No Greater Love

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New World Library, 4 oct. 2010 - 224 pagini
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One of the world's most recognized and loved spiritual leaders, Mother Teresa has inspired millions with her extraordinary example of compassionate and selfless work for the poor, the ill, and the outcast. Considered by many to be a saint, she was a steadfast voice of love and faith, providing immeasurable kindness and guidance to the world's downtrodden. No Greater Love is the essential wisdom of Mother Teresa — the most accessible and inspirational collection of her teachings ever published. This definitive volume features Mother Teresa on love, prayer, giving, service, poverty, forgiveness, Jesus, and more. It ends with a biography and a revealing conversation with Mother Teresa about the specific challenges and joys present in her work with the poor and the dying. No Greater Love is a passionate testament to Mother Teresa's deep hope and abiding faith in God and the world. It will bring readers into the heart of this remarkable woman, showing Mother Teresa's revolutionary vision of Christianity in its graceful, poetic simplicity. Through her own words, No Greater Love celebrates the life and work of one of the great humanitarians of our time.

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Mother Teresa (1910–1997) was a nun among the destitute of the Calcutta slums who became one of the most beloved and highly respected women in the world. Recipient of many humanitarian awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize, she was personally acquainted with popes, presidents, and royalty. She never hesitated, however, to do the most menial tasks, and one of her oft-repeated themes was the need for humility. Mother Teresa was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2003; beatification is a precursor to sainthood.

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