The masonic minstrel: a collection of songs, odes, anthems, and occasional pieces

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Spencer's Masonic Departmentôt, 1877 - 215 pagini

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Pagina 57 - The cloud-capt towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself; * Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like the baseless fabric of a vision, Leave not a wreck behind.
Pagina 139 - A captive in the land, A stranger and a youth , He heard the king's command, He saw that writing's truth. The lamps around were bright, The prophecy in view; He read it on that night, — The morrow proved it true.
Pagina 197 - And he spake three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five. And he spake of trees, from the cedar tree that is in Lebanon even unto the hyssop that springeth out of the wall: he spake also of beasts, and of fowl, and of creeping things, and of fishes.
Pagina 189 - King ! Long live our noble King! God save the King! Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us ! God save the King!
Pagina 135 - Bach with his mark in view, March with the just and true, Wages to you are due, At your command. Hiram, the widow's son, Sent unto Solomon Our great keystone: On it appears the name Which raises high the fame Of all to whom the same Is truly known. Now to the westward move, Where, full of strength and love, Hiram doth stand; But if impostors are Mixed with the worthy there, Caution them to beware Of the right hand. Now to the praise of those Who triumphed o'er the foes Of Masons...
Pagina 41 - In your grey faces smiling — but like you The worse for weather. Here again I stand, Again and on the solitary shore Old ocean plays as on an instrument, Making that ancient music, when not known ! That ancient music, only not so old As He who parted ocean from dry land And saw that it was good. Upon...
Pagina 101 - WHAT MIGHT BE DONE. WHAT might be done if men were wise — What glorious deeds, my suffering brother, Would they unite, In love and right, And cease their scorn for one another? Oppression's heart might be imbued With kindling drops of loving-kindness, And Knowledge pour, From shore to shore, Light on the eyes of mental blindness. All slavery, warfare, lies, and wrongs, All vice and crime might die together; And wine and corn, To each man born, Be free as warmth in summer weather.
Pagina 166 - God save the King! Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us! God save the King! O Lord our God, arise! Scatter his enemies, And make them fall ; Confound their politics, Frustrate their knavish tricks: On Thee our hopes we fix — God save us all!
Pagina 112 - ... tis all ready for each trusting, faithful heart : There's a mansion, and a welcome, and a multitude is there, Who have met upon the Level and been tried upon the Square. Let us meet upon the Level then, while laboring patient here, Let us meet and let us labor, though the labor be severe ; Already in the Western sky the signs bid us prepare, To gather up our working tools and part upon the Square.
Pagina 137 - ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH! Descend now and fill This lodge with thy glory, Our hearts with good-will ! Preside at our meetings, Assist us to find True pleasure in teaching Good-will to mankind. Thy wisdom inspired the great institution, Thy strength shall support it till nature expire ; And when the creation shall fall into ruin, Its beauty shall rise through the midst of the fire...

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