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Manhattan Island, 136.

Manitoba, 339.

Maria Theresa on the throne of Austria, Mount Royal, now Montreal, 63.
Mount Vernon, a shrine, 301, 309.


Marietta, Ohio, mounds at, 17, 21.
Mariner's compass, 29.
Marquette and Joliet, 332.
Martyrs of Liberty, honored, 49S.
Maryland abolishes slavery, 464.
Massachusetts, plot of the, to destroy the
English, 105.

Massasoit, story of, 99; visit to Plymouth,
100; dangerous illness of, 103; death
of, 106.

Mastodon restored, 25.
Matamoras, American fort near, 364.
Mather family rest in Copp's Hill Bury-
ing-ground, 242.

Mayflower, the, in Cape Cod Bay, 98.
Meade, Gen., in command, 445.
"Meadows stretched to the eastward,"


Memorial Hall at Philadelphia, 505.
Merriam's Corner, fight at, 230.
Metacom and Wamsetta, sons of Massa-
soit, 106.

Mexican empire, the, 332.

Mexican pyramids, ancient, 22.
Mexican war, 363..

Mexico, walled cities of, founded by an
Asiatic race, 19; abolished slavery,
358; a republic, 363.

Mexico, city of, ancient pyramids near,


Militia called out, 414.
Milton, John, 106.

Mine, the, at Petersburg, 459.
Mineral wealth of Missouri, 353.
Minute-men at Lexington and Concord,

222, 229.

Misses, the, of Boston, refuse to drink tea,


Mississippi abolishes slavery, 464.
Mississippi River claimed by the French,
Missouri, territory of, 354; admitted as a
slave State, 354; abolishes slavery,

Missouri Compromise, the, 355; repealed,

Monitor, the, and the Virginia, 427.
Monroe, James, President, 355.
Montcalm, death of, 201.
Montgomery, Ala., the first Confederate

capital, 422.

Montreal, Indian settlement, Hochelaga,
63; a city, 336.

Mother country, the, affection for, 202.
Mound at Cahokia, Ill., 19; serpent

Mount Hope, the burying-ground of the
Narragansetts, 100.

mound, 20.
Mound-builders, the, 19; descendants of
crews from Japan, 22.
Mounds at Marietta, Ohio, 17, 21; in the
West and in Mississippi valley, 19;
near Newark, Ohio, 20, 21; built by
whom, 22; in Siberia, 25.

NAPOLEON Overthrown, 324.
Narragansetts, fort of, destroyed, 124.
National bank established, 308.
National cemeteries established, 496.
Naval battles won by Americans, 319.
Nebraska, 376.
Negotiations for peace, 298.

Negro cavalry, the first Union troops to
enter Richmond, 473.

Negroes, the Confederate Congress re-
fuses to arm, 469.
New Amsterdam, 136.

New England visited by old-time mari-
ners, 14; two centuries ago, 90; a refuge
for victims of tyranny, 109.

New England States, government of, 178.
Newfoundland, rich fisheries, 37; Cartier

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Palenque, Mexico, sculptures found at, 19. | Population and area of the States and
Paper money, depreciation of, 289.
Parker, Capt. John, at Lexington, 221.
Parliament the real governing power, 148.
Parris, Mr., and the Salem witchcraft,
160; his removal, 164.

"Parted many a toil-spent year," 118.
Paspahegh, chief of, captured by Capt.
Smith, 79

"Patriot's, the, Remembrances," poem,

'Patriots', the, Unknown Graves," poem,


Pea Ridge, battle of, 429.

Peace, 486.

Peace, thirty years of, 313.
Penn, land of, 143.

Penn, William, comes to America, 143;
deals kindly with the Indians, 144;
conference with the Indians, 147.
Pennsylvania, career of, begins, 143; Gen.
Lee ordered to invade, 445.
Pequot emissaries and Roger Williams,


Percy, Lord, meets British retreating from
Concord, 231.

Persecution and religious liberty, 165.
Persecution of the Puritans, 109.
Petersburg, siege of, 458; graves around,

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Phelps, Capt. Noah, 250.
Philadelphia, 147.

Territories, 517.
Port Hudson, 440.

Port Royal, S. C., captured, 428.
the colony at, 89.
Port Royal, N. S., the Indians' love for

Ports closed to foreign ships, 203.
Pottery, ancient pueblo, 21.
Potomac River, 424.
Royal, 86.
Poutrincourt, Baron de, founds Port

Powder-house in Somerville, 245.
Powhatan orders the death of Capt.
Smith, 71.

Preachers, Indian, 118.
Preface, 7.

Prescott, Col., fortifies Bunker Hill, 254.
Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the
United States, table of, 516.

Pricking with pins to discover witches, 157.
Prince Edward Island, 339.
Prince, Thomas, 242.
Private, a, pays his regiment, 421.
Princeton, victory at, 280.
power, 463.
Proclamation of Emancipation, 435; its
Prosperity, 494.

