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Generations of the Perrin Family

Children of Rev. Daniel A. Perrin, A. B., M. A:

Hedley Vicars, born Dec. 16th, 1864, at Hastings, Ont., Canada, died August 7, 1865, at Fenella, Ont. body buried in the Methodist church cemetery, Baltimore, Ont., 5 miles north of Cobourg, Ont.

Fredrick Tyler, born Sept. 2, 1866.

Children of H. A. Perrin, M. A., Ph B.:

Harry Ambrose Jr., born June 15, 1909, at Nebo, Ill.
Robert Pollock, born Dec. 22, 1912, at Carlinville, Ill.
Children by second marriage of Rev. D. A. Perrin:

Willard Scott Perrin, born April 19, 1880, Davis, Mich., died at Verona, Ill., July 29, 1892.

Harry Ambrose, born April 5, 1882, at Richmond, Mich.

Mary Ann Perrin Shaw

Second marriage, married Mr. Nelson Howell of Jerseyville, Ont., 1869 and became step-mother to his children. Failing health resulted in her premature death to the great sorrow of her family and a large circle of friends. She died as she had lived from childhood. After bidding all “goodby," she said "I am going home,” and past to her reward Oct. 28th, 1886.

Daniel A., son of Thomas Perrin and Mary Ann Peat Perrin, born March 21st, 1839, near Brantford, Ont. Educated in the public school, Central school, Gult, Ont., (Robt. McLean, head master), Mount Pleasant Academy (Prof. William Nelles, M. A. President).

Entered Victoria College Cobourg, Ont. 1856 (Rev. Samuel S. Nelles, D. D., L. L. D. President). Graduated in arts, B. A. 1861. Entered the University of the Wesleyan Methodist church of Canada 1859, at Bellville, Ont. Married Annabella Tyler June 28th, 1863, who was born July 12th, 1839, at Lockport, N. Y. and died at Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, Nov. 23rd, 1877 in sure and certain hope of eternal life.

(See Biographical Sketch)

Second Marriage, Married Achsah Rebeca Perrine, M. E. L. at Freehold, N. J. by Rev. H. G. Mason, D. D. June 11th. 1879, daughter of James W. Perrine and Mrs. D. A. Perrine of Freehold, N. J.

Children by first marriage:

Hedley Vicars, born Dec. 16th, 1864, Hastings, Ont., died August 7th, 1865, Fenella, Ont. His body was interred in the Methodist church cemetery at Baltimore, Ont., 5 miles north of Cobourg, Ont.

Frederick Tyler, born Sept. 2nd, 1866, Fenella, Ont. Educated in common school and Georgetown Academy, graduated from Bryan and Strattons Commercial College, Chicago, Ill., Dec. 1884. Engaged in business in Chicago, Ill., since his 19th year.

Children by second marriage:

Willard Scott, born in Davis, Mich., April 19th, 1880, in the Methodist Parsonage. Died in Verona. Ill., July 29th, 1892. His body was interred in Ward's Cemetery, Verona, Ill. In his 13th year he was a studious scholar. He was a member of the Methodist church, and Sunday school, and Loyal Legion. He was a bright, intelligent and happy youth. His career was brief, on earth, but the crown he wears is eternal life!

Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


Harry Ambrose Perrin, M. A. Ph. B., born April 5th, 1882, Richmond, Mich., in the Methodist Parsonage. Educated in the city schools Normal, ill. Graduated from the high shcool Normal, ill. (Prof Fritter Supt.). Graduated at the I. S. N. University., Graduated M. A. from the Milligen University, Decatur, ill., Ph. B. from Chicago University. Superintendent of schools, Williamsville, Pawne, Auburn, Carlinville, Lincoln, Jacksonville, Ill., 1915-1921.

Married at Nebo, Ill., August 6th, 1907 Alice Pollock, daughter of Robert R. Pollock, M. D. and Anna E. Furguson Pollock, by the groom's father, the Rev. D. A. Perrin, M. A., D. D., witnesses, C. R. Pollock, M. D. and Frederick Tyler Perrin.

Children of H. A. Perrin:
Harry Ambrose Jr., born June 15th, 1919 at Nebo, Ill.
Robert Pollock, born Dec. 26th, 1912, at Carlinville, Ill.

Eva Augusta, born Dec. 10th, 1889 at Flanagan, Ill. in the Methodist Parsonage. Educated in the city schools, Normal, ill. Graduated from the high school, Normal, ill. (Prof. Fritter, Supt.). Student of Illinois State, Normal University of Chicago University and of Illinois State University. Teacher in high school Wiliamsville, Mt. Pulaski, and Sullivan, Ill., 19161919.

Married April 28th, 1920 in Chicago, Ill. ito Raymond J. Groves, M.D. of Lodi, Wis., by Rev. Jesse S. Dancy, D. D., pastor of Methodist Episcopal church.

Daughter, Eva Pauline, born May 3rd, 1921, Lodi, Wis.

From The Normalite (Normal, ill.):

Married in Chicago.

