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I wish to say a few words concerning the title of this book, that I may not be considered as having failed to accomplish that which I never attempted. I mean that it has been in no degree my design to write a series of Tales of the Passions—devoting each Tale to the development of one of them. Whether, indeed, such a method is well-fitted to fictitious composition of any kind, may

be matter of considerable doubt. At the time that the attempt was made in a dramatic shape, by a lady of unquestionable powers, the subject underwent very full discussion. The chief metaphysical objection brought forward was that the Passions, as embodied in action, are, for the most part, so interwoven one with another, that the endeavour to delineate them singly almost necessarily leads either to a misnomer, or, which is of far more importance, to the sacrifice of the general truth of the representation, in favour of the passion singled out to form the main subject of the piece.

Whether or not there be any real foundation

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