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C. 55 and 54-Cæsar landed in Britain.

A.D. 43-Claudius began the conquest of Britain. 61-The Druids slaughtered; revolt of Boadicea. 7884-The Roman power established by Agricola. 81Agricola erected a line of forts. 121-Hadrian's Wall constructed. 207-210-Emperor Severus marched against the Caledonians. 410-Britain abandoned by the Romans..

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449-The Jutes settled in Kent. 477-The kingdom of Sussex founded by Ella. 495-Cerdic founded the kingdom of Wessex. 520-The Saxons defeated by Arthur. 547-Northumbria settled by the Angles. 597-Augustine landed in Kent. 664-Synod held at Whitby. 786— Egbert, a claimant of the throne, took refuge at the court of Charlemagne. 789-First landing of the Danes in England. 828-Egbert, having conquered a large part of the country, takes the title of "King of the English." 871-Alfred the Great became king. 879-Treaty of Wedmore. 890-Alfred issued his code of laws. 897-He built a fleet and conquered the Northmen. 901-Edward I. became king. 925-Æthelstan succeeded him: his death in 940; Edmund I. ruler. 946Edred king, followed by Edwy in 955. 959-Edgar became king. 960 (?) -Britain called England. 975-Struggle between the regular and secular clergy: Edward II., "the Martyr," became king. 978-Ethelred became king. 991-Invasion of the Danes. 1017-Canute, the Dane, chosen king: he divides England into four great earldoms, and is succeeded in 1036 by

Harold I.

1039-Hardicanute king. 1042-Edward III., "the Confessor," became king. 1049-Westminster Abbey begun.


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1066 Harold, last of the Saxon kings; invasion from Norway; battle of Stamford Bridge, September 25th; William of Normandy claimed the throne; invaded England; Harold killed at Battle of Hastings, October 14th; William crowned on Christmas Day. 1069-He harried the North. 1070-He reorganized the Church. 1071-The English defeated at Ely. invaded Scotland. 1076-He refused to become subject to the Pope. 1086All English landholders swore allegiance to William at Salisbury. 1087— William Rufus king. 1088-Rebellion of the barons suppressed. 1090-War made on Normandy. 1095-Second rebellion of the barons suppressed. -Death of William Rufus; Henry I. king; first charter of liberties. 1106— Normandy conquered. 1135-Stephen became king; Matilda, daughter of Henry I., claimed the crown. 1139-Civil war began. 1141-Matilda entered London in triumph, but was driven out and besieged; Stephen taken prisoner. 1153-Treat of Wallingford; Stephen retained as king. 1154-Death of Stephen; Henry II. king. 1170-Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, murdered; end of the old English Chronicles. 1171-Partial conquest of Ireland. 1173-Henry's wife and sons rebelled against him. 1174-Rebellion of barons suppressed. 1176—England divided into judicial circuits by Asize of Northampton. 1180-Knights Templars established. 1183-Henry's sons again rebelled. 1189-Richard Cœur de Lion king; he goes on a crusade. 1192-Richard taken prisoner. 1194-England ransomed the King; he returned and was re-crowned. 1199-John became king. 1199-John became king. 1203—Murder (?) of Arthur. 1204-Loss of Normandy. 1209-John excommunicated by the 1213-He became the Pope's vassal. 1215-The Great Charter, June

Pope. 15th.

1216 War between John and the barons; Henry III. became king. 1264 -War of the barons; Battle of Lewes; collegiate system begun by the founding of Merton College, Oxford. 1265-Rise of the House of Commons under Earl Simon de Montfort; Battle of Evesham, the Earl killed. 1272-Courts of Exchequer, King's Bench and Common Pleas fully organized; Edward I. became king. 1284-Conquest of Wales. 1290-The Jews expelled from England. 1294-Alliance between Scotland and France against England. 1295-First complete Parliament. 1295-6-War with Scotland. 1297-Edward confirmed the charters; consent of Parliament established as necessary to taxation. 1298-William Wallace executed. 1303-6-Renewed war with Scotland; defeat of Bruce. 1307-Edward II. became king. 1314-Battle of Bannockburn. 1322-House of Commons gains a share in legislation. 1326-Roger Mortimer and the Queen conspire against Edward.


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