The Limits of Bodily Integrity: Abortion, Adultery, and Rape Legislation in Comparative Perspective

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Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2007 - 192 pagini
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This volume argues that legislation on abortion, adultery, and rape has been central to the formation of the modern citizen. The author draws on rights literature, biopolitical scholarship, and a gender-studies perspective as a foundation for rethinking the sovereign relationship. In approaching the politicization of reproductive space from this direction, the study resituates the role of rights and rights-granting within the sovereign relationship. A second theme running throughout the book explores the international implications of these arguments and addresses the role of abortion, adultery and rape legislation in constructing civilizational relationships. In particular, by focusing on the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, France and Italy as case studies, the book presents a discussion of what 'Europe' is and the role of sexuality and reproduction in defining it.

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Reproduction and Race Suicide
Sexuality and Citizenship Formation
Defining Europe
Women and the Political Norm
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Ruth A. Miller is Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA.

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