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Special Provisions

parison with the prohibited list of recent years, this list is very short.

Commercial Profit Tax

A long list of items which were prohibited imports in recent years may now be imported but are subject to a Commercial Profit Tax which is designed to protect domestic production. Items subject to the tax and the amount of the tax on each item are listed in Appendix B.

Precautions for U. S. Exporters

Individuals or companies exporting to Iran for the first time are advised, prior to entering into any commitments, to discuss the general trade scene with the nearest Field Office of the Department of Commerce. Unless the exporter is well and favorably acquainted with his customers, sight or time drafts should be avoided whenever possible, even though the greatest part of Iran's foreign trade is conducted in this manner as a result of the competitive practices of European traders.

Iran's Export Controls

The importation of any kind of pharmaceutical, narcotic drug, poison, saccharine and saccharine materials, and methylene blue is subject to authorization from the Ministry of Health and subject to the pertinent decrees and regulations.

The importation of dynamite and other similar explosives, fuses, and detonators; any kind of hunting gun and cartridges, sporting guns; other hunting weapons, their accessories and detachable parts; and empty cartridges, in each case, is subject to the prior consent of the Ministry of War.

The importation of any kind of transmitter and its spare parts is subject to the prior consent of the Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephones.

The importation of tamed live birds and animals, wild animals for zoos (without remittance of foreign exchange), honey bees and insects used for fighting plant pests, bird eggs for the improvement of breed, live sperm of animals, as well as any kind of roots, plants, nursery trees, grafts, cuttings, flower and vegetable seeds, cereal seeds, and pulses is subject to the presentation of a health certificate and the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The importation of tobacco for cigars and cigarettes, raw leaves; all kinds of cigarette paper; paper and cardboard cut for cigarette tips; lump sugar and granulated sugar; and silkworm seeds is a monopoly of the Government,

Import goods must generally be new and unused. However, the importation of farm machinery and equipment and tractors, and all kinds of mechanized transportation vehicles, including used truck and passenger cars and spare parts is authorized, provided that international survey institutions will issue a certificate that they have not been used more than 25 percent. (Exporters should contact the Consulate General of Iran, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York, to ascertain accepted survey institutions in the United States.) In the same manner the importation is authorized of scrap metal imported for smelting and production of new goods; used automobile tubes and cut-up pieces; raw rubber; plastic pieces used as raw material; and unauthorized goods such as secondhand clothing, shoes, etc., donated to charity institutions by persons and benevolent institutions in foreign countries for distribution among the poor, which institutions are recognized in writing by the Ministry of Health, and for which goods there is no transfer of foreign exchange.

To protect the natural silk industry of Iran, the clearance from customs of fabrics made of natural or artificial silk, or artificial wool, or other authorized artificial fibers is allowed even if the fabrics contain a mixture of other artificial fibers, on the conditions that the proportion of artificial fibers is more than 30 percent and the importer pays a tax of 25 rials per kilogram. Fabrics made of these fibers, if waterproof and intended for the manufacture of raincoats, are exempt from payment of the tax.

The annual import regulations also include a section devoted to the prevailing export controls.

Export prohibitions are restricted to such items as war material, certain agricultural products and natural resources of which shortages do, or may exist, and valuables which might be used to cover the flight of capital. Export exchange control measures

are designed to ensure that foreign exchange gained from exports is delivered to the Government. The export of a few specified goods is permissive upon authorization of the Ministry or Government agency concerned.

Changes in Iran's licensing and other controls are reported in Foreign Commerce Weekly, published by the Bureau of Foreign Commerce,

A subscription for this magazine may be entered at $4.50 a year ($6 to foreign addresses) with the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., or through the nearest Department of Commerce Field Office, Remittance should accompany the order.

