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American Supremacy.

.A. B. Deahofe 286


.Rev. R. Heber Newton, D.D.

Ancient Working People, The.

William Bailie 630

Anglo-Japanese Treaty, The.

.Edwin Maxey, LL.D. 449

Are Women to Blame?.

.Elliott Flower 635

Bit of Old Mexico, A...,

.B. O. Flower 624

Books of the Day-Studies and Reviews....102, 213, 327, 436, 547, 662

Causes of the Philippine War.... .Hon. Samuel C. Parks, A.M. 561


Education and Democracy.

.Rabbi Charles Fleischer 487

Governmental Ownership of the Telegraph and Telephone....

Prof. Frank Parsons, B.C.E., Ph.D. 179

Lights and Shadows of the Present Social Outlook.

Edwin Markham 412

The Plural Marriage Problem......

.C. W. Penrose 604

Why the Public Should Own and Control the Telephones.

Prof. Frank Parsons, B.C.E., Ph.D. 297

Co-operative Commonwealth, A..

.Joel Shomaker 164

Corporations and Trusts.

.Thomas Conyngton 55

Couple of Capitalists, A: A Story

.. Eleanor H. Porter 188

Cuba vs. The United States:

1. The Question of Reciprocity....

.F. B. Thurber 234

II. A Plea for Justice....

.L. V. de Abad 238

Development of Brotherhood, The. Prof. Eugenia Parham

Echo of the Inquisition, An....

Rev. Robert E. Bisbee 592

Economic View of Fashion, An..

Julia Cruikshank 387

Education in the Philippines. ..... Antonio Regidor Jurado, LL.D. 337

Edwin Markham: A Prophet-Poet of the Fraternal State..

B. 0. Flower 391

English Friendly Societies, The.... .Eltwced Pomeroy, A.M. 13

Eternal Feminine, The:

I. The New Woman.

.Hon. Boyd Winchester 367

II. The Future of the Woman's Club...

Winnifred Harper Cooley 373

Experiments in Colonial Government.. Felix L. Oswald, M.D. 225

French vs. English. ....

. Eltweed Pomeroy, A.M. 126

G'ory and the Sacrifice, The: A Story. Eleanor H. Porter 640

He Found Life: A Story...

.Luella R. Kraybill 525

Ibsen's "Peer Gynt"...

Walter Leighton 64

Iconoclast as a Builder, The.

.Shaler G. Hillyer 513

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