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List of Sections Affected

All sections of Titles 22 and 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations which were affected by documents published in the FEDERAL REGISTER during the period 1949–1957 are enumerated in the following list. Hence, the list also includes documents which were revoked, superseded, or otherwise terminated during the same period. Reference to the list will enable the user to find the precise text which was in force and effect on any given date during the period 1949–1957. Page numbers refer to FEDERAL REGISTER pages. Page numbers of documents affecting sections but not specifically amending the text thereof appear in brackets.


14 F. R.


Chapter I:
Part 42:


42.403 Part 65:


2437 2437 2437 2437

2437 2437, 6944


4592 2438, 4592

2438 4591 4591 4592 4592 2438 2438 6496 2438 2438 2439 2439

1950 TITLE 22

15 F.R.

Chapter 1:
Part 2--

Part 42:

1176, 7874 42.108

7874 42.202

1177 42.316

7349 Part 43: 43.56

7874 Part 45.

6443 Part 67_.

6194 Part 75: 75.42

5796 Part 77

5471 Chapter II: Part 201: 201.5

2025, 5471, [6545) 201.6

5471 201.7a

2025 201.16

2025 201.19

2025, 5471 201.22

5690, 6492 201.23

5471 Part 202: 202.1

3414 Part 204: 204.4

167 204.6

167 Part 205: 205.1

3415 205.3

3415 Chapter III: Part 300__

8675 Proposed rules.

7211 300.5

8734 300.19



2439 2439, 6496

2439 2439 2439 2439 2440 2440 2440

3814 3493

Chapter I:

Part 15.

ifrnc. 2846.

1585 Sec.

or pass in transit through, the United

States for the purpose of transacting 41.125 Revalidation of visas. 41.126 Transfer of visas.

official business for that government or 41.127 Crew-list visas.


(Definition amended, Dept. Reg. 108.422, 24 VISAS

F.R. 11080, Dec. 31, 1959) 41.130 Procedure in refusing individual

Act. “Act” means the Immigration visas.

and Nationality Act, as amended. 41.132 Exclusion from and refusal of crewlist visas.

Attendants. “Attendants" as used in 41.134 Revocation and invalidation of visas.

sections 101(a) (15) (A) (iii), 101(a) (15)

(G)(v), and 212(d) (8) of the Act, shall BORDER-CROSSING IDENTIFICATION CARDS

include an alien who is paid from the 41.140 Nonresident allens' border-crossing

public funds of a foreign government or identification cards.

from the funds of an international or

ganization and who is accompanying or ENTRY INTO AREAS UNDER UNITED STATES

following to join the principal alien to ADMINISTRATION

whom he owes a duty or service. 41.145 Allens entering areas under United (Definition amended, Dept. Reg. 108.469, 26

States administration not included F.R. 6441, July 18, 1961)
in section 101(a) (38) of the Act.

Competent officer. "Competent of

ficer", as used in section 101(a) (26) of FURNISHING VISA RECORDS FOR COURT the Act, shall refer to a “consular oficer" PROCEEDINGS

as defined in section 101(a) (9) of the

Act and this section. 41.150 Furnishing visa records for court

Consular officer. "Consular officer", proceedings.

as defined in section 101(a) (9) of the AUTHORITY: $$ 41.1 to 41.150 issued under Act, shall include commissioned consec. 104, 66 Stat. 174; 8 U.S.C. 1104. Statu

sular officers, the District Administory provisions interpreted or applied are

trators of the Trust Territory of the cited to text in parentheses.

Pacific Islands, the Naval Administrator, SOURCE: $$ 41.1 to 41.150 contained in De- United States Naval Administration partmental Regulation 108.411, 24 F.R. 6678, Unit Saipan District, the Director of the Aug. 18, 1959; 24 F.R. 6943, Aug. 27, 1959, Visa Office of the Department and such except as otherwise noted.

other officers of the Department as he Priot Amendments

shall designate for the purpose of issuing

nonimmigrant visas, but shall not in1958: 23 F.R. 5952, Aug. 6; 23 F.R. 7464, Sept. clude a consular agent, an attaché or 25; 23 F.R. 9057, Nov. 21.

assistant attaché. 1959: 24 F.R. 1901, Mar. 17; 24 F.R. 3185,

Department. "Department" means April 24; 24 F.R. 6121, July 31.

the Department of State of the United § 41.1 Definitions..

States of America.

Diplomatic passport. "Diplomatic In addition to the pertinent definitions

passport" means a national Passport contained in the Immigration and Na- bearing that title and issued by a comtionality Act, the following definitions

petent authority of a foreign governshall be applicable to this part:

ment. “Equivalent of a diplomatic passAccredited. “Accredited", as used in sections 101(a) (15) (A), 101(a) (15) (G)

port” means a national passport, other and 212(d) (8) of the Act, refers to an

than a specifically described diplomatic alien who holds an official position, other

passport, which is issued by a competent than an honorary official position, with

authority of a foreign government and the government or international organ

which indicates the career diplomatic or ization he represents, and who is in pos- consular status of the bearer, the issuing session of a travel document or other government being one which does not evidence showing that he seeks to enter, issue diplomatic passports to its career

diplomatic and consular officers.