Export controls are generalized for all countries, dollar and nondollar. At the time of shipment, the exporter must make a declaration for customs purposes and sign a commitment that he will turn over the foreign exchange proceeds of his exports to authorized banks, for Government account, within a fixed period, in currency acceptable to the Bank Melli. The authorized banks must purchase such exchange at a specified uniform rate. (Special provisions are made for handling through the Ministry of Commerce currencies not acceptable by authorized banks.)

Export controls with respect both to commodities and exchange are administered by the Ministry of Customs and Monopolies in the first instance, but the Ministry of Commerce and the Foreign Exchange Con

Prohibited Imports

Items which cannot be imported into Iran under current regulations are listed in Appendix A. In com



trol Committee also have administrative and substantive responsibilities.

To conform with exchange procedures, the exporter first registers his transaction with the Foreign Exchange Control Committee which furnishes him with a form by which he commits himself to turn over his foreign exchange proceeds to the Government. This completed document must be presented to the customs together with his export declaration and usual commercial documentation, and, in some cases, a certificate that the export goods meet certain standards as to quality and grading. At the present time this special "standards" requirement is limited to gum tragacanth, casings (animal intestines), carpets, and raw cotton.

When the goods and required documentation are turned over to customs, the exporter obtains a delivery receipt which he may use as the basis for applying for a loan from the Export Development Bank.

As most Iranian exports are agricultural products, the chief concern of the United States importer should be to ensure that the goods will meet United States import standards from the standpoints of cleanliness and purity. Equal care should be taken to ensure that the quality of the goods shipped corresponds to the order. The two obvious ways to avoid difficulties of these kinds are to investigate the reputation of the exporter and make use of international inspection companies.


Information on United States import duties is obtainable from the Commissioner of Customs, U. S. Department of the Treasury, Washington 25, D. C., from local collectors of customs.

Absolute import quota restrictions on commercial products are limited, for the most part, to certain farm products for which officially supported prices in the United States are provided by law. Information on import quotas on controlled dairy products, and on permits for imports of oats, rye, barley, and wheat for planting purposes, may be obtained from the Import Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington 25, D. C. Information regarding import quotas on sugar is furnished by the Sugar Division, Commodity Stabilization Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Information on other commodities subject to import quotas is available from the Bureau of Customs, U. S. Department of the Treasury.

For imports of arms, ammuntion, and implements of war, an import license must be obtained from the Office of Munitions Control, U. S, Department of State, Washington 25, D. C.

Other Controls

United States Controls


The Treasury Department's Division of Foreign Assets Control, Washington 25, D. C., should be consulted for information on the foreign assets control regulations, which prohibit all unlicensed transactions directly or indirectly involving mainland Chinese or North Korean financing or trade. These regulations, among other things, specifically prohibit the unlicensed purchase in any foreign country of all goods of mainland Chinese origin and all goods of types which in the past were chiefly imported into the United States from mainland China. The Division of Foreign Assets Control should also be consulted with respect to the transactions control regulations, which prohibit Americans from shipping strategic materials from any foreign country to a Soviet bloc country,

Appendix A

List of Prohibited Imports

At present all exports from the United States or its possessions to Iran are subject to the rules and regulations of the Bureau of Foreign Commerce, U. S. Department of Commerce, except for exports of arms, ammunition, and implements of war, which are licensed by the U. S. Department of State; gold and narcotics, licensed by the U. S. Department of the Treasury; and certain source material and facilities for the production of fissionable material, licensed by the Atomic Energy Commission.

Department of Commerce export licenses fall into two categories-general and validated licenses. A general license is a privilege which permits exporters to make certain shipments without applying for or receiving a validated license document. The commodities subject to validated license requirements, as well as all other regulations concerning export control, are shown in the Comprehensive Export Schedule, which is available for examination at any Department of Commerce Field Office. The Comprehensive Export Schedule and supplementary Current Export Bulletins may be purchased from any Field Office or from the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., at an annual subscription rate, beginning each March 31, of $6 ($1.50 additional for foreign mailing). Airmail service on the supplementary bulletins is available, to domestic subscribers only, at an additional cost of $4 a year.

