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In our two loues there is but one respect,
Though in our lives a seperable spight,
Which though it alter not loues sole effect,
Yet doth it steale sweete houres from loues delight,
I may not euer-more acknowledge thee,
Least my bewailed guilt should do thee shame,
Nor thou with publike kindnesle honour me,
Vnlesse thou take that honour from thy name:

But doe not so, I loue thee in such sort,
As thou being mine, mine is thy good report.



S a decrepit father takes delight,

To see his actiue childe do deeds of youth,
So I, made lame by fortunes dearest spight
Take all my comfort of thy worth and truth.
For whether beauty, birth, or wealth, or wit,

of these all, or all, or more
Intitled in their parts, do crowned sit,
I make my loue ingrafted to this store :
So then I am not lame, poore, por dispild,
Whilst that this shadow doth such substance giue,
That I in thy abundance am suffic'd,
And by a part of all thy glory liue :

Looke what is best, that beft I wish in thee,
This wish I haue, then ten times happy me.


OW can my muse want subiect to inuent

While thou dost breath that poor'st into my verse,
Thine owne sweete argument, to excellent,
For euery vulgar paper to rehearse :



Oh giue thyselfe the thankes if ought in me,
Worthy perusal stand againft thy sight,
For who's so dumbe that cannot write to thee,
When thou thy felfe dost giue inuention light?
Be thou the tenth muse, ten times more in worth
Then those old nine which rimers inuocate,
And he that calls on thee, let him bring forth.
Eternal numbers to out-live long date.

If my Night muse doe please these curious daies,
The paine be mine, but thine (hal be the praise.


H how thy worth with manners may I finge,

When thou art all the better part of me?
What can mine owne praise to mine owne felfe bring;
And what i'st but mine owne when I praise thee,
Euen for this, let vs deuided liue,
And our deare love loose name of fingle one,
That by this seperation I may giue :
That due to thee which thou deferu'ft alone :
Oh absence what a torment wouldīt thou proue,
Were it not thy foure leisure gate fweet leauc,
To entertaine the time with thoughts of love,
Which time and thoughts fo sweetly doft deceive.

And that thou teacheft how to make one twaine,
By praising him here who doth hence remaine.


*AKE all my loues, my love, yea take them all,

What haft thou then more then thou hadft before ??
No loue, my loue, that thou maist true loue call,
All mine was thine, before thou hadAt this more:


Then it for my loue, thou my loue receiueft,
I cannot blame thee, for my love thou vsest,
But yet be blam'd, if thou this felfe deceauest,
By wilfull taste of what thy selfe refusest.
I doe forgiue thy robb'rie gentle theefe
Although thou steale thee all my pouerty :
And yet loue knowes it is a greater griefe
To beare loues wrong, then hates knowne iniury.

Lasciuious grace, in whom all il wel showes,
Kill me with spights yet we must not be foes.


THOSE pretty wrongs that liberty commits,

When I am fome-time absent from thy heart,
Thy beautie, and thy yeares full well befits,
For still temptation followes where thou art.
Gentle thou art, and therefore to be wonne,
Beautious thou art, therefore to be assailed.
And when a woman woes, what womans sonne,
Will sourely leaue her till he haue preuailed.
Aye me, but yet thou mighst my feate forbeare,
And chide thy beauty, and thy straying youth,
Who lead thee in their ryot euen there
Where thou art forft to breake a two-fold truth:

Hers by thy beauty tempting her to thee,
Thine by thy beautie beeing false to me.


*HAT thou haft her it is not all my griefe,

And yet it may be said, I lou'd her deerely,
That she hath thee is of my wayling cheefe,
A losse in loue that touches me more neerely.

Ff 2


Louing offendors thus I will excuse yee,
Thou dooft loue her, because thou knowst I loue her,
And for my fake euen so doth the abuse me,
Suffring my friend for my fake to approoue her,
If I loose thee, my losse is my loves gaine,
And loosing her, my friend hath found that losse,
Both finde each other, and I loose both twaine,
And both for my fake lay on me this crosse,

But here's the ioy, my friend and I are one,
Sweete flattery, then she loues but me alone.


WHEN most I winke then doe mine eyes best see,

For all the day they view things varespected,
But when I sleepe, in dreames they looke on thee,
And darkely bright, are bright in darke directed.
Then thou whose shaddow shaddowes doth make bright,
How would thy shadowes forme, forme happy show,
To the cleere day with thy much cleerer light,
When to vn-seeing eyes thy shade shines so?
How would (I say) mine eyes be blessed made,
By looking on thee in the liuing day?
When in dead night their faire imperfect shade,
Through hequy Neepe on sightlesse eyes doth stay?

All dayes are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright daies when dreams do fhew thee me,


IF the dull substance of my felh were thought


Iniurious distance should not stop my way,
For then dispight of space I would be brought,
From limits farre remote, where thou dooft stay,


No matter then although my foote did stand
Vpon the farthest earth remoou'd from thee,
For nimble thought can iumpe both sea and land,
As soone as thinke the place where he would be.
But ah, thought kills me that I am not thought
To lea pe large lengths of miles when thou art gone,
But that so much of earth and water wrought,
I must attend, times leasure with my mone.

Receiuing naughts by elements fo Noe,
But heauie teares, badges of eithers woe.


THE other two, Night ayre, and purging fire,

Are both with thee, where euer I abide,
The first my thought, the other my desire,
Thete present absent with swift motion slide,
For when these quicker elements are gone
In tender embassie of loue to thee,
My life being made of foure, with two alone,
Sinkes downe to death, opprest with melancholie.
Vntill liues composition be recured,
By those swift messengers return'd from thee,
Who euen but now come back againe assured,
Of their faire health, recounting it to me.

This told, I ioy, but then no longer glad,
I send them back againe and straight grow sad.


MINE eye and heart are at a mortall warre,

How to deuide the conquest of thy sight,
Mine eye, my heart their pictures sight would barre,
My heart, minc eye the freedome of that right,

Ff 3


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