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Genealogy of the Perrin family from one Thomas Perrin, who lived in Hebron, Conn., 1721.

Thomas Perrin, first, lived in Hebron, Conn., 1721. He was a descendent of one of three brothers, who came over from Plymouth, England in 1620. Two of the brothers died and were buried at Pylmouth, Mass.

He was twice married. His first wife having died, he married Sarah Hartwell, who died July 18th, 1742. He died at Hebron, Conn., Sept. 17th 1753.

His children and his descendents rise up and call him blessed. His seed is numerous and mighty in influence and valor for freedom, and worldwide democracy.

Children of Thomas Perrin I:

Thomas Perrin II. Stephen, Sarah, Hannah, born, Nov. 8th, 1721.

Thomas Perrin second, married Jerusha Porter, Feb. 14th, 1738, who died May 23rd, 1754. Childern of this marriage were: Thomas Perrin, third, born Jan. 1st, 1739; Solomon, born Feb. 24th, 1744; Aaron, born Sept. 14th, 1746; Lydia, born March 19th, 1748; Zachariah, born March 8th, 1749; Ephraim, born July 2nd, 1752.

Thomas Perrin, second, married the second time, Elizabeth Williams.

Children of this union were: John, born July 8th, 1755; Elizabeth, born Jan. 20th, 1757; Lucy, born Sept. 17th, 1758; Betty, born Oct. 26th, 1761; Jeremiah, born; Charlotte, born March 5th, 1763.

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We have no date of the death of Elizabeth Williams Perrin, the mother of the children above. Thomas Perrin, second, married the third time, Martha Seavey. He removed from Hebron, Conn., to Granville, N. Y., 1770, where he died 1820. Before he left Hebron, Conn., there were born to him: Thomas Perrin, third, born April 14th, 1764; Andrew, born June 19th, 1766; William Porter, born July 22nd, 1768; Martha, born April 16th, 1770.

Ephraim, his son, was born after he left Hebron, Conn., at Granville, N. Y., where he also died, 1848, having been the husband of three wives, and the father of twenty-six children. One of his wives, the second being the mother of three pair of twins Ephraim in this particular is the most illustrious of our branch of the family.

Thomas Perrin, third, removed in the year 1791 from Granville, N. Y. to Brantford, Ont., Canada, afterwards to Mount Pleasant, five miles south, and there he died, and was buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. When 15 years of age I remember seeing and reading the inscription on his tomb stone:

Evidence from the tombstone of Captain Thomas Perrin III. erected in the Mit. Pleasiant Cemetery, read and copied by Albert Edward Perrin,


Generations, of the Perrin Family

son of Andrew and Mary Ann Perrin, Mt. Vernon, Feb. 7. 1921, and sent to Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Ill., U. S., Feb. 7. 1921, author of the Generations of the Perrin family and relations."

“Sacred to the memory of Capt. Thomas Perrin,
who departed this life March 27th, 1835, aged
72 years and seven months.
Caroilne Perrin, daughter of Thomas and Eli-
zabeth Perrin, departed this life June 8th, 1822,
aged 11 years.

Mary Ann Perrin, daughter of Thomas and
Elizabeth Perrin, departed this life May 16th,
1830, aged 8 years and 3 months.

Read on the tombstone by Albert Edward Perrin in the Mt. Vernon, Ont., Cemetery:

In memory of Mary, wife Col. Thomas Perrin,
who died January 10th, 1860, aged 59 years.

We mourn that one so dearly loved
Is laid within this tomb;
But faith directs to joys above,
Where sorrows ne'er can come.

Sacred to the memory of Col. Thomas Perrin.
Died July 15th, 1870, aged 79 years, 9 months

and 12 days. This simple Tablet marks a Fathers bier, and those we loved in life in death we meet.

Children of Thomas Perrin III:

Colonel Thomas Perrin IV., born in Springfield, Mass., 1791, and died July 15th, 1870, at Mount Vernon, Ontario.

David Perrin, born, married Charlotte McMullen. Of this union were born Hiraim, William Henry, and several daughters, among them Elizabeth and Emily.

Mary or Polly, born. Married E. Walker Lowell, Mich.

Orry, born 1803 at Brantford, Ontario, married John A. Johnson, of Rochester, N. Y., who was born 1797, and died 1862. Orry was the mother of Elizabeth, who married Mr. Edward Long of St. Mary's, Ontario. He was prominent merchant and member of the Methodist church.

Betz, born. Married Mr. Daniel Secord of Oakland, Ontario. Of this union were born several children, among them Henry, who attended the Mt. Pleasant Academy, a promising youth, and student. He grew to be a man of prominence and sterling character. He moved to Prince Edward Island and engaged in book business.


Rhennath, born. Married Mr. Charles Meyers of Scotland, Ontario. this union were born several children.

Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


Emily, born.

Married Mr. Benjamin Skinner.

