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no Instituted Baptizer; his miniftration is not effectual ; his A&, is no visible Signing Sealing, or giving a Pledge on God's Part; his medling in the Matter is not the miniftring of the Sacrament, and therefore a total Nullity in all Respects. Thus far we have seen the Church's Sense in this Matter, as deliver'd to us by her Articles of Religion, which are her standing Laws, by which all her Members are oblig'd to be Govern’d.

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$. XII. As for the other Laws of the Church, as they stand at present, 'tis evident, that they allow of no perfect or valid Baptism without a lawful Minister : For, the oth Canon speaking of this Matter, says, That When the minifter dipping, the infant in Water, or laying Water upon the Face of it (as the manner also is) hath

pronounced these Words ; J Baptise thee " in the Name of the father, and of " the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,

" the Infant is fully and perfectly Baptiz’d.” Tis by the Canon, the Minister's doing this, that makes the full and perfect Baptism; She does not say, or so much as intimate, that it is, or can be perfect Baptism, without the Minister; and she means nothing else by Minister here, than one authoriz'd lawfully, as is plain by the abovefaid Ar



ticles, and by all other her publick Acts whatsoever.

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F. XIII. And what this lawful Authority is, the Preface to her Book of Ordination determins and Limits, (for that is also ano. ther of her Laws) viz. That none fball be

Suffer'd to execate any of the Functions

[of a Bishop, Priest, or Deacon) except " he hath had formerly Episcopal Confecra

tion, or Ordination.'Tis the Function of those Spiritual Officers to Baptize, — and therefore this Law of the Church says, That None shall be suffer'd to Baptize, except he hath had Episcopal Ordination. And for this her just and Necessary Law, she appeals in the very beginning of her said Preface) not only to Antiquity; but also to the Testimony of the Holy Scriptures themselves ; that Men may fee, The is not Arbitrary in this Injunction, but Govern’d therein by that Sacred Law, which obliges her and all other Churches in this Particular of Episcopal Ordination, to the end of the World. But to proceed,

$. XIV. 'Tis to one or other of these Lawful Ministers, that our Church in another of her Laws, do's now Confine and Limit the Ministration of Baptism, and that is in her Office for Private Baptism; when


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Children are in danger of Death; For by all the Rubricks or Rules of that Office, 'tis requir'd and Commanded, that the “ Minister

of the Parish (or in his absence any other

lawful Minister that can be procurd) shall Baptize the Child: The Church now provides no other Baptizer; she leaves Children to Die without Baptism, rather than give allowance to any other to Baptize them in such Cases of Extremity: And can we believe that if she thought Lay-Baptism to be Valid in its own Nature, she would have made such Laws as confine Baptism to the Minister of the Parish, or any other lawful Minister ; Insomuch, that whosoever else should now attempt to Baptize, in Cases of Extremity, would involve himself in Sin, by presuming like Saul and others, to meddle in Sacred Matters, where neither God nor his Church have allow'd him to concern himself? Can we piously be lieve, that she denies even our Princes, and consequently all other unauthoriz'd Laymen, to have the Power of ministring Sa craments, as we see the do's by her Articles; and in Consequence of this, in her present Office of Private Baptism, allow of no other than a Lawful Minister to Baptize; when at the same time she Teaches, that the Sacraments are generally necessary to Salvation ; l.e. necessary to the Salvation

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eris'd Baptisms, either in Express or : General Terms; because she knows, has therefore pronounced them to be, rary to Christ's Institution; and for

Reason, has made her Articles and "S, to oblige us to obtain and adhere no other than the Authoriz’d Baptism. i that we may all be secur’d of obtaining ; Baptism, she is so very severe against : Lawful Minister, who by his Negligence,

ers a Child in danger of Death, to die chout Baptisin, that in her 69th Canon e thus Censures him; “ If any Minister, , " being duly without any manner of Collu

sion, informod of the weakness and danger 6 of Death of any Infant unbaptiz'd in his Parish, and thereupon desired to go or

come to the place where the said Infant remaineth, to Baptize the fame, shall ei46 ther wilfully refuse so to do, or of purpose,

or of gross Negligence shall so defer the time, as when he might conveniently have « resorted to the Place and Baptize the said Infant, it dieth through such his Default " unbaptized; the said Minister shall be " Suspended for three Months, and before his Reftitution shall acknowledge his Fault, and promise before his Ordinary, that he " will not wittingly incur the like again ; the Provided, that where there is a Curate


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