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[The following are titles of special pamphlets printed for use in connection with the various exhibits.]


Argentina. Department of education. Education in Argentina. Folder. Illus.
Carnegie Institute of Washington, D. C. Scope of organization . . . 4th issue,
February 4, 1915. [Washington, 1915.] 45 p. illus. 8°.
Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund. Open-air schools. [Chicago, 1915.]

Japan. Department of education. Education in Japan, prepared for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915. Tokyo [1914]. 187 p. diagr. 8°.

Massachusetts. Board of education. Vocational education in Massachusetts. Boston, Wright & Potter printing co., State printers, 1915. 151 p. 8°. (Bulletin, 1915, no. 6.)

Reprinted from the 78th report of the Massachusetts board of education.

Contains: 1. Continuation schools; 2. Training classes for teachers in vocational schools; 3. State-aided vocational-agricultural education; 4. Statistics regarding Stateaided vocational schools, 1913–14.


National Education Association and International Congress of Education. annual convention, Oakland, Cal., August 16-28, 1915. Complementary souvenir book. [Oakland, 1915.] 189 p. illus. 8° New York (State).

Department of education. The University of the State of New York. Powers and duties, etc. Circular of information for distribution at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Albany, N. Y.,. 1915. 30 p. 8°.

Oregon. State department of education. Rural school exhibit. Standard rural schools, industrial clubs, and playgrounds. Salem, Oreg., State printing department [1915]. 20 p. 16° oblong.

Compiled by E. F. Carleton, assistant superintendent of public instruction. Standardization of rural schools. Salem, Oreg., 1915. 5 p. 16. Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Division of exhibits. Department B-Education and social economy. Official catalog of exhibitors. Francisco, The Wahlgreen company, 1915. 50 p. 8°. Contains also Department C-Social economy, p. 32-33.


Philippine Islands. The Philippine public school at the Panama International Exposition [San Francisco, Marnell & co., 1915.] 63 p. illus. 16". University of Wisconsin. University extension. The work of the extension division for the biennium 1912-14. Madison, Wis., 1915. 14 p.



Agricultural education, 35, 71-74.
Alaska, schools, 19-20.
American Baptist Home Mission Society, exhibit, 92.
American Library Association, exhibit, 81–86.
American Medical Association, exhibiv, 86.
American Missionary Association, exhibit, 92.
American Mouth Hygiene Association, exhibit, 86.
American Social Hygiene Association, exhibit, 86–89.
Argentina, exhibit, 69–75.
Astronomical investigations, 92.
Atypical children, California, 28–32.
Bibliography, 109.
Biology, investigations, 91.
Bureau of Education, exhibit, 11-21.
('ache La Poudre School, Colo., community extension work, 13.
California, exhibit, 25–34; library service, 84.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, exhibit, 91-92.
Child labor reform, 102-103.
Children's Bureau, exhibit, 21-24.
Children's libraries, growth, 82.
China, exhibit, 75–77.
Churches, educational work, 92–94.
City exhibits, 61-68.
Claxton, P. P., letter of transmittal, 5.
Commercial education, exhibit, 71, 107-108.
Community extension work, 13.
Consolidation of schools, Indiana, statistics, 34–35; practical ideal, 15.
Continuation schools, 102; Wisconsin, 55–56.
Corn club work, Tougaloo University, Tougaloo, Miss., 92.
Cuba, exhibit, 78.
Educational foundations, endowment and purpose, 21.
Elimination of pupils from school, 15.
Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund, exhibit, 95–96.
Evening schools, New York City, 62.
Farragut School, Tenn., country-school life, 13-15.
Feeble-minded. See Atypical children.
Fine arts, exhibit, 96-98.
Foreign nations, exhibits, 69–80.
Gary, Ind., school system, 63–68.
Geological studies, 92.
Government exhibit. See United States.
Harvard University, development, 16.
Heredity, experiments, 91.
High schools, Utah, 50.

Hookworm disease, exhibit, 104.

Higher education, development, 16-17. See also Universities.

Hygiene, city and country children compared, 17-19; social, 86-89; teaching by

demonstration, 104. See also School Hygiene.

Illinois, exhibit, 32-34.

India, educational work of Methodist Episcopal Church, 93.

Indian Affairs Bureau, school exhibit, 24.

Indiana, exhibit, 34-35.

Iowa, exhibit, 35-36.

Japan, exhibit, 78-79.

Journalism, agricultural, Iowa, 36.

Junior colleges, Missouri, 40.

Kirksville, Mo., model of rural school, 13.

Lectures, public, New York City, 62.

Letter of transmittal, 5.

Libraries, exhibit of American Library Association, 81-86; rural school, Wisconsin,


Library extension work, Wisconsin, 53-54.

Library training schools, list, 86.

Magnetism, terrestrial, exhibit, 91–92.

Manual art education, exhibit, 96-98.

Massachusetts, exhibit, 36-40.

Medical education, 86.

Methodist Episcopal Church, educational work, 92–93.

Minnesota, University of, development, 17.

Missouri, exhibit, 40-41.

Money value of education, 18.

Montessori Demonstration School, exhibit, 98-99.

Motion pictures, 25-26.

Mouth Hygiene, 86.

Museums, educational, 106-107.

N. W. Harris Public School Extension, exhibit, 99-101.

National Child Labor Committee, exhibit, 102–103.

Negro, advancement, 19.

New York, exhibit, 41-43.

New York City, provisions for education, 61–62.

One-room rural schoolhouse, Illinois, 34.

"One-teacher" school, 13.

Open-air schools, Chicago, 95; Fresno, Cal., 28.

Oregon, exhibit, 43-44.

Pennsylvania, exhibit, 44-47.

Philippine Islands, exhibit, 58–60.

Pope, A. E., on policy of the education department, 7-8.

Progress in education since 1877, 11.

Protestant Episcopal Church, educational work, 93–94.

Public health service, 24.

Public lectures, New York City, 62.

Recreational activities, Utah, 50.

Rockefeller Foundation International Health Commission, exhibit, 104.

Rural schools, Illinois, 34; model 13; sanitation and hygiene, 17-18; standardization,
Oregon, 43-44.

St. Louis Educational Museum, exhibit, 106–107.

Salt Lake City, Utah, recreational activities, 50.

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School architecture, California, 27-28.

School-extension work, 99-101.

School hygiene, 17, 19, 24, 44-47. See also Hygiene.

Sex education, 89.

Smith College, exhibit, 104-105.

Social centers, New York City, 62.

State exhibits, 25-60.

Supervision, centralization of, with decentralization of service, 41-42.

Technical education, Argentina, 71.

Tougaloo University, Miss., corn club work, 92.

United States Government, exhibit, 11-24.

Universities, Argentina, 74-75; development, 16-17; Japan, 79.

University extension, Wisconsin, 52–55.

Uruguay, exhibit, 79–80.

Utah, exhibit, 47–50.

Vacation schools, New York City, 62.

Virginia, exhibit, 51.

Vocational education, 36-40.

Wider use of school plant, New York City, 62.

Wisconsin, exhibit, 52-58.

Wisconsin, University of, extension work, 52–55.
Women, higher education, 104-105.


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