Get Unstuck from Fundamentalism: A Spiritual Journey

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Vivo! Publishing Co., Inc., 2006 - 186 pagini
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Get Unstuck from Fundamentalism unravels the mystery behind the need to hold myths as literal truth and the need for certainty. Written in and laced with engaging Italian stories, it points beyond mere rejection of childhood upbringing to a deep spiritual shore that is there for all of us to find. Children live in a literal world where myths and reality are blurred such as the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Many of those beliefs are unraveled by the time you become an adult, but fundamentalism is that which remains locked into absolutism. It is as if all the answers and purpose of the world come from outside of yourself, and the stories if still held literally remain in charge of your thinking. Most aren't even aware of this. 30% of Americans hold fundamentalist beliefs, but only 9% call themselves a fundamentalist. Those who are unaware cannot realize that they live on the ends of strings that someone else pulls. Others live in reaction against their childhood literal beliefs and therefore shut themselves off from further spiritual growth.

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Christian Fundamentalism
The Spiritual Road Beyond Literalism
Lifes Little Lessons
A Few Turns in the Spiritual Road
Being There
Arrivederci Chianti
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Bob was ordained as a Methodist minister, and has been a teacher and a consultant in the business community. He is the founder of the Leadership Institute of Seattle and has written six books.

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