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Among the elaborate works on Theology to which allusion has been made, the Author would assign the highest place to the Rev. Dr. Pope's Compendium of Christian Theology, published in three volumes, octavo; and it may be permitted to him here to express the value which he has long placed on the friendship of that profound theologian. But while the work of Dr. Pope is invaluable to Ministers and those who are studying for the ministry, it is too large and expensive for those whose wants the Author has attempted to meet.

In the quotations made from the New Testament, the Revised Version has been invariably followed. It would be unsuitable here to discuss the merits of that Version but there can be little question that it presents the results of the ripest and most exact scholarship reverently directed to the faithful exhibition of the precise import of the words of the Sacred Writers. In citing passages, therefore, in support of the positions of Revealed Theology, it seemed proper uniformly to adhere to it, although in a few cases the Author would have himself preferred the rendering of the Authorised Version.

In the first Part of this Manual, which presents a condensed view of Natural Theology, the Author has been glad to enrich his pages with some striking quotations from Bishop Ellicott, Canon Liddon, the Rev. Eustace R. Conder, and Professor Wace. He would especially commend the work of Mr. Conder, entitled 'The Basis of Faith,' to the careful study of those who wish to understand the controversies of the present day, and to be assured of the firmness of the grounds on which Christian Theism reposes.



December 9th, 1881.

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