Essays on the Endowment of Research

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Henry S. King, 1876 - 278 pagini

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Pagina 258 - Volume XV. of The International Scientific Series. VYNER (Lady Mary). Every day a Portion. Adapted from the Bible and the Prayer Book, for the Private...
Pagina 100 - In a national, or universal point of view, the labour of the savant, or speculative thinker, is as much a part of production in the very narrowest sense, as that of the inventor of a practical art ; many such inventions having been the direct consequences of theoretic discoveries, and every extension of knowledge of the powers of nature being fruitful of applications to the purposes of outward life.
Pagina 258 - XVIII. The Nature of Light. With a General Account of Physical Optics. By Dr. Eugene Lommel. With 188 Illustrations and a Table of Spectra in Chromo-lithography.
Pagina 257 - II. Physics and Politics ; or, Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of "Natural Selection " and " Inheritance
Pagina 68 - A private teacher could never find his account in teaching either an exploded and antiquated system of a science acknowledged to be useful, or a science universally believed to be a mere useless and pedantic heap of sophistry and nonsense. Such systems, such sciences, can subsist nowhere, but in those incorporated societies for education whose prosperity and revenue are in a great measure independent of their reputation and altogether independent of their industry.
Pagina 100 - Ampere : and the modern art of navigation is an unforeseen emanation from the purely speculative and apparently merely curious inquiry, by the mathematicians of Alexandria, into the properties of three curves formed by the intersection of a plane surface and a cone.
Pagina 239 - Twas he that put her in the pit Before he pulled her out of it. I need hardly say, that if valid at all, it is valid, as Butler doubtless intended it, against all historical research. There, as here, we have the spectacle of human thought toiling painfully to repair the losses caused by human thoughtlessness, as well as by the unavoidable chances of time : there, as here, the utmost that can be done may disappear before the contradiction or the fuller affirmation of an accidental discovery. But is...
Pagina 257 - On the whole we can recommend the book as well deserving to be read by thoughtful students of politics.
Pagina 68 - In modern times, the diligence of public teachers is more or less corrupted by the circumstances which render them more or less independent of their success and reputation in their particular professions. Their salaries too put the private teacher, who would pretend to come into competition with them, in the same state with a merchant who attempts to trade without a bounty, in competition with those who trade with a considerable one.

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