Additional information concerning export control requirements for shipments to Iran may be obtained direct from the Bureau of Foreign Commerce, U. S. Department of Commerce, Washington 25, D. C., or from any of the Department's Field Offices.

Animal Products

Lard; bacon in any form. Vegetable Products

All kinds of canned vegetables ; synthetic coffees made of barley, chicory, or similar substances ; tea extracts, dry or liquid; ground pepper, turmeric, and other ground spices (powdered mustard, powdered curry, and powdered white pepper excepted) ; saffron; angelica ; safflower; red pepper; hemp seeds ; poppyseed ; cumin seeds and black seeds; madder; henna, dyeing flowers ; indigoleaves ; asafoetida ; galbanum; opium; hashish; henbane leaves. Sugar

Lump sugar and granulated sugar; artificial honey and artificial glucose. Beverages, Spirits, and Vinegar

All kinds of alcoholic beverages : beer; wine; all kinds of nonalcoholic beverages; all kinds of alcohol usable for the preparation of any kind of alcoholic beverages (absolute alcohol excepted) ; edible vinegar; beet waste and other wastes of sugar refineries, breweries, and starch manufacture. Tobacco

Tobacco; tombac; cigars ; cigarettes ; snuff tobacco; chewing tobacco; tobacco or tombac dust mixed or unmixed with other substances.


Mineral Products

Mineral and marine salts; aviation gas; dry-cleaning spirits ; all
kinds of kerosene and gases for fuel and lighting; all kinds of
fuel oils ; mineral turpentine.
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products

Industrial acids (nitric acid azotic acid); sulfuric acid ;
hydrochloric acid (pure medical acids for medical and laboratory
use and engraving purposes excepted) ; sodium carbonate non pure
less than 98 percent; sodium sulfur; ethylic alcohol (excepting
absolute medical alcohol) : saccharin ; dulcin; morphine; codeine and
other opium alkaloids, and cocaine; canabic Indicus extract (unless
licensed by the Ministry of Health for medical purposes); all
kinds of laundry soaps in cakes ; medicinal syrups and drops with
metalloid base and potassium powder; fireworks; tinder ; matches.
Furs and Skins

All kinds of fur skins such as lambskin, fox, and other wild
animal furs either processed or not (snake and crocodile skins
excepted) ; poustines (inverted sheepskins).
Rubber Manufactures

Toys of all kinds and types.
Wood Manufactures

All kinds of ornaments made of wood.
Paper Manufactures

Playing cards, cardboard or plastic, etc. ; immoral pictures and

Natural silk ; silk cocoons ; floss silk ; silk waste; raw silk yarn
and silk thread twisted (with the exception of silk thread for
retail sale); fabrics made of natural floss silk or silk wastes ;
all kinds of wool yarn and soft wool yarn made entirely or par.
tially of used wool; woolen fabrics made of used wool or soft wool
and/or with mixtures of used wool; cotton; cotton waste and
residue of spinning and weaving mille : cotton yarn,
twisted up to count 42 (spools of all kinds excepted); fabrics
made of raw yarn, scoured with artificial fat; calico, coarse;
unwashed calico; machinemade or handmade carpets either of
cotton, wool, soft wool, or other natural and artificial yarns ;
ziloos and gelims (thin rugs of low-grade material) ; disinfected
cotton; felt used as floor covering (felt for industrial use and
articles made of felt for industrial use excepted); rope and twine
made of cotton or horsehair; articles made of rope and twine ;
knapsacks, bags, and cushions of all kinds; jajims (thin rugs).
made of wool and silk; all kinds of stockings and socks for men,
women, and children made of cotton yarn ; men's shirts ; clothing
(new or used), shoes, and labels with foreign trade names and
marks and advertisements of any type or material.
Manufactures of Base Metals

All kinds of containers whether of metal, glass, or other mate-
rial which have foreign inscriptions or trade names of foreign
manufacturers ; lead in sheets or bars; metal sheets with inscrip-
tion of trademarks concerning foreign industrial or commercial
goods ; imitation ornaments of all kinds and types.
Arms and Ammunition

Weapons other than firearms and their spares ; knives wtih
Bafety rachet; war arms of any kind and parts; firearms of every
description and their parts; war equipment of all kinds.

