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their senses, will furnish out new inatter for their curiosity and your instructions."

Of all the publications which issue from the presso for the improvement of youth, none appear to corre spond more exactly to this recommendation, than the CYCLOPÆDIANA,-books which, like the present volume, without pretending to exhibit the entire circle of the sciences, convey a familiar and instructive exposition of the most important of them; together with a competent ac. count of the most useful arts and institutions of civil life.

The Editor of these pages does not pretend to deny, that some ingenious compilations of this nature are already in circulation; but he knows of none which, in his apprehension, have displayed such a selection of matter, as is best suited to the capacities and necessities of those, for whose instruction they are intended. In most of these publications, many subjects are introduced, wbich do, by no means, properly fall within the design and object of such works; and other matters are excluded, or very slightly noticed, of which a fuller account seems to be necessary.

The proper selection of his subjects, is a point on which the Editor of this volume has bestowed his utmost care; and he ventures to hope that a comparison of its contents with other books of a similar nature, will satisfy those who may take the trouble of such an examination, that his labour has been neither sparing nor unprofitable.

As nothing is more calculated to facilitate learning, than a proper and methodical disposition of the matter (especi ally in a work of this nature), the Editor has been particularly attentive to the arrangement of the different subjects; and he views this part of his humble labours with peculiar confidence. But, as it is not his wish to make invidious comparisons between this and similar works, he judges it sufficient to refer to the analytical table of contents prefixed to the volume.

A distinguishing characteristic of this work is, the RECOMMENDATION OF SELECT BOOKS, on every important subject of learning and science. The utility of this must be obvious to all persons. Nothing is more commou than for young readers to be impeded in their studies by not knowing what books to consult.

The most scrupulous care has been exercised in forming the several lists of recommended books; and, the Editor ventures to assert, that those who have the superintendance of education, may safely commit these books to the hands of their pupils,--and the latter may enter upon the perusal of them, with full confidence of their being the best adap ted to the purposes for which they are recommended.




To facilitate the acquisition of useful knowledge among young persons, was the Editor's chief object in the original compilation of this work. That the attempt has succeeded, has been at once a source of gratification to him, and a powerful stimulus to further exertions.

In the present edition, much new and interesting matter will be found.

1. To that part of the work which treats of Chronology, the Editor has subjoined a Chronological View of History, both antient and modern, from the earliest period to the present time; in which sacred and profane, -religious and secular history, is exhibited on parallel pages.

2. Under the head of manufactures, the Editor has in-' troduced some new articles, and has corrected many that were inserted in the last edition, either by the assistance of practical men, or by a careful examination of the different processes.

3. The philosophical part of this work has been revised throughout hy a gentleman of the first scientific attainments. The military and naval departments have been submitted to men eminently conversant with those subjects; in short, there is scarcely a chapter which has not received some important addition or correction, rendered indispensable by the successive fluctuations of science.

4. The Lists of SELECT Books have been carefully revised and corrected; some obsolete works have been expunged,

-many new ones added ; and, in some instances, entire Lists have been formed, agreeably to the suggestions of candid criticism.

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“ EVERY publication of an elementary character, and avowedly destined to promote the instruction of youth, has urgent claims on our careful and discrimiuative notice. Some time ago, we had occasion to advert to a small work (Guy's Pocket Cyclopædia), of which the object was similar to that of Mr. Millard's Cyclopædia, but of which the careless and defective execution rendered it, in our opinion, very unfit for educational purposes. Mr. Millard has obviously brought more industry and discernment to his task; for his pages generally exhibit as much accurate and satisfactory information as can be reasonably conveyed within a narrow compass; and his language is, for the most part, perspicuous and correct. We have been particularly pleased with the compiler's abridged account of Heraldry, of many of the Arts and Manufactures, of the history and process of Printing, and of the different Religious Sects.-Although we conceive the present volume to be susceptible of emendation and improvement, we recommend it, even in its present form, as a respectable and useful guide, not only to the young, but to all those persons whose daily avocations, or whose limited circumstances, preclude them from access to more copious sources of information."- Monthly Review for Dec. 1811.

“ Of all the books lately published under titles similar to the above, this is, in our estimation, by far the best. We can scarcely point to any book of equal size, into which so great a variety of useful and entertaining matter is compressed. The Author seems to bave taken great pains to draw his information from the best sources; and what he has here collected for his youthful readers, is, generally speaking, correct.—Through the whole of the work, the Author evinces a considerable systematic and clear arrangement, such as is best calculated to assist the memory, while it enlarges the understanding, of his young readers. As we think very highly of the work before us, we shall merely say in conclusion, that, in the approaching season of making Christmas Presents'


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