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points the elucidation of fome fundamental doctrines of our faith; and the inculcation of a practical truth of the highest moment, yet a truth which too often, if we may judge by the language in common ufe among men when speaking either concerning themselves or others, is fatally undifcerned or difregarded, that nothing short of an avowed and unreserved furrender of the whole heart to God through Chrift, evinced, under the `bleffing of divine grace, by a zealous and habitual pursuit of universal holiness, is Religion.

Many persons appear to imagine that, when once the researches of an individual into the Christian Revelation have fatisfied him as to its facred authority, the remainder of his religious courfe lies plain and easy before him. They perceive not that he has ascended but the first and the least laborious acclivity of the mountain. Surely it requires but a small degree of infight into human nature and the Scriptures to discover with how much greater



facility the understanding is convinced of fpeculative truth, than the heart is fubdued to a productive faith and a practical love of holiness. I fhall rejoice if any part of the following pages fhould be rendered inftrumental in diffipating the pernicious delufion which I have mentioned.


am, with fincere respect,
My Lord,

Your Lordship's obliged

Yoxall Lodge,
April 20, 1802.

and affectionate Servant,


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