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Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


In 1878 I was appointed by Bishop Matthew Simpson, pastor at Paola, County seat of Miami. A union revival in all the churches was instrumental in the gathering of many souls into the Kingdom. Rev. Allen Buckner also conducted a revival in the M. E. Church several confessed Christ as a personal Saviour and united with the Church.

While serving as pastor at Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, a change in the boundaries of the Kansas Conferene by setting off the South Kansas Conference, was made, I became a charter member of the South Kansas Conference and was its Recording Secretary for five years.

In 1878 I was transferred to the Detroit Conference by Bishop M. Merrill, L. L. D., and appointed pastor at Whitmore Lake and Hamburg, Michigan.

In 1879 pastor on Washington Circuit, 1880-82 pastor at Richmond, Mich. Here a brick parsonage was built, and occupied by the pastor. A revival was held and many united with the Church.

1882 pastor, Iron Mountain. Here a new parsonage was built and occupied by the pastor. A gracious revival was held and many souls. converted and added to the Church.

1883 pastor at Champion. Here a revival was held and there were some remarkable convesions and additions to the Church.

1884 I was transferred to Central Illinois Conference, by Bishop W. H. Ninde, L. L. D., and was appointed by Bishop Thomas Bowman to Orion, Illinois. The parsonage and church were improved and the benevolence increased.

1885-86 pastor at New Windsor and Viola, revivals were held at both appointments.

1887–88 pastor at Bradford, ill., here was held a gracious revival, many souls converted and added to the Church.

1888 pastor at Tiskilwa, Ill.

1889 Flanagan Circuit, many souls saved in meetings and united to the Church.

1890 Rutland and Dana, Ill.
1891 pastor at Verona, Ill.

This year Williard Scott, age 12 years, 3 months, 10 days, lost his: life by railroad accident, while crossing the track at the station, this was a sore affliction.

1892 pastor at Gardner, Ill.

1893 Cornell, Ill., a revival was held and many souls converted and added to the Church.

1894 Transferred to the Southern Illinois Conference by Bishop Wm. F. Mallalien, L. L. D.

1894—95 pastor at Walnut Hill.
1895—96 pastor at Wayne City.

At both of these appointments souls were saved and added to the Church.

Retired 1896 by reason of Malarial fever.

Member of the Masonic fraternity, made a Master Mason, Baldwin, Kans., 1871.


Generations of the Perrin Family

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Chaplin of Palmyra Lodge No. 23, 1871–72.
Author of booklet on Free Masonery, 1887.

Chaplin of Soldier's Orphan Home, Normal, ill., 1899, Supt. of Sunday
School October and November.

Author Sunday School Perquisites.

The Perrin Collection Envelope; the Perrin Teachers Class Book; Perfection Sunday School Records; Sunday School Library Record, other publications.

1897 Faith at the Cross, a Christmas Souvenir.
1910 Ave Maria, Poems and Songs,
1912—10 Mother's Day Programs and Songs.
1914-19 Father's Day Program and Songs.
1914-19 Patriotic Songs, composed during and after the war..
New National Anthem.
Prayer for the World's Peace.
When the Boys Come Marching Home.
1915 The Soul of Things, 16 chapters, for Ministers and Laymen.

1918 Compiled a Book of Sermons and Addresses by Bishops, Educators, Pastors, Superintendents, Editors, President of Colleges, Ministers of other churches in the United States and Canada.

1919 Compiled a booklet on the Generations of the Perrin flamily from 1620 to 1920.

1919 In Memoriam on the lives we knew in prose and poetry.

1919, Jesus, The Joy of Life, published in the Northwestern Christian Advocate, September 3rd, 1919.

1919, An Auto-bi-ography of his work in the Ministry of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ont., Canada, and of the Methodist Episcopal Church, United States, during the past 60 years, 1859—1919.

This being my Diamond Jubilee I condense the facts of my Ministry:

Sermons preached 6820, including Sabbath and Revival sermons on 25
Circuits and Stations.

1050 Funeral Services conducted.
250 Marriages performed.
300 Adults and Children baptized.
2500 persons received into the Methodist Church.

Built 3 churches and 3 parsonages, other churches and parsonages improved.

Written many articles for religious and secular papers on a variety of subjects, patriotic, religious, secular and historical.

1920 Compiled a collection of Spiritual Hymns, patriotic songs, and stirrings melodies, in three volumes from many published song books, many of these songs were sung by congregations during his ministry.

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Beloved wife of Rev. D. A. Perrin, B. A., was born in Lockport, N. Y., July 12th, 1839, and died in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, U. S., November 23rd, in sure and blessed hope of eternal life.

Annabella removed, with her parents, William and Sarah Tyler, to Jackson, Michigan, and from thence to Erin, Canada, May, 1842, where she continued to reside until united in marriage with her husband, June 23d, 1863.

