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Abortive Treatment of Acute Rhinitis In most cases of coryza, Cystogen in full doses (gr. X-XV, four times daily for an adult) acts promptly and effectively, if treatment is given at the inception of the attack. The irritation is relieved, the watery secretion is checked, and the "stuffiness" and headache disappears. Where the “cold” is well established, this treatment will materially shorten the infection, reduce the quantity of purulent secretion and lessen the danger of complications such as sinusitis, otitis media, and bronchitis.

Cystogen-Aperient and Cystogen-Lithia

(Granular Effervescent Salt)

FORMULA:) Cystogen, gr. V.
A teaspoonful contains Sod. Phos. gr. XXX.

Sod. Tart. gr. XXV.
DOSE: One to three teaspoonfuls in a glass of water t. i. d.

(Efervescent tablet of Cystogen, 3 grains and Lithium Tartrate, 3 grains.)

DOSE: Two or three tablets in a glass of water, three or four times daily.

are suggested as specially convenient forms in which to administer this drug.

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A dependable remedy in

Cardio-Vascular Diseases
Clinical results have proven to thousands of physicians that Anasarcin is
of unsurpassed remedial value in the treatment of disorders of the circu-
latory system of ascitic conditions.
It controls heart action, relieves dyspnea and eliminates effused serum.

Anasarcin's Distinctive Features
Dependability of the cardiac stimulant and diuretic properties of its in-
gredients made certain by standardization.
Prevention of toxic cumulative effect.
Distinct, definite dosage.
Absence of ill effects after prolonged administration.
Constructive influence upon circulatory and nutritive processes.

Restoration of balance between arterial and venous systems.
That you may observe the action of Anasarcin and subject
it to an exacting clinical test we will supply a sufficient quanti-
ty for that purpose without expense. To physicians only.


Messrs. Thos. Christy & Son, London Agents

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Surgical and Gynecological Chair

In the MCDANNOLD Surgical and Gynecological Chair we havo
endeavored to combina all the elements necessary to the successful
examination and treatment of surgical, synecological and rectal

diseases, besides its value as a general utility chair, for examination of the eye, ear, nose, throat, chest, abdomen, and many other uses that will suggest themselves to the practical physician.

PRACTICALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE The motions of the chair are universal, including the ROTARY motion, raising and lower. ing and there are no complicated mechanisms, noisy or intricato fasteninga. One moro Important feature is the Universal Head Rest which can be put into position with a single scrow.

Send for a Catalogue and prices of this Improved Chair and the MacDannold Wood Cabinet, manufactured by

A. McDANNOLD 1416 Sarah Street.


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No Advance in the Price of FELLOWS' SYRUP

as a Result of the War

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