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" when they return again to us. He proves against the Donatifts, « That the Holiness “ of the Minister does not contribute to the “Validity of the Sacrament of Baptism; and “ that, because the Effect of the Sacrament ç is owing to God only, and in Thort, be

cause the Sacraments are Holy, and do

Sanctify by themselves. Yet he seems to think, “ That we ought to Re-baptize those “ who were Baptized by Hereticks; byt does not make the same Determination concerning those who were Baptized by Schif maticks.

“ The Council of Eliberis, Anno 305, Ca

non 38, declares, That a Christian who is “ neither Penitent, (i, e. not under Penance, ) nor a Bigamist, may Baptize in a “ Case of NECESSITY, those who are on a “ Journey, being at a great distance from a " Church, upon Condition that he present “ him to the Bishop, if he survive, to be • PERFECTED by Imposition of Hands.

Here it ought to be observ'd, that this Ancient Council was not a General one; and so its Canon could not thus authorize all LayChristians; it extended no farther than to the Subjects of those Bishops there assembled. And therefore our Lay-Baptizers cannot act by virtue of this Canon ; especially considering further, that this Canon was not made as Declarative of any Proper Inherent Right or Authority that Lay-Christians, AS SUCH, had


to Baptize: It only appointed Some to do this, who had not Authority to do it before of them felves. Besides, it is plainly restrain'd to such as were in Communion with, and Subjection to their Bishops; they were not to be under PENANCE, &c. And therefore if this had been a General Council, as it certainly was not, our Lay-Baptizers who act in Opposition to Episcopacy, could have receiv'd no Authority from this Canón.

« The Council of Arles, call'd by the Em

peror Anno 314, consisting of Thirty three Western Bishops, Canon 8. determines the 6 famous QUESTION about the Re bapti* Zation of Hereticks, and ordains concerning & the Africans, who had ALWAYS Re-bap“ tiz'd them, That if any one leave a Heresy, " and return to the Church, he shall be ask'd

concerning the Creed; and if it be known " that he was Baptiz'd in the Name of the Fa

ther, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft, Im“ position of Hands only, shall be given him, " that he may receive the Holy Spirit : But if « he does not acknowledge the Trinity," ! fippose 'tis meant, if while a Heretick he did not acknowledge the Trinity, or if the Here tick who Baptiz'd him did not acknowledge the Trinity, (the latter is the most likely)" he “ shall be Re-baptiz'd.

By the way, in this Canon there is not one Word about LAY-BAPTISM: And as for the Hereticks who then Baptiz’d, they had al


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ways, or at least most commonly, received Ordination from the Hands of some CATHOLICK BISHOP or other ; nay, generally the HERETICAL BISHOPS were Consecrated before they fell into Heresy, by CATHOLICK BISHOPS, or else afterwards by some Trick or other, got private Consecration from them, that so their Heresies might go down the better with the People: And the same we find concerning Schismaticks in those Days.

I desire that this may be more particularly taken notice of; because it effe&ually silences all Objections brought from this Council's allowing of the Validity of Heretical and Schifmatical Baptisms. For such their Allowance is no ways favourable to the Baptisms we are now disputing against; for they are not only Lay, but Anti-Episcopal Baptisms; which were not the Subject of this Council.

The Council of Nice, Anno 325, consisting of about 300 Bishops, Canon 19, ordains, “ That the Paulianists (who, by the way, did not Baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost )" shall be Re-baptiz'd who

return to the Church.

After the Council of Nice; It was a Prevailing Principle, " That those whom a Laick * Baptizeth are to be Re-baptized; for it WAS

the undoubted Principle whereby the Orthodox confuted the Luciferians, who began their “ Schism, upon occasion of the Council of « Alexandria's allowing the Ordination of the

66 Arian

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Arian Bishops.” For thus the Orthodox argued against those Schismaticks : Those whom a Laick Baptizeth are to be Re-baptiz’d; but those whom an Arian Priest Baptizeth, are not to be Re-baptiz'd; therefore an Arian * Priest is not a Laick. And even Lucifer himself, the Author of that Schism, granted the Major Proposition to be true.

In the Council of Carthage, Anno 348, before they proceeded to make Canons, the President advis'd thus : “ We must have such re

gard to this time of Peace, that we neither “ weaken the Obligation of the Laws, nor “ yet prejudice the present Unity by TOO 6 MUCH SEVERITY. Then the first Head “ propos'd was about Re-baptization; he " ask'd whether that Man ought to be Re“ baptiz’d who at his Baptism made Professi

on of believing the Trinity. The BISHOPS 6 answered, God forbid; We declare that " this Re-baptization is unlawful, contrary " to the Orthodox Faith, and the Ecclesiasti« cal Discipline.

St. Bafil Bishop of Cæfarea Anno 369, says, « Those whom a Laick Baptizeth are to be Rebaptiz'd; he also maintains, that the Anci

ents were persuaded that the Baptism of 6 Hereticks was ABSOLUTELY void : As “ for Schismaticks, he likes well enough St. -“ Cyprian and Firmilian's subjecting them to “ the SAME LAW; because being SEPARATE from the Church, they had not the


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“ holy Spirit, and fo could not give it; but “ says, he would not hinder the allowing of

the Baptisms of Schismaticks, since the Bi« Thops of Afia had thought it convenient to

admit them : But tho' the Encratites were • Schismaticks, he declares that their Bap" tifm ought not to be approved, and that fic

those ought to be re-baptized to whom " they had given Baptism, because they gave 6 it with Precipitation, on purpose to HIN“ DER the receiving of it from the Church; “ nevertheless, if the contrary Custom [of al"lowing the Baptism of Hereticks and Schisma. es

ticks) were established, he confesses it ought to be followed.”

The Council of Laodicea, between Anno 360 and 370, Canon 8. says, “ That they must be

wholly Baptized anew who come from the Sect of the Montanists.

The third Council of Constantinople, Anng 383, in the last Canon, concerning the Man ner of receiving Hereticks, who offer themfelves to return into the Bofom of the Church, it is ordained, " That the Arians, Macedonians, Sabbatians, Novatians, Quartodecimani, Tetratites and Apollinarists, Thall be received

after they have made Profession of their Faith, and anathematiz’d their Errors, by the Un&tion of the holy Spirit, and the

Chrism wherewith they shall be anointed s on the Forehead, the Eyes, the Hands, the

Mouth, the Ears, at the pronouncing of


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6 these

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