Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass

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Scott Hahn, Regis J. Flaherty, Leon J. Suprenant
Emmaus Road Publishing, 2004 - 203 pagini

Scripture & the Mystery of the Mass will help Catholics and non-Catholics alike develop a better understanding of the Mass. Edited by Scott Hahn and Regis Flaherty, with a foreword by Bishop Robert C. Morlino, Scripture & the Mystery of the Mass brings you such prominent Catholic authors as Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Tim Gray, Edward Sri, Curtis Mitch, Leon J. Suprenant, and others. Each chapter explores the biblical foundation of the Mass in light of Church teaching, going to heart of topics like “The Mass and Evangelization," “The Eucharist in the Apostolic Church,” and “The Mass and the Apocalypse.”



This book is one of four books in the Catholic for a Reason Series.



Authors: Edward Sri, Curtis Mitch, Scott Hahn, Thomas Nash, Tim Gray, Sean Innerst, Stephen Pimentel, Michael Barber, Leon J. Suprenant, Curtis Martin, Jeff Cavins, and Kimberly Hahn. Foreword by Bishop Robert C. Morlino.



About the Catholic for a Reason Series: This benchmark series brings together the expert knowledge and personal insight of today’s top Catholic apologists on topics at the heart of the Catholic faith. Whether you’re a non-Catholic who wants to learn about the Church’s teaching, or a Catholic who wants to become a more articulate defender of the faith, the Catholic for a Reason series is for you.

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He Died Once but His Sacrifice Lives
From Jewish Passover to Christian Eucharist
Time for Liturgy
The Eucharist in the Apostolic Church
The Mass and the Apocalypse
The Difference Jesus Makes
The Mass and Evangelization
A Marriage Made in Heaven
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