Toys of all kinds and types, gambling equipment of all kinds
and types ; opium-smoking pipes, including nonceramic; con-
tainers and articles of silver less than 84 fine.

Tax in rials per
kilo unless other.

wise indicated
Fresh or salted casings of cows
Bladder and rumen
Thick casings, fresh or salted

Thick casings, dried
Bird feathers for pillows

Other types of feathers

Bird skins and ornamental feathers

200% ad valorem
Bones, borns, hoofs, nails, and beaks

Tanners waste leather, residue, veins, and tallow 2
Tinned fish

Chapter II. Products of the Vegetable Kingdom
Flowers and buds

Twigs, grass, moss, fresh or dried

Rice and broken rice

Vegetable compounds, meat compounds in the

form of tablets, liquid, or powder for the prep-
aration of soup or bouillon

Bran and residues obtained from milling grains 0.50

Coconut and fresh mango

Oranges, sour oranges, tangerines, sweet lemons,
sour lemons

Citron and other citrous fruits
Fresh figs and fresh grapes
Dried figs
Raisins, large raisins, and green raisins

Almonds, with shells

Almonds, shelled

Hazelnuts and walnuts, with shells

Hazelnuts and walnuts, without shells



Fresh apples and pears.

Quince, apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherries,
black cherries, plums, etc.

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries

Dried fruits-apples and pears

Dried apricots, peaches, and gheissis (kind of

Sauces, incl. container

Peanuts, sunflower seeds

Castor seeds, sesame seeds, linseed

Other oilseeds and oil grains
Chicory roots-fresh, dried or roasted

Liquorice roots
Quince seeds

Borage and violet flowers

Leaves and stalks of borage

Hedge mustard, rocket and citron seeds

Dried lemons

Myrtle and lotus

Coriander, aniseed, anise, fennel seeds


Vegetable seeds and livestock feed seeds

Indigo leaves-unprocessed
Pomegranate rinds and walnut shells
Sumac and barberry
"Veshgh," turpentine, sandarac, “ashtak," gal-

Citrus rinds, fresh, dried preserved in brine

Tree bark and fiber

Vegetable sponge

25% ad valorem
Ordinary cane, twigs, osier and wood fiber

Vegetable stuffing for packing material

Vegetable material for brooms






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Appendix B

List of Goods Subject to Commercial

Profit Tax?

Chapter III. Fatty Substances, Fats, Oils and Their

Cleavage Products; Prepared Edible Fats; Waxes

of Animal or Vegetable Origin
Raw vegetable oil of linseed, cottonseed, sesame
seed, castorseed, and peanuts

Almond oil


Animal wax


Chapter I. Live Animals and Products of the Animal

Tax in rials per
kilo unless other-

wise indicated'
Animal fat from lard or fat-tail sheep, milk

Other types of cheese

Fowl eggs in shells

Egg yolk without shell, and powdered eggs

Natural honey

Human hair

Hog and bear bristles

Fresh or salted casings of sheep and goat

Dried casings


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1 Commodities_are grouped according to the chapter headings
of the Iranian Tariff.

2 76.5 rials equal US$1. ; 1 kilo equals 2.2 pounds.

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Chapter V. Mineral Products
Humus for floriculture

25 per ton
Sand and gravel

60 per ton

60 per top
Chalk and colored earths



70 per ton
Marble and alabaster

150 per ton
Other kinds of building stone

150 per ton

150 per ton

150 per ton
Limestone, gypsum stone, dressed stone, broken

50 per ton
Alum, white mineral

Cooked and hydraulic lime

70 per ton
Cooked gypsum

60 per ton
Coke and cinder of metal smelting furnaces 15 per ton
Coal and anthracite

200 per ton
Unrefined sulfur

100 per ton
Refined sulfur

All kinds of tar obtained from petroleum, incl.

