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Generations of the Perin Family

Biographical Sketch of Eliza Jane Perrin Daniel

Eliza Jane Perrin Daniel, daughter of Col. Thomas Perrin, Sr., and Mary Ann Perrin, horn in Mount Pleasant, Ont., May 15th, 1828, removed with the family to Mt. Vernon, Ont., 1839. Her education was obtained at the home district school, in Mt. Vernon, Ont. She followed in the footsteps of her sainted mother, and early united with the Wesleyan Methodist church, and became an active worker. She was married to Mr. Thomas Daniel of Blenheim Township, Oct. 13th, 1857. She was the beloved mother of eight children living, and one daughter who early went to her crowning in heaven. The other eight children grew to manhood and womanhood. They are:

Arthur W. (Daniel) who moved to Fullerton, Calif., born April 27th, 1853 in Blenhem Township, Ont, Canada. Married Margaret Key, Dec. 25th, 1878. Age 19. Ceremony performed by Rev. R. Milgart. Children of this union are:

Luella, born June 27th, 1880.
Jennie, (died June 25, 1917).

Jennie Thesda, born Jan. 25, 1883. Married Nov. 25th, 1903, William Frederick Nunlest, to them were born three children: Margaret Caroline, Frederick Arthur. William Daniel, Sarah Josephine, born July 31, 1894. Married John Briton Langford, Dec. 12th, 1918.

Martha Caroline, born Sept. 4th, 1854. Married James O. Lewis, Feb. 20th, 1882. Children:

Sadie, born June 1st, 1883, married May 11th, 1903 to James J. Moody, Selkirk, Man.

Spencer Herbert, born August 4th, 1884, gave his life in France for the world's peace, June 2nd, 1916.

Jennie E., born Jan. 2nd, 1886, married June 26th, 1912 to George Nelson Broatch (Barrister), Moose Jaw, Man. Children: Lewis and Grace, Cyrena, born April 26th, 1889.

Marshall Frederick, born June 27th, 1857, fourth concession of Blenheim Township, Ont., Canada. Married May 28th, 1884, Mary Cassady, by Rev. R. J. Eliot, born of this union:

Carrie May, Daniel, born Nov. 16th, 1885. Address 178 Baisam avenue, Hamilton, Ont.

Charles Edward, born Sept. 4th, 1858, Blenheim Towhnship, Ont., Canada. Married October 4th, 1885, Maud May Townsend.

Children of this union:
Thomas Edward, born Sept 2nd, 1886, Blenheim Township, Ont.
Sarah Ariel, born Sept. 4th, 1890. Bleinheim Township, Ont.
Della Edeith, born Oct. 5th, 1892, Blenheim Township, Ont.

Thomas Perrin, born July 31st, 1860. Bleinheim Township, Ont. Married Martha Mound June 20th, 1893. Children of this union:

Clara Anna, born June 22nd, 1895, Blenheim Township, Ont.
Purvis Muma, born Sept. 8th, 1901.
Marshall Owen, born Feb. 6th, 1907.

William Henry, born Nov. 14th, 1861, Blenheim Towhnship, Richwood, Ont., Canada. Married Elizabeth J. Findley, age 19. Ceremony performed by Rev. Reevess, Sept. 21, 1887.

Chidren of this union:
Estella F.. born August 3rd, 1890. Millington, Mich.
Metza C., born Feb. 29th, 1892, Millington, Mich.

They were graduated at the high school Millington, Mich. The family moved from Millington, Mich., to Fullerton. Calif. Metza C., is a teacher in the public school near her home. Estella F., is a missionary in Valparaiso, Chile, South America, “And is happy in her work.".

Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


Wallace David, born April 1st, 1863, Blenheim Township, Oxford county, Ont., Canada. Married Alice Haverill Sept. 18th, 1889. Of this union was born Iola Bell June 10th, 1894, Paris, Ontario.

Wallace did much to comfort his aged parents by his sympathy and kind attentions. And especially his mother when bereaved of her husband, and was left alone in her home in Burford. Through Wallace I sent my last message of love to my sister which was delivered to her before she passed to her reward.

James Harley, born July 2nd, 1864, Blenheim Township, Richwood, Ont., Canada. Married Martha J. Porter, born Oct. 12th, 1863, Townsend Township, Canada Childern of this union:

William Clement, born August 10th, 1897, Carbing, Man.
Charles Delbert, Joseph Harley, born March 14th, 1865, ranford, Calif.
Martha J. Daniel, Sept. 11th, 1911, Mount Vernon, Ont., Canada. Died.
Second marriage:

J. Harley Daniel, married Rebecca C. Alberts, Sept. 8th, 1915, Los: Angeles, Calif, born April 16th, 1863, Jacksonville, Ore.

Sons marriage: Chas. Delbert and Jesse Faye, McNicolas, Nov. 28th, 1917.

Biographical Sketch of Thomas Daniel.

