Computer Ministries

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Virtualbookworm Publishing, 2002 - 160 pagini
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Does God's Word offer any instruction for effective computer use that honors Him?yA great deal!It even says it does! The three-part message of Computer Ministries is:Evangelism Computing: The ultimate use of computers from laundry room to workbench.How-To Compute: Begs no better directives and insight than from God's Inspired Word.Giant On-Line Fears: Become little grasshoppers in the light of God's Truth and Control.Computer Ministries contains 160 pages of non-technical much-needed direction for pastors, teachers, and parents the world around.yLots of real-life examples for computing that honors God, benefits the local church, and uplifts the parent.Be sure to visit the Computer Ministries website at!

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