350 per ton
Lignite and peat

100 per ton
Ores: Iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.

20 per ton

Chapter VI. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products;

Color and Varnishes; Perfumery; Soap, Candles
and the Like; Glues and Gelatines; Explosives;

Sodium chromate and potassium chromate

Sodium hyposulfite

All kinds of food compounds

Sulfate of sodium and sulfate of magnesium 5
Tinctures and pharmaceutical tinctures with

All kinds of solid alcohols

Soap creams

Toilet creams, medicinal soaps, and powder soaps 20
Special compounds for removing hair

All kinds of perfumed water


Prepared oil paints mixed with vegetable oils B
Alcoholic-based varnishes in containers
Oil-based varnishes
Oil fillers
Paints, ready for use, for buildings
Categories of oil-based paints, the color base of

which is mineral or nonmineral
Sealing wax
Mucillages made of gums and dextrine, etc., for
retail sale

Writing ink

All kinds of perfumed waters and all kinds of
alcoholic-base perfumes

All kinds of artificial essences

All kinds of toilet soaps

All kinds of ordinary and colored candles

Shoe polish, incl. container

Sulfurous wicks and waxed ribbons, incl. con-


Tas in rialo por
kilo unlose other

wise indicated
Thin skins for musical instruments and parcb.

Belts, all kinds and types

Chapter VIII. Rubber and Rubber Manufactures
Leather and nonleather soles and heels
Bicycle spare rubber pedals and handgrips

Door mats, rubber

Rubber sheets more than 8 mm. thickness

Men's leather gloves

Chapter IX. Wood and Cork and Manufactures of

Those Materials; Manufactures of Plaiting Mate-

Sticks and special wood for canemaking

Wood for matchmaking

Wood blocks for flooring and streets

Wood and board--planed and grooved

Wooden pieces for making furniture and frames 20
Wooden pieces for making furniture, coated with

Wooden pieces for making furniture, coated with
other pastes

Manufactured and assembled frames

Suitcases, boxes and crates

Kegs. bowls, bucketa, barrels

Ladders, fences, stairways
Doors and windows

Bamboo and thick caneo

Brooms and dusters

Screens of wood or cane

Venetian blinds and roller blinds

Wooden wheels and other accessories for making

Wood spoons and forks

Boxes and pans and other kitchen equipment
made of wood

Combs of wood

Furniture and parts of wood


Wood objects made of sawdust and the like 10
Natural fiber doormat ("hassirs"),

Screens, mats of other than ordinary cane

Cotton or natural fiber mats

Cages, boxes, articles made of reed, wood pieces - 100
Chairs made of osier and other vegetable fibers 100
Shoe lasts—wooden

Wooden heels

Wooden chairs and tables

Wooden articles-inlaid

100% ad valorem
Veneer wood

Wood panels and clothes hangers

50% ad valorem
Chapter X. Paper and its Applications
Paper and cardboard waste

Waste paper

Ordinary cardboard made of used paper

Paper stuffing
Suitcases, boxes, briefcases made of cardboard or
similar materials

Covers. boxes, containere made of paper

Copy books, memo books, ordinary or lined enve-

De luxe paper and envelopes in boxes

Photograph" frames made of paper

Photo albums

Folders for photographs

Desk pads and desk files

Printed papers

Transfer designs

All kinds of post cards, pictures, paper and card.
board with designs

Chapter XI. Textile Materials and Textile Goods
Animal hair

Hair waste

Hair yarn

All kinds of cotton piecegoods over 191 grams
per square meter

Natural silk fabrics

Lampwick No. 7 and below; candlewicks

Natural or artificial silk stockings

Stockings made of wool, soft wool-pure or mixed 100
Gloves made of artificial silk

