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To mark the tendencies of the age in which we live-to know the special dangers attending it, and to ascertain our own position and duty in relation to it, should be the study of every Christian man; but it is peculiarly obligatory upon the ministers of religion, and the editors of our religious periodicals. They are set as watchmen upon the walls of Jerusalem, and should be prepared to reply to the question,“ Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?"

Supposing this question to be addressed to us, we see much to cheer a Christian and benevolent mind, and not a little also to admonish us to “stand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." We turn first to the political horizon, and we thank God, that notwithstanding many threatening symptoms, the peace of Europe remains undisturbed. Deeply do we deplore the despotic measures of the Continental rulers, from the house of Hapsburg down to the Duke of Tuscany. Deeply do we sympathize with our beloved Christian brethren of every denomination, who are exposed to persecution for their attachment to Protestant and evangelical truth; and earnestly do we pray for the day when the blessings of civil and religious liberty shall be enjoyed all over Europe and the world. We are ready to co-operate with others in the use of all moral means to secure this end, but we are strongly opposed to war, as irrational, inhuman, and anti-christian, and more especially to the use of carnal weapons in defence of the truth. The cause of Christ must be advanced by weapons of a more ethereal mould—“by the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left.” “Put up thy sword again into his sheath,” said Christ to Peter, “ for they that use the sword shall perish with the sword.”. Notwithstanding the recent Militia Bill, and the attempt that is being made to revive the spirit of war in this country, we rejoice to believe that all nations, France not excepted, are far less inclined than they were to cut one another's throats, and more than ever disposed to pacific

We hold it to be one of the first duties of Christians in this age to abstain from fanning the flames of discord, and to shew themselves in every respect, the followers of Christ, and the friends of peace. We rejoice also in the establishment of the principles of free trade, and in the confessed impossibility of a retrograde movement. We hope to see these principles applied yet more extensively. May the time soon come when no sect shall boast a monopoly of state pay and state favour, and when all alike shall be free state government and state control !

Turning to the ecclesiastical horizon, a strange medley of opinions and practices greets our sight, strange sounds accost our ears. ci The din of conflict, and the shock of arms.In the Church of England, Puseyite fighting against Evangelical, and Evangelical against Puseyite, each' contending for the loaves and fishes, and exclaiming, The Church of England is our church, her liturgy is our liturgy, and you have neither part nor lot in the matter. Foremost in the fray on the one side, is the meek and lowly bishop of Exeter, who aids and


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