Riddle of Spiritualism

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Kessinger Publishing, 1 aug. 2003 - 156 pagini
This is the story of an attempt to arrive at the truth about spiritualism. The author was led into making it by the discovery that Mr. Dennis Bradley, who had interested Mr. Palmer during the war by the cheering cynicism of his writings, made the same staggering claims as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This claim became all the more staggering when you know Mr. Bradley. For he seems reasonable enough. He can make money is the exacting atmosphere of Bond Street, he can play a respectable game of lawn tennis, and he offers you quite a normal whisky and soda. He is not a crank. And yet, sitting back in a luxurious easy chair, he will tell you he is satisfied he can get into touch with the next world and doesn't care two pence whether he is run over by a motor bus tomorrow. Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he is confident that he has solved the greatest mystery of all time. Contents: Part I, Physical Phenomena; Part II, Mental Phenomena.

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