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girls have claimed they experienced when allowed to prowl at will through the apartment of some bachelor who has been fortunate enough to fill his “den” with mementos of interesting people and places.

Only two of the nations with whom we are neighborly — Great Britain and Germany - maintain their own houses in Washington. The remainder of the distinguished gentlemen who are accredited to “Uncle Sam” are simply renters during their residence here, although in most cases their respective governments allow them considerable latitude in the choice of domiciles and they consequently manage to be very cosy and comfortable.

The British embassy, which occupies a large red-brick mansion at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and N Street, has

social life in diplomatic circles, and Lady Pauncefote and her four beautiful daughters have been famous during all the years of their residence in this country for the graciousness of their hospitality. Sir Julian — who by the way receives a salary of more than $30,000 a year — is intensely British in dress, manners, and speech, and guests at his home charmed by those niceties of service which have so delighted American visitors to England. In the immense library, with its huge office desk in the centre which is so prominent a feature of the embassy, evidence is to be found of the ambassador's only hobby — his fondness for books. In his collection are many rare works picked up all over the world, and there is no one better qualified to discuss literary topics on a broad basis than

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the personal representative of the Queen of England.

Opposite the British embassy is the legation of Austria-Hungary. This house, also of red brick, has been thus occupied for about ten years, and some time ago a very handsome ball-room was added. Diagonally across the street is a handsome building from which waves the flag of the republic of Chile. Señor Don Carlos Morla Vicuna, the Chilian minister, is a man of the greatest culture and refinement, who enjoys no mean reputation in his own country as an author, and a great sympathy therefore went out to him when within the past year his legation was seriously damaged by fire, the flames destroying many valuable books and priceless art treasures which represented the accumulation of years. Señor Vicuna's refurnished home affords everywhere evidence of the discrimination of its owner, but there are missing, nevertheless, many of the little cherished possessions which made the old one a veritable treasurehouse.

Splendor is a dominant characteristic of

the whole interior of the German embassy, which occupies a substantial-looking building on Massachusetts Avenue. To what an extent magnificence of decoration may be carried is perhaps best exemplified by the Japanese room, which is admittedly the finest example which the country affords of this very effective treatment. Every nook and corner has been enriched by some importation indicative of the marvellous skill of the people of the Land of the Rising Sun. Then there is a Dutch smoking-room which is the delight of all masculine visitors, and a large ball-room the red and gold draperies of which display the most marvellous effects under illumination. The ambassador's private office holds an accumulation of old armor that has excited the admiration of every art-collector who has had a glimpse of it. Herr Von Holleben, the German ambassador, is fond of society, and his home is famous for little informal gatherings to the enjoyment of which people prominent in the worlds of art and music almost invariably contribute materially. The best part of it all is

that these little entertainments always which, with its decoration in delicate blue prove helpful to some charitable or phil- silk, looks almost too handsome for use as anthropic enterprise.

a “den.” There is probably not in Washington a The Columbian legation, a near neighmore elaborate entertainer than Comte bor, although of rather unpretentious apCassini, the Russian ambassador, who oc- pearance, has been furnished with a cupies a large roomy structure at the cor- reference to comfort and cosiness which ner of I and Twentieth streets. The mis- makes it most inviting. The Argentine tress of the mansion is Miss Margaret Republic, although hardly to be classed Cassini, a bright, vivacious girl who is with the world's wealthy nations, happens commonly accounted the most beautiful to be represented in the United States by woman in Washington, and the tact of a man of means and culture who has thus father and daughter combine to produce been enabled to make his home one of the the elusive qualities of sparkle and bril- most sought show-places in the national liancy which so leaven the grandeur of capital. The abode of Dr. Martin Garcia

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of the customs of their native land lend picturesqueness to the Chinese corner of our capital. The Chinese minister pays $10,000 a year for the handsome marble mansion at the corner of Q and Eighteenth streets, and it is filled with just such a varied collection of Chinese ornaments and vases as you would expect to find in such a habitation. Of course the Oriental room is the most attractive part of the house from a decorative standpoint, but it is hardly more impressive than the ballroom, which is finished in onyx, with oak paneling. A novel feature of the legation

impressed at once with the limited number of windows, but the subdued light seems rather to enhance than to detract from the ornamentation of the house, which is of course in the prevailing fashion of the land of the Mikado.

The Turkish legation, which is a near neighbor to the home of the Chinese minister, is a small house, also of white marble, and, as might be expected, its floors are covered with rugs, rare in texture and pattern.

The Venezuelan legation, on Iowa Circle, contributes by far its most imposing

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