Wednesday of this week Miss Eva A. Perrin, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. D. A. Perrin of this city, we united in marriage to Dr. Raymond B. Groves, of Lodi, Wis.

Miss Perrin is a graduate of the Normal High school and received her college education at the university here, the University of Chicago, and the U. of Ill. She has taught in the high schools of Wiliiamsville, Mt. Pulaski, Sullivan, Ill., and other schools for ten years. She has also given do estic science courses and lectures before Illinoi chautauquas.

Dr. Groves is a graduate of the high school at Williamsville, finishing when Prof. H. A. Perrin, brother of the bride, was principal. After graduation he studied medicine in Chicago receiving his degree from one of the regular schools of medicine.

Dr. Groves has practiced medicine since his graduation at Lodi, Wis., where he and his wife will be at home after May 1st, 1920.

Mrs. Groves has many friends in this city as well as in the places where she has taught and attended school who will join in congratulating her upon her marriage.


Top Row:

Rev. D. A. Perrin, A. R. Perrin, R. J. Groves, M. D., Eva A., F. T. Perrin.
Willard Scott, Alice Perrin, Prof. H. A, Perrin, Harry A. Per rin, Jr. Robert Pollock,



In the old church yard in the days gone by
B'side the village green where was sung the lullaby,
Stood the old-timed, old fashion meeting-house,
Close to the high-way, on you knoll:where fairies c'rouse.
On week-day seldom the bell chim'd forth the call
To the busy throng bent on what should come to all,
But on the first day rang out “Give praise to God,'.
When the pious folk gave heed with rev'rent nod.
Full many came in groups, and in single file,
In buggies, wagons, sleighs, carts, some walk'd a mile;
They were good old fashionid people, of plain dress,
They lived in peace, for wrongs they sought no redress.
Within the meetin' house supreme order reign'd,
The fair sex sat by themselves, the men obtain'd
Places opposite, while children fill'd in between,
Nothing was surer th:an good will and nothing mean.
The pastor was an example to his flock,
His ev'ry mien was pious, his coat a frock;
His necktie was white in keeping with his life,
And between him and his flock there was no strife.
His preaching received attention by the truth he voiced,
Even children hung on his lips and rejoiced;
His exhortations fired his soul with fervor,
And his tears drew like tears from one another.
The Bible was all to him and his text-book,
He read, expounded, and applied with earn'st look;
The doctrines of heav'n and hell he preach'd with fervor,
Nor saints, nor sinners were ever pass'd over.
There was singing that rang out upon the air,
No precentor, nor choir, but voices clear and fair,
And when the doxology was sung by all,
'Twas like from many voices a clarion call.

D. A. PERRIN. Normal, ill., March 3, 1909.


Generations of the Perrin Family

Biographical Sketch of Mary Ann Peat Perrin

Mary Ann Peat Perrin was the daughter of Arnold Peat Esq., who lived two miles from Mt. Pleasant, Ont., born in Batavia, N. Y., 1801. Married Col. Thomas Perrin. Sr., 1823 at Mt. Pleasant, Ont. Mother of seven children, David, Caroline, Eliza Jane, Andrew, Mary Ann (Minnie) William, Daniel A., 1839 moved with her husband Col. Thos. Perrin, and family to Mt. Vernon, Ont. She was noted for her charities to the poor, love to her neighbors. Usefulness in visiting the sick. She was respected by all who knew her, she was a model housekeeper, and Christian mother. She was a devoted member of the Wesleyan Methodist church, and her home was always open to the itinerant minister. For these godly men it was a resting place as well as a home for them. My earliest recollection was that of Methodist ministers sharing the hospitalities of my father's home. She died as she lived at Mt. Vernon, Ont., Jan. 10th, 1860, peacefully resting on the bosom of Jesus. Rev. Ashael Hurlburt, pastor of the Methodist church, preached her funeral sermon Jan. 12th, 1860, from 1 Thess, 4th Chapter 13 and 14 verses:

“But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others, which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”

A large concourse of people and acquaintances mourned for the loss of one whom they had learned to love and reverence. Her body was interred in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery, and a monument was erected to her memory by her husband Col. Thomas Perrin. Among the scripture quotations she oft repeated are:

"As thy days so shall thy strength be”; “When Thou passeth through the waters I will be with Thee and the fioods shall not overflow thee”; I "will never leave thee nor forsake Thee."

Among the favorite verses she was accustomed to repeat was:

Jesus can make the dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are
While on His breast I lay my head
And breathe my life out sweetly there."
“Jesus lover of my soul
Let me to thy bosom fly
While the nearer waters roll
While the temptest still is high,
Hide me O my Saviour hide
Till the storm of life is past
Safe into the haven guide,
O receive my soul at last.”

Other refuge have I none
Hangs my helpless soul on thee;
Leave, o leave me not alone,
Still support and comfort me:
All my trust on thee is stayed,
All my help from thee I bring:
Cover my defenseless head,
With the shadows of thy wing."

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