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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1873, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.



Or this volume, as of that which immediately preceded it, the editorial responsiility and general supervision have rested upon Dr. STRONG. He has, however, been reatly aided by Professor WORMAN, who has continued to supplement the departhent left incomplete by the late Dr. MCCLINTOCK. The fulness and accuracy of the work in this respect is very largely due to his earnest and skilful co-operation. Professor SCHEM has likewise rendered important aid, chiefly in national history and staistics. The comprehensive scope and detailed character of the work, as a trustworthy book of reference on all religious topics, has been maintained without change, except such improvements as experience in its progress has suggested. Increased attention has been given to the non-Christian religions and nationalities, as the advance of missionary, scientific, and mercantile exploration has made them more and more the subjects of public notice and interest. The vocabulary, in the branches of philosophy, ethics, and memoirs, will also be found to be somewhat more full, and, we trust, not less satisfactory than heretofore.

The contributions of the numerous assistants and special collaborators are indicated by their initials appended to their respective articles. The following is a complete list of contributors to this volume only. Other eminent names, both in this country and abroad, have been secured for the future volumes, and will be announced in due time.

S. J. B. The Rev. S. J. BALDWIN, A.M., missionary to China.

C. R. B.-The Rev. C. R. BARNES, A.M., Jersey City, N. J.

C. B.-CHARLES BRUCHHAUSEN, M.D., Ph.D., Norwich, N. Y.

J. K. B.-The Rev. J. K. BURR, D.D., Hoboken, N. J.

H.A. B.-Professor H. A. BUTTZ, A.M., of the Drew Theological Seminary.

T. W. C.-The Rev. T. W. CHAMBERS, D.D., New York City.

G. R. C.-The Rev. GEORGE R. CROOKS, D.D., editor of the Methodist, New York.

D. D.-The Rev. DANIEL DEVINNÉ, Morrisania, New York.

E. H. G.-Professor E. H. GILLETT, D.D., of the University of the City of New York.

D. R. G.—The Rev. D. R. GODWIN, D.D., of the Protestant Episcopal Divinity School, Philadelphia, Pa.

J. T. G.—The Rev. J. T. GRACEY, A.M., missionary editor of the Northern Christian Advocate.

J. D. H.-J. D. HAMMOND, A.B., of the Drew Theological Seminary.

G. F. H.-Professor GEORGE F. HOLMES, LL.D., of the University of Virginia.

C. E. H.-Mrs. Dr. HURST, Madison, N. J.

R. H.-The Rev. R. HUTCHESON, A.M., Washington, Iowa.

D. P. K.-Professor D. P. KIDDER, D.D., of the Drew Theological Seminary.

C. P. K.—Professor CHARLES P. KRAUTH, D.D., of the Lutheran Divinity School, Philadelphia, Pa.

J. F. M.-The Rev. J. F. MARLAY, Dayton, Ohio.

G. M.-The Rev. GEORGE MILLER, B.D., Wallpack Centre, N. J.

E. B. O.-The Rev. E. B. OTHEMAN, A.M., Rhinebeck, N. Y.

N. P.-President NOAH PORTER, D.D., LL.D., of Yale College.

J. N. P.—Mr. JULES N. PROESCHEL, late of Paris, France.

E. de P.-The Rev. E. DE PUY, A.M., New York City.

J. D. R.-The Rev. J. D. Rosé, M.D., Ph.D., Summit, N. J.

A. J. S.—Professor A. J. SCHEM, editor of the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Conversations-Lexikon.

E. de S.-The Right Rev. E. DE SCHWEINITZ, bishop of the Moravian Church, Bethlehem, Pa.

L. E. S.--Professor L. E. SMITH, D.D., of the Examiner and Chronicle, New York.

J.L. S.-The Rev. J. L. Sooy, A.B., Titusville, N. J.

G. L. T.-The Rev. GEORGE L. TAYLOR, A.M., Hempstead, L. I.

W. J. R. T.—The Rev. W. J. R. TAYLOR, D.D., Newark, N. J.

N. V. The Rev. N. VANSANT, of the Newark Conference.

R. W.-RUDOLPH WAHL, of the Drew Theological Seminary.

C. W.-Professor C. WALKER, D.D., of the Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va.

H. C. W.-Adjunct Professor H. C. WHITING, A.M., of the Drew Theological Seminary.

T. D. W.-The Rev. THEODORE D. WOOLSEY, D.D., late president of Yale College.

J. H. W.-Professor J. H. WORMAN, A.M., late librarian of Drew Theological Seminary.
E. P. W.-Mrs. Professor WORMAN, Madison, N. J.

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