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1. To do to oth - ers as I would That they should do to me, That they should do to me; 2. I know I should not steal, or use The smallest thing I see, The smařest thing I see; 3. But any kindness they may need, I'll do, whate'er it be, I'll do, whate'er it be;.

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Nor need be doubtful long, As we may al - ways tell by this If we are right or wrong. Or strike an angry blow; Because I should not think it right If they should treat me so. In ac - tion or in word, Appear not to have learned this rule Of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Let it pass, let it pass.

Strife corrodes the purest mind, Echo not an angry word ; Bid your anger to depart,
Let it pass, let it pass.
Let it pass, let it pass.

Let it pass, let it pass.
As the unregarded wind, Think how often you have erred; Lay those homely words to heart,
Let it pass, let it pass.
Let it pass, let it pass.

Let it pass, let it pass. Any vulgar souls that live Since our joys must pass away, Follow not the giddy throng"May condemn without reprieve; Like the dew drop on the spray, Better to be wronged than wrong, "Tis the noble who forgive, Wherefore should our sorrows Therefore sing the cheery song, Let it pass, let it pass.

Let it pass, let it pass. (stay? Let it pass, let it pass.

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[blocks in formation]

Murmur on, sweet Harp,

Murmur on, sweet Harp, &c.

Murmur on, murmur on, all your sanctified lore,
Wreathing harmonies over that “Beautiful Shore."
“O, 'tis glorious” thus to be soothed by the hymn,
Singing bliss never-fading, and stars never dim.


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Today the Saviour calls !

For refuge fly;
The storm of justice falls,

And death is nigh.

To-day the Saviour calls !

O hear him now;
Within these sacred walls

To Jesus bow.

The Spirit calls to-day-

Yield to his power;
O, grieve him not away,

'Tis mercy's hour.



Allegro. DUET or TRIO.


1. Ho - ly angels in their flight, Traverse over earth and sky, Acts of kindness their delight, 2. Tho' their forms we cannot see, They attend and guard our way, Till we join their company,

SEMI-CHORUS. Repeat Full Chorus.

Winged with mercy as they fly. S Don't you hear the angels coming ? 0 - ver hill and plain;

In the fields of heavenly day. O, don't you hear them coming? Singing as they come;

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