Providence founded by Roger Williams,

Province House, 233.

Pueblos, ruined, in Utah, discoveries at,


Philip, son of Massasoit, 106; death of, Puritans, intolerance of the, 165; perse-

cution of the, 109.
Putnam, Israel, leaves his plough, 245.


Philip's, King, War, 117.

Philip's son sold into slavery in Bermuda,


Phillips, Hon. John, 242.
Phoenicia once ruled the waves, 13.
Phoenician sailors go beyond the Pillars of
Hercules, 14; cross the Atlantic, 19.
Phoenicians, or Canaanites, had knowledge
of a country beyond the sea, 13.
Pierce, Franklin, a general in Mexican

war, 365; President, 388.
Pilgrims land at New Plymouth, 98.
Pillars of Hercules, 14, 19.
Pinzon, Martin Alonzo, 35.
Pitcairn, Major, 221; buried in Christ
Church, 242.

QUAKERS, fine for entertaining in Va., 76;

persecuted at New Amsterdam, 139;
chastised, 169; hanged, 173; first gen-
eration differed from succeeding ones,
173; compensation to representatives
of, 174; and Moravians opposed to
war, 269.

Quebec founded by the French, 51; cap-
tured by Gen. Wolfe, 197; English
victory at, 336.

RACES, the mysterious, 13.

Pitt, William, prime minister, 194; Earl
of Chatham, 206.
Pittsburg, 190.

cessful, 64.
Raleigh, Sir Walter, his colonies not suc-
Rapidan River, 456.

Plague among New England Indians, Rebellion, the suppression of, a sacred


Plymouth, New, founded, 98.
Pocahontas saves Capt. Smith's life, 71;
baptism and marriage, 72; story of, 76;
received at English court, 83; death at
Gravesend, 84.

duty, 420.

Recruits for Washington, 283.
Red-coats in Boston, 207.

Regicides, the, sheltered in New England,


Rehoboth, Annawon captured near, 132.
Remonstrances of Congress, 216.

Pocasset, Weetamo, queen of, 128.
Pocket-compass, Capt. Smith explains to Representatives chosen by the people, 179.

Resources of the North and South, 455.
Restoration of the Union, 493.

Revere, Paul, ride of, 217; captured, 218;
grave of, 242.

the savages, 71.

Polk, James K, President, 363.
Ponce de Leon's expedition, 38, 51.
Pope, Gen., defeated at Manassas, 436.

Revolution, the eve of, 202.

Rhode Island founded by Roger Williams,

Richmond, Va., the Confederate capital,
422; capture of, 473.
Right of search, 314.
Riots in Boston, 207.
Rise of the American government, 178.
Robinson, Edmund, his witch story, 158.
Robinson, Mr., and his people seized by

soldiers, 93; escaped to Holland, 94.
Rolfe, John, marries Pocahontas, 72.
Ross, Gen., captures Washington city,


Routledge, John, in Congress, 215.
Royalists numerous in Philadelphia, 283.



St. Charles River, 63.

Saint Malo, Cartier sails from, 59, 63.
Salamanca, wise men of, 32.

Sanitary Commission, the, 498.
Santa Anna attempts to recover Texas,
361; commander in Mexican war, 366.
Saratoga, Burgoyne's surrender at, 288.
Savages of South America, 45.
Savannah, Oglethorpe's settlement at,
152 captured by Gen. Sherman, 460.
Schenectady, massacre at, 335.
Schools established by the Pilgrims, 113.

Scotch covenanters sold to be slaves in
Virginia, 75.

Scott, Gen, commander in Mexican war,
365 captures the city of Mexico, 371.
Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, well-reputed

persons at, 93.

Secession ordinances passed, 397; not
unanimously, 398; reasons for seces-
sion, 401.

Senegal taken by the French, 293.
Serpent mound near Brush Creek, Ohio,

Salem, 160.

San Francisco and New York united by South bridge at Concord, 224.

rail, 502.

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chester, 463.

Sherman, Gen., marches through Georgia,


Slave States, most of the loyal freed them-
selves from slavery, 464.

Slavery forbidden in Georgia, 156; the
story of, 340; unprofitable at the North,
profitable at the South, 344; opposition
to, 345, 346; discussion of, forbidden at
the South, 349; active hostility to, 355;
claimed by divine right, 356; encour

ged by Northern people, 392; abolish-
ment of, 464.

Slaves, not persons but things, 350; fugi-
tive, not free, 345: escaped, loyal, 431;
of men in arms free, 432:

sasoit, 103.
Sink-or-swim test for witches, 158.
Skeleton in armor found at Fall River.
Mass., 15; of Asiatic origin, 19.