Thomas Daniel of Burford, at the ripe age of 84, passed to his reward. The deceased was a son of the late Henry and Esther Daniel, and was born in Bleinheim township, May 7th, 1821. His parents were of English descent, born in the Province of New Brunswick, and came to Ontario about 1814. When deceased was only 10 years old his father was killed by a falling tree. The only education he received was what he taught himself with the assistance of an elder brother, and a little later by attending a night school at Galt, Ont. Working during the day in the Woolen Mills of that town. Mr. Daniel was ambitious of success, and later he became manager of the same mills. Finally renting and succesfully operating the Galt Woolen Mills. In 1849 he moved to the fourth con. of Blenheim, where he erected a fine brick residence, about 12 mile west of Smith's Greek. Four years later he sold his property and purchased a farm, one mile further west: where he resided for 31 years.

From there he went to Burford Township, and purchased a small farm one mile north of the village. Seven years later he moved into the village, where he lived until his death, While living on his farm in Blenheim he, with five others, were instrumental in building the Methodist churrh at Fichwood, of which he was a faithful member.


Daniel-Eliza Jane Perrin was born May 15th, 1828, near Mt. Pleasant, County of Brant, Ont., and departed this life on Wednesday, July 24th. 1912. The deceased was a daughter of the late Colonel Thomas and Mary Perrin. When she was 12 years of age the family moved to Mt. Vernon. Here she received her early education, and united with the Wesleyan Methodist church, of which she was a faithful and useful member during all her life. On Oct. 13th, 1851, she was married to Mr. Thomas Daniel, of the 4th concession of Blenheim township, where she lived with her husband for 28 years, moving then to Burford village, where she had resided ever since. Mrs. Daniel was a loving wife and indulgent parent, who will be much missed from the home circle, to which she was greatly attached. Mr. Thomas Daniel, her patner in life, preceded her about seven years ago, and with him had labored and given for the erection of the Methodist church at Richwood, in


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Arihur W., Marshall F., Wallace D., Charles E., Martha C., Perrin T., William H., J. Harley.



Thomas Daniel, Eliza Jane Perrin Daniel.



Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


whose cemetery her remains were laid to rest in the hope of the resurrection, on Friday, July 26th. Mrs. Daniel was the mother of seven sons and two daughters, all of whom are still living, but one daughter, ho died when a young girl.

"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them," Rev. 14, Chapter 13th Verse.

Biographical Sketch of Rev. D. A. Perrin, M. A., D. D.

The son of Colonel Thomas and Mary Ann Peat Perrin, born near Brantford, Ontario, Canada, March 21st, 1839. Moved with my parents and their family when six months old to Mount Vernon, seven miles west of Brantford, where I spent my boyhood days. Here I attended the common school. At. 13 yearsof age I was sent by my parents to the Central School, Galt, Ont., Robert McLean, head master. At 15 I attended Mount Peasant Academy, William Nelles, M. A., president. At 17 I entered the University of Victoria. College, Coboug, Ont., Rev. Samuel S. Nelles, D. D., L. L. D., president. I graduated B. A. 1861, later degrees conferred on me M. A. by Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas, 1871; 1889 M. A. by the Univeristy of Victoria College, affiliated with Toronto University, Canada, which accepted my degrees in Arts and made an aluminus of Toronto University.

In 1859 while a Junior in College I was received on probation into the Wesleyan Methodist Conference at Bellville, Ont., Rev. Dr. Stinson president, I was ordained an Elder June 7th, 1863 at the Conference held at Quebec, Canada, by Rev. Dr. Anson Green, assited by four Elders.

In 1862 I was appointed associate pastor with Rev. Charles Turver, Superintendent, at Brighton, Ontario, in 1863 I was appointed associate pastor with Rev. Alexander Sutherland, Superintendent, at Thorald, Ont.

After my ordination as Eider I was appointed to Hastings, on the river Trent in County of Peterborough, Ont., 1864–65; at Fenella, in the County of Northcumberland 1867—68; at Caledonia 1868–69.

In 1869 I presented my resignation to Rev. Wm. Morley Punshon, L. L. D., president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference. In 1870 I was admitted on my credentials into the Kansas Conference of the Meinodist. Episcopal Church, Topeka, Kansas, Bishop Davis W. Clark, L. L. D., president. In 1870 I was appointed pastor at Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas, during this year the First M. E. church was completed and dedicated to the worship of Almighty God by Rev. D. P. Mitchell, D. D., father of Bishop Mitchell.

1871–72 I was appointed to Baldwin by Bishop E. R. Ames at the Conference, held at Paola, Kansas. After entering on my charge I was elected Professor of Mathematics in Baker University. During 1871—72 I served the M. E. Church as pastor and filled the position of Professor of Mathematics in Baker University. A revival was held and sixty-six were converted and united with the Church.

In 1873–74 I was appointed pastor at Neosha Falls, Kansas.“ On this charge a parsonage was purchased and paid for, and a Union revival was held, many souls converted and added to the Church.

In 1874-77 I was appointed by Bishop. Andrews, pastor at Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, County seat of Chase. : Near the close of the third year my wife, Annabella Tyler-Perrin, for twelve years a faithful worker and helper in the Ministry, was suddenly called to the Church triumphant. On this charge revivals were held, many souls were converted and added to the Church.


REV. D. A. PERRIN, M. A., D. D. Engraved by the Interstate Engraving Company, Bloomington, Illinois, from original picture, taken 60 years ago, at Cobourg,

Ontario, Canada, 1860,

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