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78th Congress, 2d Session

(January 10-December 19, 1944)


VOL. 5




CONTENTS NOTE.-Tbe reports missing from this volume will be found in volume 6 or 7 of House reports. No. 1831. Relief of W. A. Smoot, Inc. 1832. Relief of J. Sims Norman. 1833. Relief of estate of Cecile H. Burgett. 1834. Authorizing Ketchikan, Alaska, to issue bonds. 1835. Amending war overtime pay act of 1943 so as to increase overtime pay of

Customs Service employees. 1836. Lump-sum payment to Government employees for annual leave due upon

their separation from service. 1837. Health programs for Government employees. 1838. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1839. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1840. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1841. Extension of certain oil and gas leases. 1842. Acceptance of property within boundaries of Everglades National Park

pending its establishment. 1843. Relief of Hyman L. Schiffer. 1844. Relief of Harry V. Hearn. 1815. Relief of Walter N. Lundmark. 1846. Relief of William P. Weber. 1847. Relief of Bertha LeFrancq. 1818. Relief of Albert B. Weaver. 1849. Relief of William H. Crompton. 1850. Relief of Ludwig Wolf. 1851. Relief of James H. Clark and Eleanor Clark. 1852. Relief of Jessie M. Springsteen and John Springsteen. 1853. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1854. Relief of Beardstown, Ill. 1855. Economic problems of reconversion period. 1856. Printing additional copies of 5th intermediate report of Select Committee

to Investigate Executive Agencies. 1857. Printing additional copies of 6th intermediate report of Select Committee

to investigate Executive Agencies. 1858. Expenses of Military Affairs Committee in conducting study of progress

of war effort. 1559. Filling vacancy in office of Delegate in Congress from Alaska. 1860. Disposition of records by sundry Government offices. 18h1. Relief of Puget Sound Bridge & Dredging Co. 182. Relief of G. F. Odom. 1863. Relief of Lindsey Harcrow. 1864. Relief of Agnes Wolters. 1845. Relief of Rose B. Luzar. 1966. Relief of Nelle L. Jones. 1867. Relief of Hubert McMahon and legal guardian of Barbara McMahon. 1968. Relief of Dewey H. Davis. 1569. Relief of Edward C. Robbins. -870. Relief of Anna Chandler.

No. 1871. Relief of James L. Eden. 1872. Relief of John Casey and Marie E. Casey. 1873. Relief of Robert Rowe and Mary Rowe. 1874. Relief of Karl Lungstras. 1875. Relief of Rosa L. Foreman. 1876. Relief of Julia Toler. 1877. Relief of Frank Lore and Elizabeth Vidotto. 1878. Relief of estate of Walney A. Colvin. 1879. Relief of Clyde H. Palmer, estate of Lola J. Palmer, and legal guardian of

Margie J. Palmer. 1880. Relief of Herman Weinert, jr. 1881. Relief of estate of A. D. Gibson. 1882. Increasing pensions to certain persons who served in regular establishment

in peacetime. 1883. Disposition of records by sundry Government offices. 1884. Study by Public Lands Committee of problems in connection with public

lands. 1885. Relinquishing title to lands in Los Angeles County, Calif. 1886. Providing for appointment of commissioner for Big Bend National Park. 1887. Exchange of lands selected by Montana for Montana University biological

station for other lands. 1888. Transferring jurisdiction over Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chatta

nooga, Tenn., to War Department. 1889. Interim report on investigation of restrictions on brand names and news

print. 1890. Conference report on bill for disposal of surplus property. 1891. Relating to star route service and star route contractors. 1892. Designating, as Lake Texoma, lake formed by waters of Red River im

pounded by Denison Dam. 1893. Investigation of civil aviation.* 1894. Relief of C. C. Thornton. 1895. Relief of Amy McKnight. 1896. Permitting more effective utilization of Coast Guard Auxiliary. 1897. Conveyance of land to Duluth, Minn. 1898. Relief of Carl M. Frasure. 1899. Printing additional copies of report on reexamination of Columbia and

Snake Rivers. 1900. Printing additional copies of hearings on bill to amend transportation act

of 1940 rel. to Govt. traffic. 1901. Printing of pamphlet on rights and benefits of veterans of armed forces

and their dependents. 1902. Conference report on war mobilization and reconversion act of 1944. 1904. Investigation with respect to seizure by Government of property of Mont

gomery Ward & Co. 1905. Relief of Irma S. Sheridan. 1906. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1907. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1908. Insuring preservation of records of domestic sources of ores of metals and

minerals. 1909. Providing more efficient dental care for personnel of Navy. 1910. Transfer of lands within Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown, Va.,

to Naval Mine Depot. 1911. Relief of Lum Jacobs. 1912. 7th intermediate report of Select Committee to Investigate Executive

Agencies rel. to improvement of Congress. *Corrected print.

No. 1913. Adverse report on resolution requesting information as to arrival of refugees

from Attorney General. 1914. Consideration of post-war Federal-aid highway act of 1944. 1915. Conveying to Puerto Rico building and lot known as Mayaguez Barracks

military reservation. 1916. Mustering-out payments on behalf of mentally disabled veterans. 1917. Continuation on active list of Regular Army of any officer serving as chief

of staff during present war. 1918. Extending authority of the President to appoint Under Secretary of War

during national emergencies. 1919. Settlement of accounts of deceased officers and enlisted men of Army. 1920. Relating to penalties and detention expenses incident to bringing certain

aliens into United States. 1921. Amending nationality act of 1940 relative to naturalization of aliens. 1922. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices. 1923. Report of Select Committee on Post-War Military Policy on surplus

material, research and development, etc. 1924. Relief of Elias Baumgarten. 1925. Extending benefits of photographic services on Govt. property to per

sons seeking to comply with immigration laws. 1926. Amending nationality act of 1940 so as to waive certain naturalization

fees for members of armed forces. 1927. Correcting nationality act of 1940, as amended, rel. to fee for Immigra

tion and Naturalization Service records. 1928. Amending immigration act of 1924 so as to bring definition of term "in

eligible to citizenship” current. 1929. Employees of Immigration and Naturalization Service to make arrests

and to search vehicles without warrants. 1930. Amending nationality act of 1940 so as to preserve nationality of citizens

unable to return to United States. 1931. Preserving citizenship of infant children born abroad to servicemen under

21 years of age at birth of child. 1932. Relief of disbursing officers of Army. 1933. Permit compensation of Govt. employees on mileage basis for official

travel in privately owned airplanes. 1934. Printing additional copies of 7th intermediate report of Select Committee

to Investigate Executive Agencies. 1935. Relief of Pedro J. Arrecoechea. 1936. Relief of Filip N. Lazarevich. 1937. Relief of certain Basque aliens. 1938. Relief of Tennessee. 1939. Increased authorized capital stock of Smaller War Plants Corporation. 1940. Authorizing naturalization of Filipinos. 1941. Transferring Georgetown County to Charleston division, eastern judicial

district of South Carolina. 1942. Reducing time to plead and to regulate service of process in proceedings

to cancel naturalization. 1943. Granting nonquota status to certain alien veterans and their wives and

minor children. 1944. Investigation of merchant marine in overseas aviation. 1945. Authorizing foreign exchange transactions by disbursing officers. 1946. Eliminating uncollectible credits from accounts of Treasury and Post

Office Depts. and General Accounting Office. 1947. Extending time for examination of monthly accounts of disbursing offi

cers, etc., of Navy and Coast Guard. 1948. Administration of Glacier National Park fish hatchery. 1949. Suspending tariff duty on coconuts and coconut meat.

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