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" these Words, This is the Seal of the holy Spirit. As to the Eunomians, the Montanists, “ the Sabellians, and all the other Hereticks, 6 the Council ordains that they shall be res 6 ceived like Pagans, &c. and at last they # shall be Baptized."

“ The Council of Capua, Anno 390, decla

red, That it was not lawful to use Re-bap« tization, RE-ORDINATION, and the * « TRANSLATION of BISHOPS.

The second Council of Carthage, Anno 390, in the 8th Canon declares, " That if a Priest « Excommunicated by his own Bishop, un« dertake to offer up the Sacrifices in private, “ and to set up ALTAR against ALTAR “ thereby making a SCHISM, he ought to “ be anathematiz'd, because there is but « ONE CHURCH, ONE FAITH, and « ONE BAPTISM.” My Remark upon this Canon is, That this ONE BAPTISM cannot be suppos’d to be out of this ONE CHURCH, and therefore is only in it.

The third Council of Carthage, Anno 398, Canon 100, says, “ That a Woman ought

not to take upon her to baptize."

“St. Chryfoftom Archbishop of Constantinople, Anno 398, is express for the Invalidity of “ Lay-Baptism, and that it can be no more « administred by a Laick than the Eucharist. “ (says he)

wam But all these are Things which " can be administred BY NO OTHER MAN “ LIVING but by those SACRED HANDS


" ALONE, the Hands I say of the PRIEST, Chryf. Lib. III. de Sacerd. C. 5.

“In the 5th Century Aourifh'd St. Augustin,

Bishop of Hipo in Africa; he argued vigor"ously against the Donatifts, who began their SCHISM by a Separation of some African “ Bishops, and proceeded so far as to' reckon « all other Churches as unclean, and indeed

to be no Churches at all; and consequently when

any Catholick came over to their Party, they would not admit him without Re" baptization, making use of St. Cyprian and “his Collegues Authority, who taught, That

Baptism administred by Hereticks and • Schismaticks could not be valid, because " they were out of the Church; and the " Donatifts esteemed the Catholicks to be nó 66 better than such."

St. Augustin, in Opposition to them, undertakes to prove, "That tho his Party were

not the Church, yet the Donatifts were not

to baptize them a fecond time; he confel"ses, that Baptism performed without na

ming the TRINITY, is Null; but affirms, 66 That if it be administred in the Name of " the TRINITY, it is Valid, WHOSOEVER " he be that administers it, and ought not to “ be repeated : That neither the Minister's “ FAITH as to Religion, nor his San&tity; "avail any thing to the Validity of Baptism “ Thac it is God, and not the Minister, who


« gives

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gives the holy Spirit, and worketh the Remission of Sins."?

But here, before I proceed further, I must observe, that it does not hence follow, that because the Faith or Sanctity of the Minister avails nothing to the Validity of Baptism, therefore his AUTHORITY by which he acts, avails nothing thereto: For AUTHORITY may very well be, and often is DISTINCT and SÉPARATE from both thofe excellent Qualities. And again ; Every one will grant, that it is God, and not the Minister, who gives the Holy Spirit, &c. What then? Does it thence follow that any Person may stand in God's stead, as appointed by him to Administer? Can it be reasonably expected that God should concur with the USURPATIONS of those who act therein without HIS COMMISSION, nay, and in OPPOSITION thereto (as is the Case with us?] Certainly no; it cannot : For, however he may dispense with the WANT of a Sacra ment, yet he has no where promised to give EFFICACY to those Administrations, which are in any Respect contrary to the Essentials of his own Institutions; and to me it feems a mere Fool-hardiness and Presumption to ex

pect it.


But to proceed :

St. Augustin, in the 7th Book of Baptism, Cap. 53. says thus.: " It is asked whether that Baptism is to be approved which is admi

“ niftred

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“ nistred by an Unbaptized Person, who out “ of Curiosity has learned the Way of bapti

zing among Christians? It is asked further, " Whether it be necessary for the Validity of

Baptism, that he who either administers or " receives it, be sincere ? And it they should “ be only in Jest, whether their Baptism " ought to be administred again in the

Church? Whether Baptism conferr'd in Derision, as that would be, which should $6 be administred by a Comedian, might be

accounted Valid ? Whether Baptism admi“ nistred by an Actor may become Valid, " when he that receives it is well dispos’d?"

He answers to these, and such like Que itions, “ That the securest way is to return “ no Answer to Questions that never were " decided in any Council, General or Natio

nal. But he adds; Should any Man, meet

ing with me at such Council, ask my Ad“ vice about these Questions, and that it were

my Turn to declare my Opinion, having

not heard other Mens Opinions, which I " might prefer before my own, 6. I should " without difficulty acknowledge, that they

all receive Baptism truly, in any Place

whatsoever, and by WHOMSOEVER ad“ miniftred, if on their Part they receive it '૮૮

with Faith and Sincerity. I am apt also ،،

to believe, that such as receive Baptism in " the Church, or in what is supposed to be * the Church, are truly baptized, as to the

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«« Sacramental part of the Action, whatso

ever be their Intention: But as for Baptism “ administred and received out of the Church, * in Raillery, Contempt, and to make Sport, “ I could not approve the same without a " Revelation."

He endeavours to overthrow the Reafons and Testimonies of the Cyprianists against the Validity of Hereticaland Schismatica] Baptisms by the Comparison of concealed Hereticks and evil Ministers, with known Hereticks and Schifmaticks." For (says he) if the Baptism admi“ nistred by the FORMER is Valid, and not “ to be renewed, why should not the same " thing be said of the LATTER, since all the “ Realons that are alledg’d for the Nullity of “ the Baptism of Hereticks, may also belong “ to evil Ministers? It is faid, for Example, " That to give the Holy Ghost, one must have it : 6 That Hereticks have it not; and consequently that they cannot give it. Why may we not “ reason after the fame manner concerning “ Baptism conferr'd by conceald Hereticks,

or by wicked Priests? Have they the Holy • Ghost to give ?” Thus St. Auguftin.

I cannot but take Notice here, that this Great Man does not appear (to me) to have made the Comparison according to the Defign of St. Cyprian and his Collegues : for, by the manner of handling thisDispute in those Days, 'tis plain to me that the Hereticks and Schif maticks were supposed to be (by their sepa


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