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Proofs of the Church of England's owning them to be Christians : For the Court . Christian has nothing to do with any one but Christians, and it would be a great 66 Absurdity to Excommunicate a Person, that had no right to Church Communion ; " and he who is not Baptiz’d, has certainly

no right to Church Communion.This he seems to recommend as the best proof that he has endeavour'd to bring; for lie Advances it almost to a Demonstration, and Glories in it more than he do's in the other three in his Book ;- from whence we may easily Judge of the whole Strength that he has exerted to Support this feeble Cause ;

-For, if he pleases to hear another as Experienc'd a Man in Do&tors Com. mons as his Friend: I do hereby from him inform this Author, that his Proof, is as full for the Church of England's owning the Quakers to be Baptiz'd Christians;- For, the fame “Court Christian” will Excommunicate a Quaker when Prosecuted there for Adultery, &c. as much as if he were a Presbyterian or Independant, &c. and if this Act of that Court is the Churches acknow. ledgment of the Presbyterians Christianity, Pris fo of the Quakers too; and hence if this way of Arguing holds, Quaker's and Presbyferians must be esteemed to be equally Bap

tiz'd Christians;-Let our Author make the Experiment, and he'll find the Fact true, that Doctors Commons will Excommunicate the Quaker, and then by his own pretended Argument, he will find himself Confounded in this Matter, by seeing the Quaker's No Baptism, advanc'd to an Equality with those Spurious Baptisms which he is endeavouring to defend.

I Conclude this Preface with an Earnest request to those Reverend Doctors I have mention’d, and to those few others of our Church who are of their Mind; that they would not expose their Sacred Office to Contempt, by crying up what directly Undermines it : That they would not be so Publick in their eadeavours to fright the World with Consequences, since Truths of Great Importance are not to be blafted by such Methods; and they know, that Consequences how Dreadful foever cannot Change the Nature of Truth; for if they could, the Heresies of the Novatians, Dona. tists, Arians, &c. ought not to have been withstood and Anathematiz'd by the Church; but ought to have been Receiv'd by her, as Wholesome and Sound Doctrines, for fear of Involving valt Multitudes, into the Sad Consequences that must follow from their being Condemned by the Church, as Hea


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retical, and therefore Damnable Doctrines. The Reverend and Learned Clergy were many of them as much against the Frightful Doctrine of Lay-Baptifm's being Invalid, as these Gentlemen are ; but they did not Sit down with the Consequences, which this Truth did not make, but Men themfelves by their ill Practifes : They set themselves Seriously upon the Merits of the Cause, as knowing, that the Premises if false, would not bear the Teft; their Learning and Judgment foon Discover'd the Truth, and the World has heard and seen the Effects of it, particularly in the Reverend and Learn’d Dr. Brett's Sermon against our Disfenters and other Unauthoriz'd Baptisms, Printed for Mr.Wyat in St. Paul's Churchyard;

and if thofe Reverend Gentlemen above mention'd would but take away from before the Eyes of their Mind, that Dark Cloud which Obstructs their Sight; I mean the false way of Judging Truths propos’d, by the Confequences which Men have involv'd themselves into, by their own Unlawful and Wicked Practifes ; If, I say, they would but remove this Black Obstruction, I have so real an Opinion both of their Learning and their Sincerity, that I do not doubt they'd soon see this neceffary Truth, and be as much in Love with its


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Beauty, as many of the rest of their Reverend and Learned Brethren of the Clergy are. I must beg leave of that whole Reverend Body to ask; whether 'tis not just and reasonable, for us Lay-Men to believe, and for them also to infift upon it, that their Sacred Order in its several degrees, was Insticuted by the Sovereign Legislator of his Church Christ Jesus, to be a Standing Monument of his Authority, and a Visible Representation of his Mediatorial Office? That the several Ministrations he has appropriated to their Order, are of such a kind, that they have an Unalterable reference to, and are Reprefentative of, what he has done on Earth, and is ftill doing in the highest Heavens, in behalf of Sinners? That his appropriating those Representative Ministrations to the Office of his visible Representatives; is, a making of those Ministrations, his own Acts; and that there is no other Foundation for their Aalidity, but their being interpretatively perform'd by him, who is the only proper and Sufficient Médiator between God and Man? And that the Supposing any Validity in Unauthorized Mi. nistrations, especially when Attempted even in Opposition to our Saviour's visible Authority plac'd by him in his Representatives, is a Consequential Supposition that

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there is no need of any such his visible Representatives, and that it is an equalizing of our own Inventions with his Institutions ? That this is as much a flying in the Face of his Authority, and in effect, a Denyal of his Supremacy over his Church; as a Rebellion against a Worldly Prince's Representatives, viz. bis Inferior Governours and Magistrates vested with his Authority, is no less than Rebellion, and Treasop against the Prince himself? And in short, that 'tis as much as if a Man should say, those Unauthoriz'd Acts of Ministration would have been as Good and Valid without, as they are by Vertue of our Saviour's Institution of them ? And that this is making Things that are deftitute even of Natural Worth and Value, to be equal to those, which are of Infinite Estimation, being means of Conveying Supernatural Benefits and Advantages to us, by Vertue of Christ's Institution of and Concurrence with them? I beseech them earnestly to consider these Things ; and how their Office, and therein Christ's Institution, can be at all esteemid and observ'd, if Validity can, .without any Divine Law for it, be ascrib'd to the Unauthoriz'd Acts of us Lay-men. What signify the appropriating Laws of Christ and his Church, if we Vnauthoriz’d Persons can


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