Caroline, born, died at 14 years of age. Few are born to live to old age, many die in infancy. Some, like fragrant flowers bloom and scatter their fragrance on the desert air; and some are called early to share the joys and friendship of heaven, they are not lost but gone before, children are God's heritage. (Compiler).

Sarah, born, married Christopher Misner, Oakland, Ontario. Of this union were several bright and pomising children, I visited them when a youth with my father and mother, and have never forgotten the children with whom I played, and the boys with whom I wrestled. In after years I met one of the grown sons in Paola, Kansas, when I was pastor of the Methodist church, 1878.

Hiraim, born. Passed away in infancy.

Colonel Thomas Perrin IV, was the father by his first wife of Thomas Perrin Jr. V., born May 3rd, 1817 at Mt. Pleasant, Ontario, married Esther Westbrook March 31st, 1841, Oakland, Ont.


He was a prominent merchant at Mount Vernon, Ont., a loyal citizen- —а useful member of the Methodist church. He was gifted as aControversalist; was well read in the history of his time. He had many friends. He died suddenly, at Mt. Vernon, Ont., July 3rd, 1882, and was buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery. He was the father of Caroline A. born August 14th, 1842 at Mount Pleasant, Ont., who married Mr. Joseph Shaw June 15th, 1864 at Mt. Vernon, Ont., at her father's home. Mr. Shaw was a brother of the Rev. John Shaw, D. D. and Rev. Robert Shaw, B. A. I visited his father's home at Goderich, Ont., in my college days in company with Rev. Robert Shaw.

Thomas A., VI born Sept. 27th, 1844, at Mount Vernon, Ont., attended the common school and Victoria College, Cobourg, Ont. He studied medicine at Detroit, Mich., and practiced medicine at Cheboyagan, Mich. Married Miss

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Generations of Perrin Family

Frances V. Mattoon Jan. 1st, 1870, at Cheboyagan, Mich. He moved to San Jose, Calif., where as a physician he succeeded in his profession. He was a father of several children. He died after years of practice as a physician at San Jose, Calif.

Margaret J., born Oct. 23rd, 1846, at Mt. Vernon, Ont. She was for years a sufferer, patient and submissive to God's will, she had no fears, and was trustful to the last, she was a bright Christian girl and passed to her reward, June 5th, 1871, at Mt. Vernon, and was buried in the home cemetery.

Elizabeth A., born March 13th, 1849 at Mt. Vernon, Ont. Married Mr. James Craig, Feb. 25th, 1879.

William E., born May 27th, 1857. He was a druggist.

Charles A., born Nov. 14th, 1853 at Mt. Vernon, Ont. Married Laura C. Rose August 24th, 1887, at Nundae, N. Y. He was a physician at Marquette, Mich.

He was a Henry A., born March 31st, 1859, at Mount Vernon, Ont. druggist.

Children of Col. Thomas Perrin by first wife continued:

Permelia, born at Mt. Pleasant, Ont., 1819. Married Mr. Joel Chrysler 1839, died 1850 at Mt. Vernon, Ont., and was buried in the Mt. Vernon cemetery. Permelia was the mother of Mary Chrysler, who married Mr. Herbert Bigger, Mt. Pleasant, Ont., Helen, Issac, Edward. Edward and his wife and one child I met at Kansas City, Mo., 1878.

Children of Col. Thomas Perrin IV, by second wife, whose maiden name was Mary Ann Peat, daughter of Arnold Peat, Esq. born 1801 in Batavia, N. Y., and who died at Mount Vernon, Ont., Jan. 10, 1860.

David Perrin, born at Mount Pleasant, Ont., March 21st, 1824. He was educated in the common school, and at Victoria college, Cobourg, Ont. He was a member of the Methodist church. He was a prominent merchant and farmer. He married Henrietta Daniel, daughter of Lawrence Daniel Esq., August 27th, 1846, at Burford, Ont. He passed to his reward Dec. 18th, 1901, five days after the death of his wife Dec. 13th 1901. Two children preceded them to the “better land.” Wm. Wallace, born Sept. 26th, 1847, died Nov. 2nd, 1855, Wellington, born Feb. 9th, 1853, died June 30th 1853. His property was left to three nephews, Chas. E. Daniel, F. T. Perrin, and Albert E. Perrin.

Caroline Perrin, born at Mt. Pleasant, Ont., married William Jones, Mt. Pleasant, Ont., member of the Methodist church, Caroline died at Mt. Pleasant, Ont., 1843. I visited her in company with my mother in her last sickness.

Eliza Jane Perrin, born 15th, 1828 at It, Pleasant, Ont., married Thomas Daniel Oct. 13th, 1851. at Mt. Vernon, Ont., who died March 24th, 1905, at Burford, Ont., in his 85th year.

Children of Thomas Daniel and Eliza Jane Perrin Daniel:

Arthur Wellington, born April 27th, 1853, Blenheim Township, Ontario, address, Fullerton, Cal.

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