the Christian Guardian to be
pleasure and satisfaction the admi- a vehicle of much controversy, for
Essays on the Church, it has a higher and nobler

which have lately appeared in in drawing the soul to God in
the Christian Guardian; and ear- Christ; yet I hope we may be at
nestly hope with, I believe, most least permitted to defend ourselves
of your readers, that they will against the opponents of the Church
soon be published in a very cheap of England.
form for distribution. In con- When you ask the. Dissenters,
nection with the subject of these what is their standard of doctrine,
Essays, I wish to draw your atten- they, in general, reply, The Bible;
tion to the inconsistency of the Dis- which is in fact no answer what-
senters respecting Articles of Faith; ever, for all Christian sects assert
and to show that, whilst they de- the same: but they even proceed
claim against them, they persist in further, and deny the propriety and
using them. Not that I would the justice of any articles of faith.

Now let us

see what is their They are now in the press, and may be had shortly of any bookseller, under

practice. the title of Essays on the Church, by

In the · Christian's Penny LAICUS.

Magazine,' from September 29

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