The New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production

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John Wiley & Sons, 28 feb. 2012 - 400 pagini
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How-to guidance for optimizing incumbent technologies to delivera better product and gain competitive advantage

Their zip codes are far from Silicon Valley. Their SIC codesshow retail, automobile or banking. But industry after industry iswaking up to the opportunity of "smart" products and services fortheir increasingly tech-savvy customers. Traditionally technologybuyers, they are learning to embed technology in their products andbecome technology vendors. In turn, if you analyze Apple, Google,Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and eBay, you marvel at their datacenters, retail stores, application ecosystems, global supplychains, design shops. They are considered "consumer" tech but havebetter technology at larger scale than most enterprises. The olddelineation of technology buyer and vendor is obsolete. There is anew definition for the technology elite - and you find them acrossindustries and geographies. The 17 case studies and 4 guest columnsspread through The New Technology Elite bring out the eliteattributes in detail. Every organization will increasingly bebenchmarked against these elite - and soon will be competingagainst them.

  • Contrasts the productivity that Apple, Google and others havedemonstrated in the last decade to that of the average enterprisetechnology group
  • Reveals how to leverage what companies have learned fromGoogle, Apple,, and Facebook to your company'sadvantage
  • Designed for business practitioners, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs,technology vendors, venture capitalists, IT consultants, marketingexecutives, and policy makers
  • Other titles by Vinnie Mirchandani: The New Polymath:Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations

If you're looking to encourage technology innovation, look nofurther. The New Technology Elite provides the buildingblocks your company needs to become innovative through incumbenttechnologies.


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Acknowledgments xxi
The Industrialization of Technology 25
No Industry Untouched 39
No Country for Old Products 57
Convergence Crossover and Beyond 71
Leveraging Ecosystems 111
Business Model Innovation 173
Why Test Driving Is Still Important Even
But Not Paralyzed 211
When Attorneys Influence Technology
In a New Era of Perishability 241
Outside Influences on the Technology Elite
Chapter19 Societys Changing View of Technology 305
Market Analysts Morphing 317

Amid Massive Technology Waste 123
If Its Tuesday It Must Be Xiamen 139
No Rules Just Right 155
Notes 333
About the Author 367
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VINNIE MIRCHANDANI has been called "The King of Wow" for his keen eye for technology-enabled innovation. His blog, New Florence. New Renaissance, has cataloged 2,500 posts of innovative products, projects, and people in work, life, and play. His last book, The New Polymath (Wiley), was widely praised as an "innovation firehose." He is President of Deal Architect, a technology advisory firm. In prior roles, he was an analyst at Gartner, Inc., a leading technology research firm, and a global consultant at PwC, the advisory firm. He has keynoted at many business and technology conferences and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, and other executive and technology publications.

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