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ministration of his Apostles and their Succeffort,

foas that none can Administer True Baptism but

they, and such only as they mall Authorize, 90

II. This Do&trine confines the Efficacy of the Sacra-

ments to the Divine Authority of the Admini-

Arator; infomuch, that if an Uncommision'd

Perfon Minifters, he Administers no Sacraments

at all,


III. Who has this Divine Authority is in Dif
pute, and consequently the Foundation of Bapa,
tism is very precarious and uncertain,

The Diligent and Industrious, who live in Conscien-

tious Communion with the True Church, need not

be in Suspense about this Dispute; and why, ib.

This Divine Right of Administring, is in Episcopa-


The Authors who have abundantly prov'd this, re-

ferr'd to,

IV. 'Tis uncharitable to deny the Validity of the

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Baptism of Foreign Churches, and fome among
our selves,


The Author's Charity for fome who are invincibly

102, 103

V. The Example of Zipporah, Moses's Wife, who

Circumcis'd her son,


VI. Fieri non debet; factum valet: i.e. It is

not Lawful to be done ; yet being done, 'tis Va-



VII. The Council of Eliberis, Anno 305. and the
Church of England at the Beginning of the Re-



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formation, allow'd of Lay-Baptism in a Capo

of Necesity; as the Church of Rome does to

this Day,


The Church of England saw Reasons afterwards

not to give Liberty for such Baptisms; and
therefore now in her Liturgy, requires Baptism
(even in Cafes of Neceflity to be Administred

by a Lawful Minister,
St. Cyprian, and Bishop Taylor's Opinion, if the

Custom of such Lay-Baptism had continued, ib.

VIII. Of the Censers that were Hallowed by the

Two Hundred and Fifty Princes finful Offering

of Incense,

The Subject of this Essay, the Author believes to

be a First Principle of Christianity, IIS
The great Danger of not Asserting and Vindicating


His short Address and Request to the Clergy, 116

And Caution to those who endeavour to ufurp, the

Sacred Office,


His Prayer for the Church and Clergy, 117

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