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THOU great I AM, "the memorial by which thou wilt be known to all generations;" who art "King of kings, and LORD of lords:" accept, be pleased graciously to accept, this little work. If there be any praise, if there be any glory, let it be thine. May it speak of Thee, and for Thee, and if it proclaims not thy NameJesus-" the Way, the Truth, the Life,”-let it perish.. To Thee, "O Lord God of Hosts," "The Saviour of Israel; "I dedicate it: to thy Wisdom I leave and commend it.

And now, LORD, I earnestly beseech Thee, The Almighty Governor, The Glorious Renewer of fallen man, to give me thy Holy Spirit, to reign in me, rule me, counsel and keep me, until death; thy faithful, humble, vigilant, patient, holy, devoted, loving




"Though I be


Page 4, line 5, for three offices, read three in office.


23, for Jer. xxii. 18, read Jer. xxxii. 18.

8, for John, xv. 25, read Luke, xxiv. 44. 9, for last, read lost.

18, for Gentle, read Gentile.

1, for 1 Cor. xv. 11, read 1 Cor. xv. 3



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THE sole object in publishing this little work, is to induce the reading of the Holy Scriptures constantly-almost exclusively to every other work; not merely to read a chapter, but to devote the reading to this Book of books; written to suit all cases and states. Morality is an idol of this world's creation, where those who stop with content, deprive God of the repentant, broken, contrite heart. Morality and Morals are words not to be found throughout the word of life to know God, is everlasting knowledgethe rest will be destroyed.

See Isa. xlv. 3. And search for delight in the depth of its treasures, in this "Mass of Testimony," which from the plenitude of its supplies,

and a God waiting to be gracious, may in the fulness of beauty be called THE EVERLASTING NOW; for whoso reads the "Scripture of Truth," under the light of God's countenance, possesses "silver of strength," and the defence of the Almighty. Job, xxii. 25. See Isa. xxxiii. 16.

An unfinished conversation with a Friend a few years past, occasioned the Letter; which being to the purpose, is inserted. The rest of the subjects are original-taken from the Holy Oracles-detached pieces—and were not written for publication, but disrobed of their egotism, to adapt them for the purpose. Having afforded great delight to the writer, a hope prevailed they might be variously blessed to the reader, although they fall infinitely short of their capability, and the Lord working with judicious and pious Ministers, they might turn these fragments into bread, "that nothing be lost:" blessed treasure, "the word of God is not bound;" no man may say, "I have

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