European History Foretold

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 208 pagini
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European History Foretold This is a RARE book that reveals GOD'S HAND in History. Hard-to-find, SUPPRESSED and HIDDEN facts are now made plain in this historical commentary on the Book of Revelation demonstrating the AMAZING ACCURACY of John's ancient prophecies. Astonishingly, John predicted CONSTANTINE'S conversion to Christianity and the rise of Papal Rome over ten nations of Europe. Also, MOHAMMED and ISLAM'S rise, Attila the Hun, MARTIN LUTHER, and the Protestant Reformation. QUEEN ELIZABETH, the Spanish Armada, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, the French Revolution, ADOLF HITLER and World War Two. Even the rise and fall of the UNITED STATES. Who are the two witnesses? What is the mark of the beast and the number 666? What do the seals, trumpets, and cups mean? How do we calculate the 1260 days? Who is the woman who sits on seven hills? Who are the three frogs? Who is the beast with seven heads and ten horns? Harold Hemenway was born in Seattle, Washington in 1959. He became interested in the Bible when he was fourteen, discovering the Saturday Sabbath and the health benefits of avoiding pork, clams and shrimp (Lev. 11) by age sixteen. His passion has been collecting old, rare religious books. Believing that we should "do and teach" the commandments (Matt. 5:19), he began publishing his own books in 1986. He has written seventeen books revealing the amazing inspiration of the Bible. From medical wisdom and astronomical design to fulfilled prophecy and mathematical genius, his writings prove the Divine authorship of the Bible. His web site can be found at Thousands of copies of his books have been shipped throughout the U.S., Canada and around the world. He has been a guest on talk radio.

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Front Side of Scroll Chapter 1 Introduction
Church ErasEphesustoThyatira
Church Eras Sardis to Laodicea
John Saw Constellations in Heaven
The Sealed Scroll is Title Deed to Earth
The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire
Angles Saxons Jutes Danes Arrive in Britain
Goths and Huns Overthrow Western Roman Empire
Back Side of Scroll Chapter 12 Constantine Defeats Pagans Israel Flees to Britain
The Beast The False Prophet 42 Months
From Henry VIII to the Peace of Ryswick
From the Treaty of Carlowitz to French Revolution
From the French Revolution to World War Three
The Holy Roman Empire Defeated
The Russian Invasion of Europe
China Russia Defeated at Messiahs Coming

Chapter 9a Moslem Arabs Attack South Roman Empire
Chapter 9b Moslem Turks Attack Eastern Byzantine Empire
Bible Translated Reproduced Using Printing Press
Protestant Reformations Two Witnesses
The Millenium Rest
The New Jerusalem A Huge Green Pyramid
The New Jerusalem continued
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