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Mrs. Davis. At this point, for the sake of time, I will also place the amendment I am offering on the table as well.

Ms. HALLOCK. "Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute

Mrs. Davis. I ask unanimous consent that the amendment be considered as read.

Without objection.
[The amendment referred to follows:]



TO H. CON. RES. 412


Strike the preamble and insert the following:

Whereas a peaceful, just, and lasting solution to the reunifi

cation of Cyprus has been a longstanding policy goal of the United States;

Whereas the United Nations-sponsored “Annan Plan” sub

mitted to referenda in Cyprus represented a historic opportunity to reunify Cyprus;

Whereas in separate referenda held on April 24, 2004, 65

percent of Turkish Cypriots voted to support the United Nations-sponsored plan; and

Whereas notwithstanding the outcome of the referenda, the

Republic of Cyprus entered the European Union on May 1, 2004: Now, therefore, be it

Strike all after the resolving clause and insert the


1 That Congress


(1) congratulates the Turkish Cypriots for their


historic vote in favor of the United Nations-spon



sored unification plan, commends the Turkish Cypriot leadership for their continued positive attitude toward the situation on Cyprus, and urges the Turkish Cypriot people not to abandon all hope of a



[blocks in formation]


their tireless and creative efforts on behalf of a solu

[blocks in formation]


(3) expresses its appreciation for the bold and


courageous leadership shown by Prime Minister


Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to help move the United
Nations-sponsored "Annan Plan" forward in a posi-



tive manner;


(4) lauds the commitment to peace of Prime

[blocks in formation]


announced by both sides, including the decision to open additional border crossing points; the demili



tarization of a wider space along the green line; the

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


(6) applauds the decision of the United States


Government and the European Union to initiate fi


nancial, and other measures, designed to lift the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots in recognition of their



support for the principles of the "Annan Plan".

Mrs. Davis. H. Con. Res. 412 was introduced by several of our colleagues, including the Ranking Democrat, Mr. Wexler. The resolution commends the Turkish Cypriot people for their support for a unification plan for Cyprus.

I want to first commend the Ranking Democrat for his commitment to a just and lasting peace in Cyprus and for his cooperation on the amendment that I am offering.

Last year, the House considered and passed a resolution calling on both sides in the dispute to move quickly toward adopting a plan for unification. The resolution was particularly hard on the Turkish Cypriot leadership which was seen by many as the principal impediment to a solution. After a period of negotiations on a comprehensive initiative, the people of Cyprus, on April 24th, went to the polls to vote on the plan presented by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to secure a lasting peace and a permanent end to the division of the Island.

In that vote, an overwhelming majority of Turkish Cypriot citizens voted for the Annan Plan to reunify the country. This resolution recognizes the commitment the Turkish Cypriots made to adopt this plan and end the division of the Island.

The resolution also recognizes the many personalities who were involved in the process of negotiating the plan and bringing it to a final vote. Although the resolution does not mention them, we should note the efforts made by Mr. Mehmet Ali Talat and Mr. Serder Denktash for their willingness to work together on this matter in such a positive way.

As mentioned, I have offered a substitute amendment to H. Con. Res. 412. The amendment makes a few language adjustments and adds an additional recognition of some of the numerous confidencebuilding measures initiated by both sides since the referendum. These are seen as additional opportunities to build new momentum for any future negotiations which would help initiate a new effort to reunify the Island.

Hopefully these and other measures will eventually lead us to a new round of negotiations which will result in a unified Cyprus.

I urge adoption of the amendment and the resolution.
I would now like to recognize Mr. Wexler.

Mr. WEXLER. Thank you, Madam Chair, especially for marking up this resolution.

On April 24th, a historic vote was taken in an effort to reunify Greek and Turkish Cypriots on the divided Island of Cyprus.

The Annan Plan, sponsored by the United Nations and supported by the United States, European Union, Turkey and Greece, was an extraordinary effort to bring lasting peace and stability to Cyprus for the first time in over four decades. Unfortunately, Greek Cypriots rejected the Annan Plan leaving the Turkish Cypriot community-who voted overwhelmingly in favor of the U.N.-sponsored plan-without the peace they so desperately desired.

The resolution before the Subcommittee today praises the Turkish Cypriot people, as well as Prime Minister Talat, for supporting the Annan Plan and its goals of reunification. It also recognizes the leading role of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who was unwavering in his commitment to bring lasting peace to Cyprus. Finally, it

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