Gloves made of natural silk

Gloves made of cotton, wool or soft wool

Shawls and brassieres made of silk or artificial

Shawls and brassieres of wool

Shawls and brassieres of cotton

Garters and straps of silk

Garters and straps of other materials

Shoe and boot laces

Cloth bags





Chapter VII. Hides or Skins, Leather, Fur Skins and

Manufactures of Those Materials
Raw sheep and goat skins

Leather, goat, sheep

Buffalo and cow leather for soles

Calf and cow leather, for upper parts

Sheep and goat leather

Patent and gilded leather-all kinds

Leather waste and pieces

Snake and lizard skins

All kinds of synthetic leathers and chamois 200
Pieces for shoes, sewn and unsewn

Cloth and leather leggings

Saddles and straps

Leather mattresses, knee protectors, and other
articles of leather

All kinds of handbags, suitcases and boxes

Leather cigarette cases and tobacco pouches 100
Wallets, handbags for men and women

Camera cases and similar articles

Skins with eyes and teeth

100% ad valorem








Tor in rials per kilo unloss other

wise indicated' Cord and ribbon of cotton

20 Elastic belts 3 centimeters wide or under Sacks of all kinds

150 Mosquito nets

50 Lampshades of cloth

200 All kinds of silk handkerchiefs

600 All kinds of handkerchiefs of other fabrics 250 Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, tablecloths and napkins of natural or artificial silk

100 Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, tablecloths of linen, cotton, or hemp

50 Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, tablecloths and

napkins made of other fabrics Bath toweling in rolls

100 Other cloth articles of natural or artificial silk - 200 Other cloth articles of wool

200 Other cloth articles of cotton, linen and other vegetable yarns

300 Woolen cloth having more than 10% cotton or artificial yarn

150 Jersey cloth, silk, natural, or artificial Jersey cloth, cotton

100 Jersey cloth, woolen

50) Pithazie (color woven cotton checked fabric) 30 Ormac, in any color and quality (fabric similar to denim, but lighter in weight)

30 Cotton drill

30 Cotton tweed or fastani

30 Cotton gabardine

30 Diagonal weave cotton cloth (heavyweight cloth for work clothing)

30 Cotton serge

30 Cotton castur (lightweight, similar to cotton serge; used for suit linings)

30 Khaki uniform cloth

30 Gunny and hessian cloth Chapter XII. Footwear, Headgear, Umbrellas and

Parasols; Articles of Fashion Leather soles

25 Felt or cloth berets and hats

150 Hats made of leather, skins, rubber or other materials

.250 Umbrellas, with paper sheaths

225 Walking sticks

100 Walking sticks inlaid with precious metals and stones

.100% ad valorem Whips Ornamental feathers

500 Articles made of feathers

500 Prepared human hair

400 Hand-fans made of paper

100% ad valorem Fans made of feathers and other materials 100% ad valorem Chapter XIII. Wares of Stone and of Other Mineral

Materials; Ceramic Products; Glass and Glassware Stones-natural or synthetic, cut or uncut 300 per ton Statues, ornaments, and fancy articles made of natural or synthetic stones

1000 ad Imitation chinaware

10 Containers and pipes made of earthenware

2 Containers made of earthenware, enameled

5 Joints and other constructional materials made

of earthenware Joints and other constructional materials made of earthenware, with enamel

10 Clay pots, jugs, etc.-ordinary Clay pots, jugs, etc.-enameled

2 Articles made of stone, clay, earth, etc.

100% ad valorem Ceramic ovens and their parts

6 Jars, bowls, etc.

2 Ashtrays of all kinds

10 Large mirrors and their frames

60 Statues and chandeliers, flower pots and other ornamental articles of glass

100% ad valorem Candelabra, nonelectric

50% ad valorem All kinds of chandeliers in plastic, wood and metal

100 Kerosene lamps and glass lamp chimneys 60% ad valorem Plain plate glass; cut glass tumblers and halftumblers

3 Foreign made tiles, all kinds

16 Glass brick

3 Chapter XIV. Real Pearls, Precious Stones, Precious

Metals and Manufactures of Those Materials; Coin

(Specie) Articles made of silver 84 fine and over

200 Silvercoins and other metal coins, gold coins excepted


Tax in rials per kilo unless other.

