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S. XXII. As for the Silence of our Writers of Controversy, it is plain, that some of them did insist upon the Invalidity of our Dilsenters Ordinations, I need not mention Particulars, they are in most Mens Hands who have addicted themselves to the Study of such Books ; The Consequence of this Invalidity the Dissenters took very heinously, for they charg'd such Writers with it, that they thereby Nulld their Ministrations ; those Writers did not deny the Charge, and therefore in effect own'd the Consequence; and put it upon the Dissenters to get clear of it, by proving the Validity of their Ordinations if they could; The Separatists knew as well as every Body else, that our Controversial Writers denying the Validity of their Orders, was a consequential denying of the Validi. dity of their Ministrations, and therefore they labour'd hard, (tho' all in vain) to prove that their Ordinations were good and Valid ; for, if they had not attempted this, they easily perceiv'd, that their interest would have funk, by the Departure of their deluded Proselytes; who otherwise would have concluded (as from a first Principle of Christianity) that if their Teachers were not Ministers of Cbrift, they could not have the Power of ministring Christ's Sa


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craments; this is so natural a Conclusion, that

you may hear it always drawn from the Invalidity of Ordinations, by the Honest and sincere of all Parties, whose Minds are not corrupted by other false Principles. Tell but an Honest Presbyterian, Independent, or Anabaptist Dissenter, that his Teachers are not Ministers of Christ, he'll presently stare with Wonder and Amazement at your Uncharitableness ( as he thinks it) because he thence gathers, that you deny his Teacher's Ministrations, and that you mean thereby, that they and their Depen, dents are not Christians: the Diffenting Tea, chers know this so well, that it is one of their Master-Tricks to deceive their Hearers and Readers, with these Glorious Titles concerning themselves, The Reverend such a One, Minister of God's Word, Minister of the Gospel; take away there, and their Loaves will fail, because Men will naturally fly from such Pretenders, when they discover those Titles not to belong to them, concluding that they are destitute of the Power of ministring Christ's Ordinances to them. This Natural Consequence is the true Reason of their Quarrels against, not only our Controversial Writers, who have deny'd the validity of their Orders, but also our Church, who requires the best of their


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Teachers to be Episcopalli Ordain'd, to minifter the Christian Sacraments, inferring from hence, that those Writers, and our Church too, do by nulling their Orders, make Null and Void their Ministrations. This our Author doubtless knows as well as I do, if he would speak out; but whether he will or no, that Church and her Writers, who agree together to render the Ordinations of our Diffenters Nulland Void, by necessary Consequence say, that their Ministrations are also Invalid, if we may give any Credit to the Understanding of not only, but even the Diflenters themselves, who take it so hard at their Hands: And indeed, it must be acknowledg’d on all accounts, that if the Consequences are Uncharitable, the Premises are so too, for they are inseparable from one another in the Sense of all unbyass'd Underftandings. But of these Things enough. I have only a few Things more to this Writer, and shall then Conclude,

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§. XXIII. In his 34th Page he discovers himself plainly enough, and gives us a Simile whereby to illustrate the Validity of Lay-Baptism, which notwithstanding his Declarations to the contrary, is an argument, that he has a mind to say something about the Merits of the Cause, and to en


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deavour to prove Lay-Baptism to be Good and Valid : His Simile is about the Coin: age of Current Money; which tho'it “be “ by the Law appropriated to the Primce, " and made highly Criminal for any but « his Substitutes to Coin it ; yet upon sup“ position that another should Coin Mo“ ney of the same Value, Standard, Stamp, " &c. as the Law requires, tho' the Coin

er would be juftly punishable, the Money so Coin'd by him would be Cure

rent; and the Prince would not order “ it to be Re-coin'd, nor the People refuse 6. to take it.” This' I think is the only Objection against Lay-Baptizm's being Null and Void, that remains to be Answer'd; and these makers of Similes, or Comparifons of things, are so very unhappy in their Choice, that they pitch upon nothing that is proper to their undertaking, for they are fure, whether thro' Design I will not judge, to omit such Similitudes as have any thing parallel to the Matter Disputed; and so they fail of their Argument; because, where Inftances are not parallel, Arguments will not hold. This is our Author's Case; He should have contriv'd something else instead of Money coin'd; for that is no ways parallel to a Person Baptiz'd; because Money is an Inanimate Senseless

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thing, Man is the direct contrary ; Money is incapable of Consciousness, and therefore of any Law relating to its Coining; Man is a Rational Being, capable of Religion, and therefore conscious to himself, upon Information, whether he has obey'd the Law of Baptism or no; Money neither enjoys any Benefit, nor suffers any Hurt for being right or wrong Coin'd; but Man is to partake of and enjoy infinite Advantages, by being rightly Baptiz'd, and has no Promise of obtaining them without fuch Baptism; Laftly, Money being but meer inactive Matter, cannot be suppos'd to be answerable for concurring with the Crime of the unlawful Coiner; but Man, even in his Infancy, by his Representatives, who undertake for him, is active in bis Baptism, and concurs with any Effene tial Crime committed against the fundamental Law of Baptism, by him who attempted to Baptize; and efpecially confidering that he expresly or virtually takes, all that his Sureties did for him, upon himself, when he comes to Years of Dif cretion : So that, there being such an infiwite Disparity between Money

coin'd by an unlawful Coiner, and Man Baptiz'd by an Unauthoriz'd Hand, the Currency of such Money is no Argument, for the Goodness


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