From a child she had known the Holy Scriptures. At four years of age she read a chapter in the Bible; and, to the day of her departure, she ceased not to read that holy book. All through her childhood she was blessed with religious teaching and Divine influence under the family roof-tree.

At an early age, while attending a camp-meeting at Oakville, Canada, in company with her sister, Nellie, she clearly saw that her privilege was to be saved, then and now,—and she sought and found her blessed Saviour, who gave her a new heart, and directed her to run with joy the highway to heaven. She received a liberal and Christian education under the fostering care of loving parents.

At eighteen years of age she attended the Wesleyan Female College at Dundas, now of Hamilton. Annabella, and two of her female friends, were the first students in that institution, all of whom are now re-united in the "better” land.

Well prepared for life's mission, she united with her husband, in the 34

Generations of the Perrin Family

work of the Lord, seeking by "labors abundant” and intensity of desire the “lost' of the food.

Her life was Christ's. It was for Him and His glory she lived. She brought all her talenis and laid them at His feet. Her voice resounded with His praise, and many will remember her familiar voice, that once led the militant host of God in worship. She spent and was spent for Christ. Her strength wis Christ's and spent it all in His service.

For her to live was Christ. For six years she labored with her husband in connection with the Wezleyan Me hodist Church of Canada, and for nearly seven years in Karcas, in connection with the Methodist Episcopal Church. During these years her life was Christ'3. She labored for the salvation of souls especially the young, and many will rise up to call her blessed. Truly, like her adorable Lord, she “went about doing good.” None really knew her but to love her. He: uniformly Christ-like life was beautiful, and her Christian iniluence distilled, as the W of heaven, on those around her. Loving and beloved she drew around her mạny attached friends, some of whom she has joined in heaven.

Her last illness was of short duration, and almost free from pain. She sank calmly away from us. Hers was a testimony of a life lived in Christ and for Christ, yet in death she spake words of comfort to those she was about to leave behind. When asked by a mother in Israel "Is all well,” she replied, “Oh, yes, it has been all well for a long time.'' When, in her dying moments, her husband 'repeated, “Absent from the body'' —she took the words from his lips—"present with the Lord.” When asked, by the same, ‘There remaineth a rest' for whom?'she answered, distinctly, 'For the people of God!'” And, when the couplet was repeated,

God is love, I know, I feel

Jesus weeps and loves me still,” she said, “Loves me still—still.”.

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She had lived in Christ and for Christ, and naw she lives with Christ. “To die is gain.” Appropriate servies were held in commemoration of her life, in the midst of those she last loved and labored, in the State of Kansas, and in Erin, Canada, where her casket, containing all that was mortal, was deposited in the family plot, and a suitable monument was erected to her memory by her husband.


A life beyound was sung at early dawn,
Hard by the empty tomb where Jezus had lain,
The message “He's risen” was as the light of dawn,
To them who remembered there “He was slain”,
Oh, our friends pass on with exultant tread,
There's no death to them pillowed on Jesus' breast,
Faith sees them crowned with life that ne'er shall end,
Safe in His peresence and forever blest.


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The above picture is that of the Rev. William S. Griffin, D. D. Who for five years was pastor of the Mount Pleasant Circuit. He preached at 10:30 each Sunday morning, and at Mt. Vernon 2:30 P. M. He was the pastor of my fathers family, and through his instrumentaliy, I wlas converted to God, baptized, and received into the Wesleyan Methodist Church in my 15th year. I look upon him as my spiritual flather; and after receiving my education I was a member of the same Conference. It is seldom says Dr. J. M. Buckley, that one converted, baptized, and received into the Church by la pastor, beomes a member of the same Conference—which happened in my, case.

In 1859 I was received on probation in the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Canada, and with Dr. Griffin was a member of the same Conference for nine years. Dr. Griffin was for many years General Treasurer of the Superannuated fund. He passed to his reward, November 1917, full of years and honor.

The long and active life of Dr. Griffin as a Methodist minister is notable in many ways, he was 68 years in the roll of active service, and 46 of these years was spent in active work on Circuits. In later years we corresponded with each other, and in my port-folio I have preserved some of his choice letters, now that he is gone, I cherish gratefully his memory and recall many pleasant reminisicenses of his life.

D. A. PERRIN. One of his letters:

Toronto, November 6th, 1916, he writes: Dear Bro. Perrin: I reeived your welcome letter, I am delighted to know you are still on hand and that your family are in such good positions, I have thought of you thousands of times and wondered where you were, almost all our old friends are gone; very few of the preachers are here that were here when you entered the work. There is only one here now that I know of who was here when I entered the work, so changes continually take place, but remember the Lord changes not, and our Saviour is the same, yesterday, to-day, and forever."

Yours Very Truly, W. S. GRIFFIN.

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