Definition amended, Dept. Reg. 108.433, 25 * Revoked.

F.R. 4577, May 25, 1960)

Diplomatic visa. "Diplomatic visa" means a nonimmigrant visa of any classification bearing that title and issued to an alien in accordance with the regulations contained in this part.

Form FS-257. "Form FS-257" (Application for Nonimmigrant Visa and Alien Registration), shall be considered to include Form FS-257a. Definition added, Dept. Reg. 108.488, 28 F.R. 274, Jan. 10, 1963

Government vessel or aircraft. "Government vessel or aircraft" means a vessel or aircraft operated directly by the Government of the United States with government personnel in connection with public business of a non-commercial and non-profit character, or a foreign-flag vessel or aircraft operated directly by a foreign government recognized de jure by the United States, with foreign government personnel in connection with public business of a noncommercial and non-profit character. The term "government vessel or aircraft” shall not include a vessel or aircraft which is merely controlled or subsidized by a government, or one which is engaged in what would ordinarily be regarded as commercial shipping or commercial transportation.

Immediate family. "Immediate family”, as used in sections 101(a) (15) (A), 101(a) (15) (G) and 212(d) (8) of the Act and with reference to classification under the symbols NATO-1, NATO-2, NATO-3, and NATO-4, means close relatives who are members of the immediate family by blood, marriage, or adoption, who are not members of some other household, and who will reside regularly in the household of the principal alien.

International organization. "International organization" means any public international organization which has been designated by the President by Executive Order as being entitled to enjoy the privileges, exemptions, and immunities provided for in the international Organizations Immunities Act.

Official visa. "Official visa” means a nonimmigrant visa of any classification bearing that title and issued to an alien in accordance with the regulations contained in this part.

Passport. “Passport”, as defined in section 101(a) (30) of the Act, shall not be considered as limited to a national passport and shall not be considered as limited to a single document but may consist of two or more documents which, when considered together, fulfill the requirements of a passport as defined in section 101(a) (30) of the Act: Provided, That permission to enter a foreign country must be issued by a competent authority and must be clearly valid for such purpose in order to meet the requirements of section 101(a) (30). A nonimmigrant unable to obtain a document issued by a competent authority which indicates his origin, identity, and nationality if any, may furnish the missing information to the best of his knowledge and belief, by presenting an affidavit which, when combined with the documentary evidence of admissibility into a foreign country, will suffice to meet the requirements of section 101(a) (30) of the Act. | Definition amended, Dept. Reg. 108.441, 25 F.R. 7018, July 23, 1960}

Port of entry. "Port of entry" means a port or place designated by the Commissioner of Iramigration and Natural

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ization at which an alien may apply for and who continues to claim that he is a admission into the United States.

national of the United States may appi Principal alien. “Principal alien" for a certificate of identity as provide means an alien from whom another alien in section 360(b) of the Act. derives a privilege or status under the law or regulations.

(c) A former national of the United | Definition amended, Dept. Reg. 108.441, 25

States who seeks to enter the United

States shall be required to comply with F.R. 7018, July 23, 1960]

the documentary requirements appi. Regular visa. "Regular visa" means cable to aliens under the Act. a nonimmigrant visa of any classification

PASSPORTS AND VISAS NOT REQUIRED FOR issued in accordance with the regula

CERTAIN NONIMMIGRANTS tions contained in this part, which does not bear the title “Diplomatic” or “Of- 8 41.5 Nonimmigrants exempted by lav ficial.”

or treaty from the requirement of Regulation. “Regulation" means

passports, visas, and border-crossing rule established pursuant to the pro

identification cards. visions of section 104(a) of the Act which The provisions of section 212(a) (26) has been duly published in the FED- of the Act relating to the requirement of ERAL REGISTER.

passports, visas, and border-crossing Servants and personal employees. identification cards for nonimmigrants "Servants” and “personal employees," as do not apply in the cases of aliens who used in sections 101(a) (15) (A) (iii), 101 fall within any of the following described (a) (15) (G) (V) and 212(d) (8) of the categories: Act, include an alien who is employed in (a) Alien members of United States a domestic or personal capacity by a Armed Forces. An alien member of the principal alien, who is paid from the pri- armed forces of the United States who vate funds of such principal alien, and (1) is in the uniform of, or who bears who seeks to enter the United States documents identifying him as a member solely for the purpose of such em- of, such armed forces, (2) has not been ployment.

lawfully admitted for permanent resiWestern Hemisphere. "Western Hem

dence, and (3) is making application for isphere” means North America (includ

admission to the United States under ing Central America), South America

official orders or permit of such armed and the islands immediately adjacent forces. (Sec. 284, 66 Stat. 232; 8 U.S.C. thereto including the places named in 1354.) section 101(b) (5) of the Act.

