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the most applicable to the party assembled, and therefore the most effective.

But this requires more energy than is always possessed, and more leisure for reflection than the business of life universally allows; and, in reality, the practice of reading Scripture in the family is often neglected from the acknowledged difficulty of selecting an exposition.

The present volume, and those which follow, have been prepared with the object of supplying this deficiency. I shall be happy if they tend to promote, generally, a more uniform attention and a closer application to the Scriptures themselves, in every department of Christian instruction, public as well as private because I am convinced that this is what individuals most need, and congregations would most profit by. But certainly the purpose kept mainly in view, both in the design and composition of the work, is to increase the usefulness of family devotion by facilitating the practice of family instruction.

That it may receive the blessing of "the Father of lights," the source of " every good and perfect gift," is the earnest prayer of the Author,


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