Slave-trade, suppression of, provided for

in the Constitution, 340; encouraged by
England, 340, 392; horrors of the, 343-
Small-pox among English troops, 263.
Smith, Capt. John, 67; his cure for pro-

fanity, 68; saved by Pocahontas, 71,
8c; returns to England, 72; letter to
the Queen, 8o.
Sneyd, Honora, 294.
Snyder, Christopher, funeral of, 235.

South Carolina passes an ordinance of
secession, 397..

South Kingston, R. I., Indian fort at, 123.
Southern States, English in possession of,

[blocks in formation]

Stone Tower, Old, at Newport, R. I., 15.
Struggle, decisive, between French and
English, 335.

Stuart, Geo. H., president of the Christian
Commission, 501.

Stuyvesant, Peter, Governor of New Am-
sterdam, 139.

Suffrage, right of, secured, 505.
Sullivan, Gov., 242.
Sumner, Gov., 242.

Sumner, Charles, bust of, 238; assaulted
by Brooks, 387.

Swanzey, several whites killed near, 120.

Ship built in Massachusetts, 110.
Ships of the early explorers, 45.
Ships-of-war, five English, taken or de-

stroyed, 319.

Siberian elephant, 25.


Sickness at New Plymouth, 98; of Mas- Taylor, Gen. Zachary, on the Rio Grande,
364; President, 375; career of, 392.
Taxation oppressive, 325.
Taxed tea arrives in Boston, 208.
Taxes imposed on the Americans, 204.


Tea, tax on, voted, 207; destruction of,
211 tax levied on, 233; resolutions
against use of, 233.

Tennessee abolishes slavery, 464.
Teocallis, or temples of the sun, 22.
Terrors of Indian warfare, 123.
Texas revolts from Mexico, 358; offers to
join the United States, 361; admitted
to the Union, 362.
Ticonderoga, capture of Fort, 249.
Tidbits of French cookery tossed to In-
dian children, 86.

Tobacco introduced into England, 75;
used as currency, 75.
Towns, new, founded, 110.
Townshend, Charles, virtual Prime Min-
ister, proposed the tax on tea, 207.
Trade with the colonies forbidden, 216.
Treaty between France and America
against England, 290.

Trenton, victory at, 280.
Tripoli, expedition against, 313.
Tyler, John, President, 363.


Union Pacific Railroad, 505.

United colonies of New England, 114.
"Unknown Soldiers," graves of the, 494;
tribute to the, 498.


UNION, the North fought to defend the, Wesley, John, 151, 155.

[blocks in formation]


surveyor, 182; no questionable trans-
action ever alleged against him, 183;
campaign in Ohio, 188: surrenders at
Fort Necessity, 188; with Gen. Brad-
dock, 189; member of Congress, 215;
statue of, 238; memorial inscriptions,
238; head-quarters, 245; moves to New
York, 274; retreats into New Jersey,
276; crosses the Delaware, 279; re-
treats to Philadelphia, 279; at home,
301; elected President, 308; death of,
309; opposition to slavery, 345-
Washington elm, 262.
Washington, city of, the seat of govern-
ment, 313; public buildings at, burned
by the British, 324; threatened capture
of, 417.

Watson's Hill, Plymouth, 100.
Watt, James, invents the steam-engine,

Warren, Gen.,_217.
Washington, George, 179; his pedigree,
180; education, 181; accuracy as a


Webster, Daniel, opposed to slavery, 361.
Weetamo, Queen of Pocasset, 128
Wesley, Charles, secretary to Oglethorpe,

West India Islands, discovered by Colum-
bus, 45:

West Indies, lands in, given to slave-
holders, 340.
West Point, 293.

West Virginia restored to the Union, 418.
"When shall we three meet again?" 118.
Whitefield, George, in Georgia, 155.
White House, the, pillaged and burned,


Whitney, Eli, inventor of the cotton-gin,
35, 353.

Wilderness, the, 443, 456; battles in, 457.
William and Mary, 241.
William, Prince of Orange, 97.
Williams, Roger," godly and zealous,"

165; a friend of Cromwell, 165;
learned Dutch from Milton, 165; ban-
ished, 166; and the Pequot emissa-
Winchester, battle of, 463.
ries, 169.

Windom, William, Secretary of the Treas-

ury, 511.

Winslow, Edward, meets Massasoit, 100;

doctors Massasoit when sick, 103.
Winslow, Josiah, destroys Fort Narra-
gansett, 124.

Winthrop, Gov. John, 241.
Winthrop, Gov. John, Jr., 241.
Witchcraft in New England, 157.
Witches, sticking pins to discover, 157:
condemned to death, 158; hung, 163.
Wolfe, Gen., at Quebec, 194.
Writing Rock at Dighton, Mass., 14, 15:
inscription of Asiatic origin, 19.

York River, 424.

Yorktown, Cornwallis besieged at, 297;
surrender of Cornwallis, 298, 424.


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