wise indicated Chapter XV. Base Metals and Articles Made Thereof Metal beds and metal furniture

-100% ad valorem All kinds of windows and doors, metal

2 Articles made of wire

6 Chairs, desks and furniture, metal

100% ad valorem Costumers and curtain rods and similar items, even though not readymade

5 Metal suitcases

10 Steel barrels

2.5 Coal and wood stoves-cast iron

12 Stoves, not cast iron

35 Braziers-metal, and not electric

40 Statuettes, metal

100% ad valorem Steel or iron kitchen equipment made of unfinished sheets

8 Steel iron kitchen equipment, finished polished

10 Steel or

iron kitchen equipment coated with zinc, lead, tin, enamel, or with designs

15 Fireplace or stove accessories of steel or iron 20 Bars for stairs

20 All kinds of picture frames

50 Copper ashtrays coated with nonprecious metals 25 All kinds of lighters

50% ad valorem Smoking accessories

25% ad valorem Ornamental table sets

75% ad valorem Mantlepiece ornamental pieces

75% ad valorem Metal kerosene lamps

20 Kerosene lamp fixtures, Nos. 5, 7, 10

30 Watch chains and key chains made of nonprecious metals

50% ad valorem Wrist and other watch straps-all kinds

50% ad valorem Steel wool, metal wool for dishwashing

40% ad valorem Shoehorns

50 Iron handles for suitcases and handbags

50 Stirrups, spurs Caps for bottles

40 All kinds of boxes and metal boxes

20 Pen knives and other knives

120 Brass hairpins in boxes, incl. container

25 Cigarette cases and metal cases

20 Cases made of nonprecious metals

75% ad valoremu Scales-small

25% ad valorem Weighing machines

30% ad valorem Cast iron weights

20% ad valorem Fire extinguishers, portable

20% ad valorem Zip fasteners

10% ad valorem Metal curtain rods, plain or ornamented, T, U, 10 and other shapes

15 Chapter XVI. Machinery and Apparatus; Electrical

Porcelain and glass insulators

Chapter XVII. Transport Material
Carts, carriages, and chainless tricycles for

50% ad valorem Carts, carriages and other nonmotorized trans

portation means for passengers and goods 50 Chapter XVIII. Scientific and Precision Instruments

and Apparatus; Watchmakers' and Clockmakers

Wares; Musical Instruments Stringed musical instruments

40% ad valorem Stringless musical instruments

.100% ad valorem Chapter XX. Miscellaneous Goods and Products Not

Elsewhere Included
Brooms made of vegetable fibers-coarse

5 Brooms made of vegetable fibers-soft with handles

16 Brooms made of vegetable fibers-soft, without handles

10 Brushes with wooden handles, dyed, made fully or partially of animal fibers

20 Brushes of vegetable, metal or other substances 50 Mother-of-pearl, fish gills

400, ad valorem. Articles made of mother-of-pearl, fish gills 100% ad valores. Brushes (clothing)

80 Articles made of vegetable substances-workable 100% ad valoren. Articles made of meerschaum and amber

100% ad valorem Cigarette holders

100% ad valorem Articles and containers made of plastic

100% ad valorem Plastic buttons

60% ad valorem Ordinary wooden pen holders

40% ad valorem Dusters and feather dusters

50% ad valorem



By Borrie I. Hyman, Second Secretary; Hadi Sepanlou, Economic Adviser; and Ismail Ghobadi Commercial Investigator, American Embassy, Tehran Prepared for publication in the Near Eastern and African Division, Office of Economic Affairs.

August 1957.

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