Emerging Conflicts of Principle: International Relations and the Clash Between Cosmopolitanism and Republicanism

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Ashgate, 2008 - 183 pagini
Debates over the ethics of war, economic redistribution, resource consumption and the rights and responsibilities associated with membership of a political community are just some of the major conflicts of principle identified by Thomas Kane which characterize world politics today. According to the author, debates such as these are being drawn towards increasingly polarized positions represented by strongly universalist and particularist moral and political ideologies, such as cosmopolitanism and republicanism. Kane analyzes each of these areas, identifying that the potential for ideologically-driven conflict will constitute the greatest challenge facing scholars and policy makers in the twenty-first century.

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The Stillborn Consensus
Republic or Cosmopolis?
The Sincerity of the Cosmopolitans
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Thomas Kane is Director of the Centre for Security Studies at the University of Hull, UK.

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