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Miscellaneous Publications


Chambers's Information for the People. New and Greatly Improved Edition,

embellished by many new Wood Engravings in the best style. Two Vols.,

royal 8vo, price 16s, cloth lettered; also hall-bound, calf, at 208. Chambers's Cyclopædia of English Literature. New Edition. A Critical

and Biographical History of English Writers in all departments of Literature ; illustrated by specimens of their Writings. Two Volumes,

price 16s. cloth lettered ; also half-bound, calf, at 20s. Chambers's Handy Guide to London. Price 18. sewed; or 1s. 6d. cloth limp.

Amply illustrated with Clue Map and Wood Engravings. Chambers's Economic and Comprehensive Dictionary of the English

Language-gives the Orthography, Pronunciation, and Definition of

nearly 80,000 Words. In 1 Vol. 12mo, half-bound, at 78. Chambers's Atlas for the People. New and Improved Edition. Royal 4to,

cloth lettered, price 158. This Atlas consists of 32 Quarto and 4 Folio Maps, beautifully printed in Colours; with a Descriptive Introduction

and copious Consulting Index. Chambers's Parlour Atlas. Royal 8vo, cloth lettered, price 15s. This Atlas

consists of the same Maps, &c., as the Atlas for the PEOPLE. Chambers's Minor Atlas. Royal 4to, cloth lettered, price 58. This Atlas

consists of 15 Quarto Maps, beautifully printed in colours. Chambers's Miniature Library. In 13 Vols., 32mo, cloth gilt, price 68.;

single copies, price 6d. each. Commercial Tables ; consisting of Reckoning, Interest, Annuity, Money,

Weights, Measures, and other Tables; and forming a convenient Manual

for the Warehouse and Counting-room. Price 35. strongly half-bound. Something of Italy, being a Tour through that Country in 1862. Embellished

with Engravings. By W. CHAMBERS. Post 8vo, price 3s. 6d. The Youth's Companion and Counsellor. Edited by W. CHAMBERS.

Frontispiece and Vignette Title. Price 58. square 16mo, cloth gilt. Things as They are in America ; being the NARRATIVE of a Tour in BRITISH

AMERICA and the UNITED STATES. Second Edition, with Hints to

EMIGRANTS. By W. CHAMBERS. Price 6s. post 8vo, cloth lettered. American Slavery and Colour. Illustrated with a Map. By W. CHAMBERS,

author of Things as they are in America.' Price 28. 6d. post 8vo, cloth. Improved Dwelling-Houses for the Humbler & other Classes in Cities.

Based on the Scottish Dwelling-House System. With Plans. By W.

CHAMBERS. Price ls. 6d. Works of Robert Chambers. In Seven post Svo volumes, embellished with

Vignette Engravings, cloth, 4s. each. Tracings of Iceland and the Faroe Islands. By ROBERT CHAMBERS.

Illustrated with Wood Engravings. Being an Account of a Visit to these

Islands in the Summer of 1855. In small 8vo, sewed, price 1s. Domestic Annals of Scotland, from the Reformation to the Revolution.

Second Edition. Edited by R. CHAMBERS. In 3 Vols. demy 8vo, price 408. Songs of Scotland prior to Burns. With the Tunes. Edited by ROBERT

CHAMBERS. Post 8vo, cloth, 6s.; cloth gilt, 6s. 6d. Edinburgh Papers. By ROBERT CHAMBERS. In Demy 8vo, sewed.

Ancient Domestic Architecture of Edinburgh; and Edinburgh Castle as

before the Siege of 1573. Price 18. 6d.
Merchants and Merchandise in Old Times. Price 18.
Testimony; its Posture in the Scientific World. Price 18.
Romantic Scottish Ballade their reb

Price 1s. 6d.
Ice and Water : a

Price 1s. 60. Rambling Remarks on

avings. Square 16mo, price 6d. Cookery and Domestic

New Edition. In One Volume, lil

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