(b) American Indians born in Canada.


having at least fifty per centum of blood NATIONALS, AND FORMER NATIONALS of the American Indian race. (Sec. 289, & 41.3 Nationals, claimant nationals, and

66 Stat. 234; 8 U.S.C. 1359.) former nationals of the United States. (c) Aliens entering

from Guam, (a) A national of the United States Puerto Rico, of Virgin Islands. An alien shall not be issued a visa or other docu

who shall leave Guam, Puerto Rico, or mentation as an alien for entry into the

the Virgin Islands of the United States, United States.

and who seeks to enter the continental

United States or any other place under (b) A person whose case fulfills the the jurisdiction of the United States. conditions of section 360(b) of the Act (Sec. 212, 66 Stat. 188; 8 U.S.C. 1182.)

(d) Armed Services personnel enter- Act under the conditions specified for the ing under NATO Status of Forces Agree- following classes: ment. Personnel belonging to the land, sea or air armed services of a govern

(a) Canadian nationals, and aliens ment which is a Party to the North At

having a common nationality with nalantic Treaty and which has ratified the

tionals of Canada or with British subAgreement between the Parties to the

jects in Bermuda. A visa shall not in North Atlantic Treaty regarding the

any case be required of a Canadian naStatus of their Forces, signed at London

tional, and a passport shall not be reon June 19, 1951, and entering the

quired of such a national except after United States under the provisions of

a visit outside of the Western HemiArticle III of such Agreement pursuant

sphere. A visa shall not be required of to an individual or collective movement

an alien having a common nationality order issued by an appropriate agency

with Canadian nationals or with British of the sending State or of the North At

subjects in Bermuda, who has his resilantic Treaty Organization. (TIAS

dence in Canada or Bermuda, and a 2846; 4 U.S.T. 1792)

passport shall not be required of such

an alien except after a visit outside of (Paragraph (d) amended, Dept. Reg. 108.433, 25 F.R. 4577, May 25, 1960)

the Western Hemisphere. A British

subject who has his residence in the (e) Armed Services personnel at

Bahamas shall require a passport and tached to NATO Allied Headquarters in

a visa for admission to the United States the United States. Personnel attached

except that a visa shall not be required to an Allied Headquarters in the United

of such an alien who, prior to or at the States set up pursuant to the North At

time of embarkation for the United lantic Treaty signed in Washington, D.C.,

States on a vessel or aircraft, satisfies on April 4, 1949, who belong to the land,

the examining United States immigrasea or air armed services of a government

tion officer at Nassau, Bahamas, that he which is a Party to the North Atlantic

is clearly and beyond a doubt entitled Treaty, and who are entering the United

to admission in all other respects. A States in connection with their official

visa shall not be required of a British duties under the provisions of the Pro

subject who has his residence in, and tocol on the Status of International Mil

arrives directly from, the Cayman Isitary Headquarters set up pursuant to

lands and who presents a certificate the North Atlantic Treaty. (TIAS 2978;

from the Clerk of Court of the Cayman 5 U.S.T. 877.)

Islands stating what, if anything, the (f) Aliens entering pursuant to Inter- Court's criminal records show concernnational Boundary and Water Commis- ing such subject, and a certificate from sion Treaty. All personnel employed the Office of Administrator of the Cayeither directly or indirectly on the con- man Islands stating what, if anything, struction, operation, or maintenance of

its records show with respect to such works in the United States undertaken in

subject's political associations or affliaccordance with the treaty concluded on ations. February 3, 1944, between the United

(Paragraph (a) amended; Dept. Reg. 108.479, States and Mexico regarding the func- 27 F.R. 2362, Mar. 13, 1962) tions of the International Boundary and

Prior Amendments
Water Commission, and entering the
United States temporarily in connection 1960: 25 F.R. 3352, Apr. 19.
with such employment. (59 Stat. 1252;
TS 994.)

(b) British, French and Netherlands

nationals, and nationals of certain ad41.6 Nonimmigrants not required to

jacent islands of the Caribbean which present passports, visas, or border

are independent countries. A visa shall crossing identification cards.

not be required of a British, French or The provisions of section 212(a) (26) of Netherlands national, or of a national the Act relating to the requirements of of an independent country of the Westvalid passports and visas for nonimmi- ern Hemisphere not named in section grants are waived by the Secretary of 101(a) (27) (C) of the Act, who has his State and the Attorney General, acting residence in British, French or Netherjointly, in pursuance of the authority lands territory, or in an independent contained in section 212(d) (4) of the country not named in section 101(a)

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