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Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


Martha Caroline, born Sept. 4th, 1857, Oxford, Ontario, address, Selkirk, Man. Canada.

Marshall Fredrick, born June 27th, 1857, Richwood, Ont., adrress, Hamilton, Ont.

Ont., address,

Charles Edward, born Sept. 4th, 1858, Richwood, Richwood, Ont.


Wm. Henry, born Nov. 14th, 1861, Blenheim Township, Ont., Fullerton, Cal.

Wallace David, born April 1st, 1863, Richwood, Ont., address, Paris, Ont., Canada.

James Harley, born July 2nd, 1864, Blenheim Township, Ont., address, Fullerton, Cal.

Mary Jane, born Sept. 6th, 1866, deceased.

See Biographical sketch of Eliza Jane Perrin Daniel for further history.

Andrew Perrin, born Sept. 4th, 1830, at Mt. Pleasant, Ont., educated in the common school, and Central school, Woodstock, Ont. Married Mary Ann Nelles, Nov. 20tn, 1855, at Paris, Ont., and who died at Mt. Vernon, Feb. 26th, 1910. Andrew was a merchant and farmer, a member of the firm of Thomas Perrin and Sons, Mt. Vernon. He was a Methodist, and was widely known by reason of business association. He had many friends. He died March 8th, 1882. His children were, Albertha E., born August 4th, 1859, died Dec. 28th, 1917, and was buried in the Mt. Vernon cemetery.

Albert, Edward, born April 8th, 1860, at Mt. Vernon, Ont. Educated in the Central school, Galt, Ont. He inherited his father's farm. He is a Methodist, and patriotic citizen, and is the only surviving member of the Perrin family, living at Mount Vernon, Ontario, County of Brant. To Albert Edward, I owe the half-tone pictures of his home, the Methodist church, at Mount Vernon, where we attended divine service with my father and mother, and members of the family, also the half-tone picture of Col. Thomas Perrins home, and his sister, Albertha.

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Perrin—Albertha A. Perrin passed to her reward December 28th, 1917, in her fifty-ninth year, at Mt. Vernon; only daughter of the late Andrew and Mary Perrin. One brother, Albert Edward, survives her; one uncle, Rev. D. A. Perrin, of Normal, ill., and several cousins, Albertha was educated in the home school, and was an intelligent, dutiful, Christian girl, walking in the foosteps of her pious mother. She was friendly and made friends. She loved and appreciated good company. A member of the church and a tireless worker in both the Sunday school and church. For years she had charge of the home after her mother's death and was a great comfort to her brother. Her death was a great shock to him. Albert writes, January 3rd, 1918: “I cant realize that my dear sister is gone, never to return; but I can go to her; that is one satisfaction.” Her funeral was December 30th, at the house, and was largely attended, interment at Mt. Vernon cemetery.


Perrin.—Mary A. Perrin was born at South Dumfries, Paris, March 14th, 1833, and died at Mount Vernon, February 26th, 1910. She was the daughter of Captain H. Nellis, who was one of the pioneers of Brant county. She was married to Andrew Perrin, Nov. 20, 1855. She was converted to God, and united with our church quite early in life. Her spirituel life was sincere and consistent, and her place in the church services was seldom vacant. She was of a bright personality, a true friend to her minister, and a faithful Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.


and loving mother to her family—a son and a daughter, Albert E., and Bertha E., who survive her. The Christian Guardian was a constant visitor to her home for many years. Her closing hours were of great peace, and she suddenly passed away “to be with Jesus, which is far better.” The memorial services were held in her late home by her pastor, who preached from 2 Cor. 4: 16, and who was assisted by the Rev. G. Loundes, after which she was laid to rest in the Mount Vernon cemetery.


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William Perrin, son of Col. Thomas Perrin and Mary Ann Peat Perrin, born Jan. 3rd, 1833, at Mt. Pleasant, Ont. Educated in the public schools and Central school Woodstock, Ont. Merchant and farmer for many years, at Mt. Vernon, Ont. He succeeded Col. Thomas Perrin as postmaster of Mt. Vernon. Moved from Mt. Vernon, Ont., to Chicago, Ill.

In 1889 I met him in Chicago, Ill. and on my invitation spent several weeks with me at my home in Flanagan, Ill., when I was pastor of the M. E. church. He left me for Chicago, Ill., and was seen later by my son F. T. Perrin. At this writing June 25th, 1919, I have not heard of his death.


Mary Ann (Minnie) born Sept. 10th, 1835 at Mt. Pleasant, Ont. Educated in the public schools, and at St. Catherine's Ladies Academy. Married Rev. Robert Shaw, B A. at Mt. Vernon, Ont., June 24th, 1863, who died suddenly on his charge 1866 at Ridgeway, Ont.


