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Bill to Permit Oath of Allegiance by Candidates

for Citizenship to Be Made With

Certain Reservations

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Page Text of bill (H. R. 3547)

1 Griffin, Hon. Anthony J., statement of

2 Rankin, Hon. Janet, statement of..

29 Sinclair, Hon. J. H., statement of

32 Graber, Martha Jane, case of. (See Statement of Hon. J. H. Sinclair.) Grubb, Rev. Silas M., statement of.

41 Mark, Miss Emily, statement of..

46 Paul, C. H., statement of --

57 Trevor, Capt. John B., statement of.

58 Fries, Mrs. Elizabeth C., statement of

65 Rasener, Maurice H., statement of

73 Burt, Rev. Roy E., statement of.. Matthews, Joseph B., statement of..

78 Rabe, Mrs. Olive H., statement of

84 Constitutionality of H. R. 3547. (See Statement of Mrs. Olive H. Rabe.) Thomas, Edward, statement of

86 Lloyd, Miss Jessie, statement of

88 Black, Miss Elizabeth, statement of.

91 Indorsements of, by --

93 Moseman, S. K., statement of

109 Schwimmer, Rosika, and Graber, Martha Jane, Supreme Court decisions in cases of ..

110 Court decisions in certain naturalization cases..

114 Fries, Maj. Gen. (Retired) Amos A., statement of..

146 Burton, H. Ralph, statement of..

71, 152 National Patriotic League. (See Statement of H. Ralph Burton.) Detzer, Dorothy, case of. (See Statement of H. Ralph Burton.) Harvey, William B., statement of.

165 Haviland, Henry M., statement of_

169 Friends, Religious Society of. (See Statement of Henry M. Haviland.) Lloyd, Mrs. Lola Maverick, statement of

178 Patten, James H., statement of.

181 Brinser, C. W., statement of...

184 Walker, Mrs. William S., statement of..

185 Kilbreth, Miss Mary, statement of.

186 Cassidy, J. Edward, statement of


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Washington, D. C. The committee this day met at 10.45 o'clock a. m., Hon. Albert Johnson, chairman, presiding.

The CHAIRMAN. The meeting of to-day was called for consideration of H. R. 3547, by Mr. Griffin of New York, to amend the naturalization law. It reads as follows:

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(H. R. 3547, Seventy-first Congress, first session]

A BILL To amend the naturalization law

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the fourth subdivision of section 4 of the act entitled "An act to provide for a uniform rule for the naturalization of aliens throughout the United States, and establishing the Bureau of Naturalization," approved June 29, 1906, as amended (March 2, 1929, Public Numbered 962, Seventieth Congress, section 6 (b)), is amended by adding at the end of the first paragraph thereof the following new sentence: Except that no person mentally, morally, and otherwise qualified shall be debarred from citizenship by reason of his or her religious views or philosophical opinions with respect to the lawfulness of war as a means of settling international disputes.”

The CHAIRMAN. Is Mr. Griffin present?
Mr. DICKSTEIN. He is in his office, but he has not been called.

The CHAIRMAN. On page 36 of the Naturalization Regulations of July 1, 1929, the Department of Labor, will be found section 6 of the act of June 29, 1906, which this bill proposes to amend. That section reads:

Fourth. No alien shall be admitted to citizenship unless (1) immediately preceding the date of his petition the alien has resided continuously within the United States for at least five years and within the county where the petitioner resided at the time of filing his petition for at least six months, (2) he has resided continuously within the United States from the date of his petition up to the time of his admission to citizenship, and (3) during all the periods referred to in this subdivision he has behaved as a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States. At the hearing of the petition, residence in the county where the petitioner resides at the time of filing his petition, and the other qualifications required by this subdivision during such residence, shall be proved by the oral testimony of at least two credible witnesses, citizens of the United States, in addition to the affidavits required by this act to be included in the petition. If the petitioner has resided in two or more places in such county and for this reason two

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