From the Family Bible of Thomas and Mary Ann Perrin.

Col. Thomas Perrin, Sr., Mary Ann Peat, married 1823.
David Perrin, Henrietta Daniel, married August 27th, 1846.
Caroline Perrin, William Jones, married 1830.
Eliza Jane Perrin, Thomas Daniel, married Oct. 13th, 1851.
Andrew Perrin, Mary Ann Nelles, married Nov. 20, 1855, at Paris, Ont.

Mary Ann Perrin, Rev. Robert Shaw, B. A., married June 24, at Mt.
Vernon, 1863. Deceased.

Daniel A. Perrin, B. A., M. A., Annabella Tyler, M. E. L., married June 23rd, 1863, at Erin. Ont. Deceased

Daniel A. Perrin, B. A., M. A., Achsah R. Perrine, M. E. L., married June 11th, 1879, at Freehold, N. J.

Mary Ann Perrin Shaw, Nelson Howell, married 1869, at Mt. Vernon.

Eva Augusta Perrin, Raymond J. Groves, M. D., married April 28th, 1920, in Chicago, Ill.

Harry Ambrose Perrin, M. A., Ph. B., Alice Pollock, married at Nebo, Illi, August 6th, 1907.

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Top: Albert Edward Perrin's Home, Mt. Vernon, Ont. Wm. Tyler's Home, Erin, Ont. Center: Methodist Church,Mt. Vernon, Ont. Col. Thomas Perrin's Home, Mt. Vernon, Ont. Bottcm: Rev. D. A. Perrin's Home, Normal, Ill. James W. Perrine's Home, Freehold, N. J. Rev. D. A. Perrin, Normal, Illinois.



Col. Thomas Perrin, senior, born 1791, Springfield, Mass.
Mary Ann Peat Perrin, born 1801, Batavia, N. Y.

David Perrin, born March 21, 1824 at Mt. Pleasant, Ont., Canada, Co. Brant, Caroline Perrin born, 1826 at Mt. Pleasant, Ontario.

Eliza Jane Perrin, born May 15, 1828, at Mount Pleasant, Ont.
Andrew Perrin, born Sept. 4th, 1830, at Mt. Pleasant, Ont.
William Perrin, born Jan. 3rd, 1833, at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
Mary Ann Perrin, born Sept. 10, 1835, at Mt. Pleasant, Ont.

Daniel A. Perrin, B. A. M. A., born March 21, 1839, at Mt. Pleasant, Ontario.

Eva Augusta Perrin, born Dec. 10th, 1889, at Flanagan, ill., in the Methodist Parsonage.

Harry Ambrose Perrin, M. A., Ph. B., born in Richmond, Mich, April 5th, 1882, in the Methodist Parsonage.

Willard Scott Perrin, born in Davis, Mich., April 19th, 1880. in the Methodist Parsonage.

Hedley Vicars Perrin, bora Dec. 16th, 1864, Hastings, Ont., died August 7th, 1865.

Frederick Tyler Perrin born Sept. 2nd, 1866, Fenella, Ont., in the Methodist Parsonage.

Eva Pauline Groves, born May 3rd, 1921, Lodi, Wis.

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Col. Thomas Perrin Sr., died July 15, 1870, at Mt. Vernon, Ont., Canada.
Mary Ann Peat Perrin, died Jan. 10, 1860, at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
David Perrin, died Dec. 18, 1901, at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
Henrietta Perrin, died Dec. 13, 1901, at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
Caroline Perrin Jones, died 1843, at Mt. Pleasant, Ont.

Eliza Jane Perrin Daniel, died July 24, 1912, at Richwood, Ont.. at the home of Thomas Perrin Daniel.

Thomas Daniel, died March 24, 1905, at Burford, Ont., Co. Brani.
Andrew Perrin, died March 18, 1882. at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
Mary Ann Perrin Nelles, died Feb. 26, 1910, at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
Mary Ann Shaw Howell Perrin, died Oct. 28, 1886.
William Perrin.

Rev. Robert Shaw, B. A., died at Ridgeway, Ont., Canada 1866.
Mr. Nelson Howell died Jan. 18, 1912, in his 85th year at Brantford, Ont.,


Children of David Perrin:

William Wallace, horn Sept. 26th, 1847, died Nov. 2nd, 1855.
Wellington, born Feb. 9th, 1853, died June 30, 1853.

Children of Andrew Perrin:
Albertha E., born Aug. 4, 1859, died Dec. 28, 1917, at Mt. Vernon, Ont.
Albert Edward, born April 5, 1860 at Mt. Vernon, Ont.

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